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Warning - Bosch 330-PN-N Installation Manual

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6 | Warning

WARNING: Fire danger!
▶ Keep appliance area clear and free from
combustible materials, gasoline and
other flammable vapors and liquids.
▶ Do not obstruct the flow of combustion
and ventilation air.
NOTICE: Appliance malfunction!
▶ If power is lost while appliance is
operating. Turn off both water and
power for 15 seconds to reset device.
WARNING: Risk of scalding and property
▶ Precautions must be taken prior to
manually operating the relief valve to
avoid contact with hot water discharged
from the relief valve and to prevent
water damage.
NOTICE: Appliance damage!
▶ Label all wires prior to disconnection
when servicing controls. Wiring errors
can result in improper and dangerous
operation. Verify proper operation after
WARNING: System damage!
▶ If a relief valve discharges periodically,
this may be due to thermal expansion in
a closed water supply system. Contact
the water supplier or local plumbing
inspector on how to correct this
situation. Do not plug the relief valve.
WARNING: Property damage!
▶ If the water heater is used in a space
heating application, all piping and
components connected to the water
heater must be suitable for use with
potable water.
6 720 644 951 (2014/11)
WARNING: Personal Injury from toxic
▶ Toxic chemicals, such as those used for
boiler treatment, shall not be
introduced into the potable water used
for space heating.
WARNING: Personal Injury from toxic
▶ A water heater which will be used to
supply potable water shall not be
connected to any heating system or
component(s) previously used with a
nonpotable water heating appliance.
▶ The heater must be isolated from the
gas supply piping system during any
pressure testing of that system at test
pressures equal to or more than 0.5
▶ Any changes or modifications not
expressly approved by the party
responsible for compliance could void
the user's authority to operate the
330 PN



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