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GE HDA2030 Use And Care Manual

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Care and Cleaning
China, Crystal, Sterling
Convenience Features
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Display Panel
Energy Saver
Energy-Saving Tips
Front Panel Color Change
Model and Serial Numbers
Operating Instructions
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Drying Options
Problem Solver
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Rinse Agent
Safety Instructions
User Maintenance Instructions 19
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Water Temperature
Winter Storage
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Use and Care of
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  Summary of Contents for GE HDA2030

  • Page 1 Front Panel Color Change Loading 12-14 Model and Serial Numbers Operating Instructions Cycle Selection Drying Options Problem Solver 16-18 Repair Service Rinse Agent Safety Instructions User Maintenance Instructions 19 Warranty Back Cover Water Temperature Winter Storage GE Answer Center@ 800.626.2000...
  • Page 2 Energy-saving tips Help us help you... Before usi~ your dishwasher, If you received Operate dishwasher only when it’s full. Let the dishes accumulate read this book carefully. a dam~ed dishwasher... in dishwasher. When you put in Immediately contact the dealer It is intended to help you operate only a partial load, use the RINSE (or builder) that sold you the...
  • Page 3 Read all itiructiom before miW this appliance. Load light plastic items so Keep M washing detergents appliance, always exercise basic they will not become dislodged and wetting agents out of the safety precautions, including the and drop to the bottom of the following: dishwasher—they might come a locked cabinet.
  • Page 4 How to operate the dkhwasher STEP 1 STEP 2 Load your dishwasher with dishes, Add detergent to the detergent silverware, pots, pans, bowls, etc. dispenser. according to instructions on pages Use rinse aid agent to help prevent 12-14. spotting. (See page 10.) Close and latch the dishwasher door.
  • Page 5 TIME TO CYCLE END OF CYCLE CYCLE PHASE START CLEAR RESET STEP 5 STEP Start the dishwasher Display Wnel HEATED DRY~G. Provides . When you’re ready to wash This panel tells you what is faster drying. Can be changed dishes, touch the START pad. There happening in the dishwasher and while cycle is running.
  • Page 6 WASHING MINUTES The dishwasher remembers your last cycle* so you don’t have to reprogram each time. When the dishwasher is loaded and the door is latched, the control panel will display the last settings you selected. If you don’t want to change any of the settings, simply touch START.
  • Page 7 The DISPLAY P~L telk you what’s happening POTS & PANS SEE OOOR WASHING HEATING LIGHT WASH RINSE & HOLO UNHEATED ORY ~f ~f MINUTES DISPLAY WHAT IT ME~S NUMERALS FROM Number of minutes left in cycle. 1 to 99 POTS & PANS Indicates P~S &...
  • Page 8 The DISPLAY PA~L tells you if certain things are wrong Electrical power has been IF DISHWASHER WAS IN USE WHEN THE POWER interrupted to the dishwasher but is FAILURE OCCURRED: now back on. 1. Unlatch the door. If the detergent cup is open, add detergent and close the cup.
  • Page 9 either of This can be caused by these reasons: Not enough water is entering the dishwasher. dishwasher, check the wter supply to the dishwasher. dishwasher water supply tumd on? Is the usually located under the sink.) . Is the household wter supply turned on? If you use well or cistern water, is the supply adquate? If the water supply is adquate, try the cycle again.
  • Page 10 the tub. If the temperature is less If you than 120°F, you will not get good write: washing results. Higher water temperature is needed to dissolve grease and activate powder detergents. (“JET DRY”) 411 W. Putnam Ave. Helpful hints: If outside Greenwich.
  • Page 11 Too much detergent with soft water Remove large quantities of any GRASP HANDLE, not only wastes money, it can be food. Your dishwasher has a built-in ROTATE harmful. It can cause a permanent — AND CLOSE cloudiness of glassware, called TIGHTLY soft food bits and flushes them away.
  • Page 12 How to load your dkhwasher will have. The washer tower rises through the center of the bottom rack during the wash and rinse portions of the qcle. Make sure dishes are properly loaded to insure that Don’t block it or load tall things next to it. Also, be water can reach the soiled surfaces.
  • Page 13 Shelf Up Shelf Down Fold the folding shelf up for glasses and tall things. The folding shelf gives you extra space for cups and Place tall items to the outside so the upper wash arm is long utensils on two levels. Load the lower level first, not blocked.
  • Page 14 to load the BOTTOM Pots, pans, casseroles, salad bowls, mixing bowls and Heavily soiled pots, pans and casseroles MUST be lids be loaded in the bottom rack, facing down. loaded in the bottom rack, facing down. Prop broiler must pans and racks along the edge. Shallow items may be angled provided the lower side does not shield the soiled surface inside from the water.
  • Page 15 What you can usually wash safely in your dishwasher. And what you can’t. Usually Material Safe Exceptions (not safe) Special Instructions Aluminum Some colored anodized Some darkening or spotting possible. Remove by aluminum can fade. scouring with soap-filled steel wool pads. China/ Antique, metal-trimmed, doubt, check with the manufacturer.
  • Page 16 Use This Problem Solver PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE AND REMEDY A fuse in your home maybe blown, or the circuit breaker tripped. Replace fuse or DISHWASHER WON’T RUN reset circuit breaker. Remove any other appliances from the circuit. UNUSUAL NOISE Utensils may not be secure on rack pins, or something small may have dropped from the rack.
  • Page 17 POSSIBLE CAUSE AND REMEDY PROBLEM Spotting can be caused by all these things: ON GLASSES AND Extremely hard water. (See page 10.) FLATWARE Overloading the dishwasher. Improper loading. (See pages 12-14. ) Old or damp powder detergent. . Phosphate level in detergent too low. (See page 10.) Rinse agent dispenser empty.
  • Page 18 Shut off power to dishwasher at fuse or circuit breaker. Wait 5 seconds and restore DOESN’T RESPOND power to dishwasher. Try input panel again. TO WPUTS If you need more help.. call, toll free: GE Answer Center@ 800.626.2000 consumer information service If You Need Service FINALLY, if your problem is still...
  • Page 19 Care and Cleaning Not using your dishwasher clogs. The air gap is not a part of USER MMNTEN~CE in winkr? fioted ~ainst the dishwasher, and you may not INSTRUCTIONS even have one. Not all plumbing freezing. Clean the control panel with a codes require air gaps.
  • Page 20 To know what your legal rights are in your state, consult your local or state consumer affairs office or your state’s Attorney General. Warrantor: General Electric Company If futiher help is needed concerning this warranty, write: Manager–Consumer Affairs, GE Appliances, Louisville, KY 40225 Pub. 39-5198...