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Care And Cleaning - Frigidaire ATF705X User Manual

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Operating Sequence, continued
8. Start the programme by pressing button 8
To start the selected programme, press this button. The
Door Lock pilot light will light up and the actual programme
phase pilot remains lit to indicate that the appliance starts
operating and the door is locked. The appliance will not
operate with the door open. The programme phase lights
will blink, the acoustic signal will beep and «DR» will be
displayed as a reminder to close the door.
9. Altering an option of a running programme
It is possible to change some options before the programme
carries it out. Before you make any change, you must pause
the washing appliance by pressing the button 8.
To carry on the programme, press the button 8 again.
The Signal Volume can be changed at any time.
10. Cancelling or changing a running programme
Press the button 7 to cancel a programme which is
running. The appliance is now switched off. To switch it
on again, just press any button or turn the programme
selector dial. The appliance will show the last selected
programme. Now you can select a new programme. The
washing water in the tub will not empty out. It's not pos-
sible to change a running programme without cancelling it
and then setting a new programme.
11. Interrupting a programme and opening the door after the
programme has started
If you wish to add a forgotten item to the wash drum, fi rst
set the appliance to pause by pressing the button 8. The
message «PAU» is displayed alternately with the estimated
programme time.
If the pilot light Door Lock starts blinking and after some
minutes goes off, the door can be opened. If it does not
switch off, this means that the appliance is already heating,
that the water level is above the bottom edge of the door.
In this cases the door cannot be opened. If you cannot
open the door but you need to open it, you have to switch

Care and Cleaning

The water we use normally contains lime. It is a good idea to
periodically use a water softening powder in the appliance.
Do this separately from any laundry washing, and according
to the softening powder manufacturer's instructions. This will
help to prevent the formation of lime deposits.
Maintenance Wash
With the use of low temperature washes it is possible to get
a build up of residues inside the drum.
We recommend that a maintenance wash be performed on
the appliance off by pressing button 7. In case of water
high level and temperature, you must fi rst empty out the
water and then open the door (please read «At the end of
the programme»). If the appliance is spinning, once you set
it to pause, the door can be opened after some minutes.
After closing the door, it is necessary to select the pro-
gramme again and to press the button 8.
12. At the end of the programme
The appliance stops automatically. The display and all the
pilot lights go off. The drum lamp lights up and the door
can be opened.
At the end of a programme with Rinse Hold option, the
door is locked to indicate that there is water in the tub.
To empty out the water follow the following instructions:
• turn the programme selector dial to Spin Only pro-
• reduce the spin speed, if needed, by means of the but-
ton 2;
• press button 8;
• at the end of programme, the display and all the pilot
lights go off and it will be possible to open the door,
or turn the programme selector dial to Spin Only pro-
gramme, select the No Spin option and then press but-
ton 8: the water is just drained without spinning.
Remove the laundry from the drum and carefully check if
the drum is empty.
If you do not intend to carry out another wash, close the
water tap.
DO NOT leave the door open. An open door could entice
children to hang on the door or crawl inside the drum.
If there are no small children present, leave the door open
to prevent the formation of mildew and unpleasant smells.
a regular basis. To run a maintenance wash add a 1/2 cup of
liquid bleach to the detergent compartment of the dispenser
drawer and fi ll the bleach dispenser compartment to the Max
Fill level and run WITHOUT a clothes load selecting the Cot-
ton/Deep Clean programme at Sanitary (90°C).
Before cleaning the appliance interior, unplug the electrical
power cord to avoid electrical shock hazards.

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