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Whirlpool 8535845 Installation Instructions Manual page 12

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Moving dryer to a new
Check with your gas supplier or dealer
to confirm that your dryer is equipped
with the correct burner for the
particular type of gas in your new
home. Burner information is specified
on the model/serial rating plate.
Part No. 8535845
© 2002 Whirlpool Corporation
Disconnect bracket from wall and
reinstall in new home. (Not used
on all models.)
Shut off electrical supply
to dryer. Unplug power
supply cord and tape it
securely to dryer.
Shut off gas supply valve in the
gas supply line. Disconnect gas
fittings from dryer and cap gas
supply line. Tape end of dryer
gas pipe.
Slide dryer onto cardboard or
hardboard before moving it across
the floor to prevent damaging floor
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022, U.S.A.
Tape lint collector lid to
Tape top to cabinet.
Tape door to
front panel.
Turn leveling legs
all the way in.
Printed in U.S.A.