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Level And Exhaust The Dryer - Whirlpool W10120482A Installation Instructions Manual

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Level and Exhaust the Dryer

Dryer must be level to reduce noise and assure proper
Slide dryer onto cardboard or hardboard before moving across
floor to prevent floor damage.
1. Move dryer close to its permanent location. Leave enough
room to connect exhaust vent. Remove cardboard or
hardboard from under dryer.
2. Check levelness of dryer by placing a level on top of dryer,
first side to side, then front to back. If dryer is not level,
adjust dryer legs up or down.
3. If legs are not long enough to level dryer, order Extended
Dryer Feet Kit, Part No. 279810 (sold two legs per kit), from
your dealer.
4. Connect exhaust vent to exhaust outlet in dryer. The exhaust
vent must fit over the dryer exhaust outlet and inside the
exhaust hood vent.
Use 10.2 cm (4") vent clamps to seal all joints and to secure
exhaust vent to dryer exhaust outlet.
10.2 cm (4")
5. Move dryer into final position.
10.2 cm (4")


Table of Contents