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Asus RECO Smart Cam Quick Start Manual page 27

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My RECO Smart Cam did not automatically start recording after I
started my vehicle.
• Ensure that your RECO Smart Cam is set to Car mode and
Auto Record function is enabled.
• Ensure that you are using the bundled charging cable.
• Check that the Power and Battery LEDs are lighting up. If the
LEDs are lighting up but the auto-recording function is still
not working, there might be some issues with your RECO
Smart Cam. Please contact your local ASUS Support Center.
I cannot find a previously-recorded emergency video file.
Your RECO Smart Cam can save up to ten (10) emergency recording.
When the maximum emergency recording limit is reached, the newly-
saved recording overwrites the oldest recording.
What is the default mode of my RECO Smart Cam?
The default mode is Car Mode.
What is the range of Monitor Mode?
The range is about ten (10) meters, and the focal length is fixed.
What is the Wi-Fi range?
The range is about ten (10) meters.



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