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Yamaha MusicCast MCX-C15 Owner's Manual

Distributed audio controller
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Distributed Audio Controller


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MCX-C15 Distributed Audio Controller MCX-C15 MENU FAVORITES OWNER'S MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Broadcast function........39 LISTENING TO EXTERNAL COMPONENTS ........41 Listening to components connected to the MCX-CA15......41 Listening to YAMAHA AV receiver radio station presets......42 Using YAMAHA AV link technology... 43 Listening to components connected to the server ........46...
  • Page 3: Features

    FEATURES The MusicCAST MCX-C15 Distributed Audio Controller (hereafter, “the client”) is designed to work in conjunction with the MusicCAST MCX-1000 Digital Audio Server (hereafter, “the server”) to allow you to store and listen to your entire music collection. With multiple clients, you and others can simultaneously access and enjoy your music collection from up to seven different locations.
  • Page 4: Musiccast System Overview

    MusicCAST SYSTEM OVERVIEW With a variety of network configuration methods possible using a Local Area Network (LAN), the MusicCAST system allows everyone in the family to store their music collection in one central location for playback from other locations around your home. Once music data is stored, you can have fun creating playlists, bookmark songs, and even register your favorite music for instant access at the press of a button.
  • Page 5: The Server

    MusicCAST SYSTEM OVERVIEW The server MCX-1000 Digital Audio Server The server can store approximately 1,000 music CDs in MP3 format or 100 music CDs in PCM format on its internal hard disk drive for playback from the server or its connected clients. The server automatically stores song, artist and album names as well as genre information for each CD during the recording process, allowing easy access to your music without the need to enter any data manually.
  • Page 6: Supplied Accessories

    SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES After unpacking, check that you received all of the following parts. Remote control Quick Manual Install Manual LIBRARY MUTE FAVORITES MCX-C15 MCX-C15 Distributed Audio Controller Distributed Audio Controller SELECT MCX-CA15 Distributed Audio Amplifier BOOKMARK PLAY MENU INPUT INFO. PAUSE RANDOM INSTALL MANUAL...
  • Page 7: Before Using The Remote Control

    SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES Notes on the lithium battery Before using the remote Please take care when using the lithium battery as it control may explode if mistreated. • Please use a CR2025 lithium battery. When the remote control is shipped, a thin piece of •...
  • Page 8: Controls And Functions

    CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Front panel MCX-C15 MENU FAVORITES Front panel display button Displays information on client settings and songs. Switches the client between the sleep and power on modes. p / s (play/stop) Press and hold for 10 seconds to reset your system. Starts and stops playback of the selected song.
  • Page 9: Rear Panel

    CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Rear panel DC IN GND +12V VIDEO OUT VIDEO OUT jack Connect to the video input on your TV or monitor to view the content of the client’s front panel display. +12V terminal The supplied DC power cable must be connected to this terminal by a qualified technician during installation.
  • Page 10: Bottom Panel

    CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Bottom panel AV OUT AV OUT terminal Connect to the I/O box or MCX-CA15 using the supplied CAT-5 cable (straight). LAN terminal Connect to a network using a commercially available CAT-5 cable (straight).
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Remote control Cursor buttons u / d / j / i / SELECT Moves the on-screen cursor and selects chosen items in the on-screen display. MCX-3 WD01440 PLAY INFO. LIBRARY Displays the Play Info screen on the on-screen display (see page 12).
  • Page 12 CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS button Switches the client between the sleep and power on modes. VOL – / VOL + Increases or decreases the volume level of client playback. INPUT Switches the client’s input source when using the AV link function. BOOKMARK Attaches or removes a bookmark from a song (see page 33).
  • Page 13: Front Panel Displays

    CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Mute icon Front panel displays Indicates that the client is muted. You can access all of the client’s functions and Network connection icon parameters using the front panel display. Indicates that the client is currently connected to the server.
  • Page 14 CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Current action mode icon Indicates the current action being taken by the client. s : Playback is stopped. p : A song is being played back. e : Playback is paused. Repeat playback icon Indicates that the client is in Repeat playback mode (see page 20).
  • Page 15: Turning On The Power

    TURNING ON THE POWER Before proceeding, make sure the power to Before using your client for the first time, you must the MCX-1000 server is turned on. upgrade the MusicCAST system and make the appropriate network settings. For details on network settings, refer to “BEFORE USING THE Press on either the remote control...
  • Page 16: Basic Functions

    BASIC FUNCTIONS Using the remote control Using the front panel controller The remote control transmits a directional infrared beam. Be sure to aim the remote control directly at Moving the controller in the directions indicated on the remote control signal receiver on the front panel the front panel of the client performs the same during operation.
  • Page 17: Listening To Songs Stored On The Server

    BASIC FUNCTIONS The steps below describe how to access a song Listening to songs stored on directly from the “Artists” library, but can also be the server used to choose songs from the following libraries: Artists To search for songs by artist. Two kinds of files are available for playback from Albums To search for songs by album.
  • Page 18 BASIC FUNCTIONS Press u / d to choose “Artists” and Press j if you want to return to the List press SELECT. screen. Library When playback is finished, the client begins Artists playback of the next song stored in the selected Albums library.
  • Page 19: Adjusting The Volume

    Press VOL + or VOL – to increase or Remote control decrease the volume level. The volume level changes accordingly. Note You can control the volume output level of registered YAMAHA AV amplifiers via an IR flasher using the client’s remote control. For details, see page 43.
  • Page 20: Adjusting The Tone

    BASIC FUNCTIONS Press i to increase the value of the Adjusting the tone setting, and press j to decrease the You can adjust the nature of the sound output by the value. client. You can change these settings to create sound Press SELECT or MENU to confirm the value with strong deep bass, or to emphasize the treble.
  • Page 21: Switching The Time Display Mode

    BASIC FUNCTIONS Switching the time display Repeat playback mode mode You can use this function for repeated playback of a single song or all of the songs in a playback group. You can change the time display on the Play Info For a detailed description on playback groups, see screen so that it displays either the time elapsed page 16.
  • Page 22: Random Playback Mode

    BASIC FUNCTIONS Front panel operation Random playback mode You can use this function for random playback of songs within the selected playback group. To choose a playback group, press p in step 4 or 5 MCX-C15 in “Listening to songs stored on the server” (page 16).
  • Page 23: Group Playback Mode

    BASIC FUNCTIONS Front panel operation Group playback mode You can use this function to define the range of songs for playback when using the normal playback mode, Repeat playback mode (page 20) and Random playback mode (page 21). MCX-C15 MCX-3 WD01440 LIBRARY MENU MUTE...
  • Page 24: Handy Functions

    To switch playback to a radio station broadcast GROUP PLAY GROUP RECALL being received on a YAMAHA AV receiver OFF TIMER ON TIMER connected to the server (page 24). Method 3: To switch playback to the audio signal being input...
  • Page 25 HANDY FUNCTIONS To assign radio stations preset on Press i to display the Favorites YAMAHA AV receivers registration screen. MCX-3 WD01440 LIBRARY Set "Favorites" Assign to MUTE FAVORITES SELECT Press u / d to choose a FAVORITES BOOKMARK button (1 through 4) and press SELECT.
  • Page 26 SELECT in step 8 above. Press i to display the Favorites • If no YAMAHA AV receiver is connected to the registration screen. server, the message “Receiver unavailable” is displayed briefly in the front panel display.
  • Page 27 FAVORITES button you selected here, that assignment is automatically cancelled when you Press i to display the Favorites press SELECT in step 6 above. registration screen. To assign input from an AV-linked YAMAHA AV receiver Set "Favorites" Assign to MCX-3 WD01440 LIBRARY MUTE...
  • Page 28 CBL/SAT press SELECT in step 5 above. • You must select a YAMAHA AV receiver in the “Amplifier” menu (page 43) before the receiver’s input can be assigned to a Press i to display the Favorites FAVORITES button.
  • Page 29 HANDY FUNCTIONS To clear FAVORITES button Press i to display the Favorites assignments registration screen. MCX-3 WD01440 Set "Favorites" LIBRARY Assign to MUTE FAVORITES SELECT Press u / d to choose a FAVORITES button (1 through 4) and press SELECT. BOOKMARK PLAY MENU...
  • Page 30: Song Statistics Function

    HANDY FUNCTIONS Press u / d to choose “Clear FAV1”, Song statistics function “Clear FAV2”, “Clear FAV3”, “Clear You can display statistical data about the songs and FAV4” or “Clear All” and press SELECT. albums stored on the server. The appropriate assignment is cleared. The following statistical data is available: Favorites Clear FAV...
  • Page 31: Using Playlists

    HANDY FUNCTIONS Press u / d to choose “Song Statistics” Using playlists and press SELECT. You can make up to 1,007 lists (playlists) of your favorite songs from the server (see the MCX-1000 Library Owner’s Manual, page 75). The server classifies Playlist these playlists and divides them into groups.
  • Page 32: Recall Play Function

    HANDY FUNCTIONS Press u / d to choose a collection of Recall Play function playlists and press SELECT. You can use this function to continue listening to the The playlists registered in the collection are song currently being played back from the client or displayed.
  • Page 33 HANDY FUNCTIONS Press u / d to choose “Recall Play” and Press u / d to choose “Recall Play” and press SELECT. press SELECT. Top Menu Top Menu Library Library Recall Play Recall Play Press u / d to choose the client from Press u / d to choose “Server”...
  • Page 34: Bookmark Function

    HANDY FUNCTIONS To play bookmarked songs Bookmark function MCX-3 WD01440 When you bookmark your favorite songs, they are LIBRARY stored in a temporary list for easy access. The list MUTE can hold up to 999 bookmarked songs and can be FAVORITES copied to create a playlist at any time.
  • Page 35 HANDY FUNCTIONS To copy the bookmark list to a Press p to create the playlist. playlist The client creates a new playlist in the default You can copy the entire content of your client collection (“Collection 1”) on the server, and bookmark list to a playlist.
  • Page 36 HANDY FUNCTIONS To clear all bookmarks Press p to erase the bookmark list. The following screens appear in order. MCX-3 WD01440 LIBRARY Press PLAY to clear, MUTE < to cancel. FAVORITES SELECT BOOKMARK PLAY MENU INPUT INFO. PAUSE RANDOM Press PLAY to clear, STOP REPEAT GROUP...
  • Page 37: Off Timer Function

    HANDY FUNCTIONS Press u / d to choose the desired OFF Timer function number of minutes before the client You can activate this function so that the client automatically switches to sleep mode. switches off automatically after the specified period You can choose from the following settings: of time.
  • Page 38: On Timer Function

    HANDY FUNCTIONS To switch the OFF Timer function ON Timer function on and off You can use this function to set the client to MCX-3 WD01440 LIBRARY automatically switch on and begin playback at a specified time. For example, this function is handy if MUTE FAVORITES you want to wake up to music.
  • Page 39 HANDY FUNCTIONS Press u / d to choose “ON Timer” and Press u / d to choose “Save” and press press SELECT. SELECT. Setup ON Timer OFF Timer 6:00 AM ] ON Timer Save Press SELECT once more. ON Timer The cursor enters the ON Timer setting field.
  • Page 40: Broadcast Function

    HANDY FUNCTIONS Broadcast function Notes • Make sure the server is set to ON or LAN standby You can use this function to enjoy the same song mode when using the ON Timer function to start from different locations around your home. playback from a client.
  • Page 41 HANDY FUNCTIONS To remove clients from Broadcast Press u / d to choose “Recall Play” and playback press SELECT. MCX-3 WD01440 Top Menu LIBRARY Library MUTE Recall Play FAVORITES SELECT Press u / d to choose a MusicCAST BOOKMARK PLAY MENU INPUT component currently in Broadcast mode...
  • Page 42: Listening To External Components

    CA15” in “Setup” - “Amplifier”. For details, see Playback of the song you are currently listening “To register YAMAHA AV receivers” on page 43. to stops, and the client outputs the audio signal from the external component connected to the Notes MCX-CA15.
  • Page 43: Listening To Yamaha Av Receiver Radio Station Presets

    Press u / d to choose “Library” and You can use your client to enjoy radio stations preset press SELECT. on a YAMAHA AV receiver if one is connected to the server. All stations preset on your YAMAHA AV Top Menu receiver are available for selection.
  • Page 44: Using Yamaha Av Link Technology

    To control a YAMAHA AV receiver using AV link connections YAMAHA AV link technology, register your If you want to enjoy YAMAHA AV link technology, YAMAHA AV receiver using the following a YAMAHA AV receiver that supports AV link must procedure.
  • Page 45 Output Input:CD Amplifier Notes Press u / d to choose the name of the • “MCX-CA15” is set as the default YAMAHA amplifier connected to the client and AV amplifier. press SELECT. • When “MCX-IB15” is set in the “Amplifier”...
  • Page 46 / a when the input of your connected SELECT INPUT YAMAHA AV receiver is set to TUNER. button b / a BOOKMARK • When a YAMAHA AV receiver is selected in the PLAY MENU INPUT INFO. buttons PAUSE RANDOM “Amplifier”...
  • Page 47: Listening To Components Connected To The Server

    LISTENING TO EXTERNAL COMPONENTS Press u / d to choose “External Inputs” Listening to components and press SELECT. connected to the server Library You can use your client to enjoy audio from an Bookmarks external component connected to either the External Inputs OPTICAL IN, COAXIAL IN, or ANALOG IN jack on the server.
  • Page 48: System Options

    SYSTEM OPTIONS Auto Play function Auto Level Control function You can use this function to automatically resume The server stores songs at the same volume level as playback of the last song the client played before the their original source. This function allows you to client was placed in sleep mode.
  • Page 49: Selecting The Output

    SYSTEM OPTIONS Press u / d to choose “Auto Level Selecting the output Control” and press SELECT. You can use this function to select the output control Setup method of the client. In most cases, such as when Auto Play using the MCX-CA15, choose “Variable”.
  • Page 50: Sleep Mode

    SYSTEM OPTIONS Press u / d to choose “Variable” or Sleep mode “Fixed” and press SELECT. If you will not be using your client for an extended AUDIO OUT period, you can place it in sleep mode. Power consumption is reduced in sleep mode, but the client Variable Fixed still consumes a small amount of power to keep the...
  • Page 51: Display Settings

    DISPLAY SETTINGS Press i or u to increase the contrast Adjusting the display contrast and j or d to decrease it. Depending on the location of your client, you may Contrast want to alter the contrast of the display for easier viewing.
  • Page 52: Screen Saver Function

    DISPLAY SETTINGS Press u / d to choose “ON” or “OFF” Screen Saver function and press SELECT. The client features an on-screen display Screen Screen Saver Saver function, which when enabled, runs automatically if no action is performed for 2 minutes or longer.
  • Page 53: System Settings

    SYSTEM SETTINGS Press u / d to choose “Information” Checking system and press SELECT. information Information about the current firmware version is displayed. You can check the system information for your client, such as the firmware version currently being System used, by performing the following procedure.
  • Page 54: Resetting To The Factory Presets

    SYSTEM SETTINGS Resetting to the factory Press and hold MENU until the Top Menu screen is displayed. presets Press u / d to choose “Setup” and If you want to reset all of your client’s parameters press SELECT. for any reason, do the following. This procedure resets ALL parameters, including the FAVORITES Top Menu buttons, etc.
  • Page 55 SYSTEM SETTINGS To unlock a client from the server Press u / d to choose the function you want to unlock and press SELECT. Choose “Top Menu” - “System Setup” - The Lock ON/OFF screen appears. “Lock function” on the server. The password entry screen appears.
  • Page 56: Checking Network Settings

    CHECKING NETWORK SETTINGS You can check your client’s current network settings Press u / d to choose “Status” and using the following procedure. press SELECT. If they are incorrect (for example, you cannot access the server), see the Install Manual, page 25 for Network details on how to manually configure the network Status...
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting

    Refer to the chart below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instruction below does not help, stop using this unit and disconnect the power cord, then contact the nearest authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center. Problem...
  • Page 58 LEVEL. Owner’s radio station on is set too low. Manual, a YAMAHA AV page 29 receiver The parameters for the AV Configure the AV receiver MCX-1000 connected to receiver connected to the parameters correctly.
  • Page 59 TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Cause Remedy Refer to page The STATUS The protection circuitry on the Check that the speaker wires are indicator of the MCX-CA15 has been activated not touching each other. MCX-CA15 is due to a short circuit, etc. After checking that all —...
  • Page 60: Quick Menu Reference

    QUICK MENU REFERENCE The following chart is a convenient reference guide for finding menus and parameters when you want to perform an operation on the client in a hurry. Artists (page 16) 30min Albums OFF Timer 60min (page 16) (page 36) 90min Genres 120min...
  • Page 61: Glossary

    GLOSSARY This manual uses a number of terms that, though not specific to the MusicCAST system, are not in general everyday use. In addition, some terms are used in a slightly unusual context. These words are listed alphabetically and in context below, along with an explanation of their meaning. Playback Recording Album...
  • Page 62: Network Connections

    GLOSSARY Network connections Hardware CAT-5 cable A cable for connecting two components on a Local An abbreviation of Compact Disc. A small plastic Area Network (LAN). disc 12 cm (5”) in diameter encoded with prestored data. Connections The links between the components in your CD-R MusicCAST system which allows them to exchange An abbreviation of Compact Disc Recordable.
  • Page 63: Software

    The LCD display on the client or the display output to a TV or monitor connected to the server. YAMAHA AV link YAMAHA technology that allows you to control the volume, input selection and tuner preset selection of a YAMAHA AV receiver using the MCX-C15...
  • Page 64: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS AUDIO PERFORMANCE • Frequency response (EIAJ) ......................20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±0.5 dB • Total harmonic distortion + noise (EIAJ) ........................0.008% • Signal to noise ratio (EIAJ) ............................100 dB • Dynamic range (EIAJ)..............................98 dB • Output level (EIAJ) ..............................2.0 Vrms GENERAL •...