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Asus 48x/24x/52x CD-RW Drive CRW-4824A User Manual page 12

Asus crw-4824a 48x/24x/52x cd-rw drive user manual
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Double Dynamic Suspension System (DDSS II)
The DDSS II is an enhanced follow up to the DDSS anti-vibration system
developed by ASUS. The DDSS CD-ROM technology is designed to
reduce the vibration generated from spindle rotation of over 8900 rpm of
40X CD-ROM drives. The DDSS II improves this feature by handling up to
over 10,000 rpm of the new 50X drives. In addition, the DDSS II stabilizes
the pick-up head of the drive in both horizontal and vertical directions,
making tracking and focusing even more precise.
Like the DDSS, the DDSS II vibration absoption structure contains a
"dynamic mass" that can absorb the vibration caused by high revolution of
spindle motor. However, the DDSS II moves the dynamic mass to be
suspended to the chassis, thus providing more stability and accuracy
when accessing data from the disc.
The following diagram illustrates the DDSS/DDSS II design structure.
DDSS / DDSS II Design Structure
ASUS CRW-4824A User's Manual


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