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Using The Emergency Eject Pinhole - Asus 48x/24x/52x CD-RW Drive CRW-4824A User Manual

Asus crw-4824a 48x/24x/52x cd-rw drive user manual
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Using the Emergency Eject Pinhole

The emergency eject pinhole on the front of the drive allows you to
manually eject the drive tray and remove a disc from the drive in the
following instances:
supply of power to the computer is cut due to electrical power outage
the drive malfunctions
CAUTION! Use the manual method only as a last resort when the
eject button does not work. Make sure that you have turned off your
computer before ejecting the drive tray.
Follow these steps to eject the drive tray using the emergency pinhole.
1. Insert the eject pin that came with the drive package. You may also use
a paper clip or any pointed rod small enough to fit into the emergency
2. Carefully pull the tray out and remove the CD.
CAUTION! Do not force the tray open; wait until the eject pin has
dislodged the tray to avoid breaking the tray panel.
ASUS CRW-4824A User's Manual


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