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Hotpoint FFA90 Instructions For Installation And Use Manual

Hotpoint freezer instructions for installation and use.
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To ensure that your fridge freezer runs reliably and efficiently follow these steps.
Move the fridge freezer into
position, using the sides of the
Choose a location for your fridge
freezer, away from any heat
sources and allow adequate
Take care to avoid damaging the
refrigerant circuit pipe work on
ventilation - 100mm
(4 inch) gap above.
the rear.
Level the fridge freezer by
After the front feet have been
adjusting the front feet.
adjusted and the fridge freezer is
This will stop rocking or vibration
level, fit the left and right hand
and keep the door aligned.
bottom hinge covers supplied.
Align with the cover plate slots
and push into position.
NB. The spanner is for illustration only and is
not supplied with the fridge freezer.
Before plugging in and switching on, leave the fridge freezer in its final location for at least 15 minutes to allow it to settle.
Plug in and switch on. Allow the
If you are freezing fresh food, turn
fridge freezer compartments to
on Fast Freeze by pressing the
cool before placing food inside.
switch 24 hours before placing
the food inside.
All food in the fridge freezer
should be covered.
Place the fresh food inside.
Fast freeze will automatically cancel after 48
What the display will show as both
compartments cool:
What the display will show as the Freezer
compartment cools if Fast Freeze is pressed:
Stage 1: Freezer
The display will show temperature
reading with the freezer High
Temperature symbol on.
Stage 1:
When Fast Freeze is pressed.
The freezer High Temperature symbol will stay
on until the freezer compartment has cooled
to its factory setting (-18˚C).
Stage 2:
After 8 seconds the display will
Stage 2: Freezer
show temperature reading with
The display will show arrow
the freezer High Temperature
indicating the temperature is
symbol on.
cooling down, until -18˚C is
reached, the arrow then turns off.
Stage 3:
Stage 3: Fridge
Freezer compartment is set to
The display will show temperature
Fast Freeze.
reading with arrow indicating the
The freezer High Temperature
fridge compartment is cooling to
symbol has turned off.
its factory setting (4˚C). When 4˚C
is reached the arrow turns off.
See CONTROLS section to find out how to change the display or change compartment temperatures.
Your fridge freezer is now
If after 24 hours your fridge
freezer is not operating as you
want, refer to the Troubleshooting
Read the rest of these instructions to get the best from your appliance and remember to fill in your guarantee registration.
Keep this Book in a safe place for quick reference.

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  • Page 1

    FRIDGE FREEZER - MODELS FFA90, FFS90 & FFM90 INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION & USE GETTING STARTED: To ensure that your fridge freezer runs reliably and efficiently follow these steps. STEP 1 Choose a location for your fridge freezer, away from any heat...

  • Page 2: For Your Safety

    For your safety, read the following advice: The fridge freezer cooling system contains a small amount of gas which is environmentally friendly but flammable. To avoid any risk :- Install the fridge freezer following the installation instructions and ensure that ventilation openings are kept clear of obstruction.

  • Page 3

    Location & Air Circulation Locate your fridge freezer away from sources of heat e.g. cookers, radiators, direct sunlight as extreme temperature will affect its performance. Allow a minimum 100mm (4 inches) between the top of the fridge freezer and the ceiling or the underside of a wall cupboard.

  • Page 4

    Levelling: Level the fridge freezer when it is in its final location by adjusting the front feet, until firm contact is made with the floor. This will stop rocking or vibration and keep the door aligned which helps the fridge freezer run reliably and efficiently. Note: Before plugging in and switching on, leave the fridge freezer standing in its final location for at least 15 minutes to allow it to settle.

  • Page 5

    This appliance is fitted with a special mains lead. If you need to replace the mains lead due to damage, one can be bought from Hotpoint Service (see KEY CONTACTS, back page). It is strongly advised that this work is carried out by a qualified electrician.

  • Page 6

    You can check the temperature of the fridge freezer compartments by using a Fridge Freezer Thermometer available from Hotpoint Genuine Part and Accessories Mail Order Hotline (see KEY CONTACTS back page). WARNING: Do not use a mercury filled thermometer, as breakage would cause a health hazard.

  • Page 7: Holiday Function

    Holiday Function This feature allows you to set your fridge compartment to a warmer setting while you are away on holiday, to reduce running costs without affecting the freezer.. To set up holiday mode: 1. Remove any food from the fridge compartment that will deteriorate while you are away. Make sure the fridge is clean, see ‘Cleaning’...

  • Page 8

    Check the TROUBLESHOOTING section if you have any problems with these warning symbols. Freezer High Temperature Warning symbol and buzzer The freezer High Temperature warning symbol will come on when the fridge freezer is first switched on, or when the temperature inside the compartment rises above the correct storage temperature. It will go out as soon as the compartment returns to its normal storage temperature.

  • Page 9

    Fast Freeze Making the best use of your Fridge Freezer Note : Always use the handle provided to open the fridge / freezer door. To ensure that your fridge freezer operates as efficiently as possible : Follow food packaging “best before/use by” instructions or your suppliers advice on a suitable maximum storage time.

  • Page 10

    Microban® technology has been proven safe, durable and effective over many years of use in personal care and household consumer products. In addition, Hotpoint operate a rigorous antibacterial testing programme through approved independent testing laboratories.

  • Page 11

    Commodity and Bottle Racks Commodity racks can be repositioned in the door to suit your storage requirements. The lidded commodity rack is recommended for the storage of dairy items, such as butter, margarine and cheese. To remove, lift rack vertically to release from fixing supports. To replace, align grooves on either side of the rack above fixing supports and push down until secure.

  • Page 12: Humidity Control

    Salad Bins For the storage of fruit, vegetables and salad items. When storing vegetables, remove unusable leaves and soil. Leave lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower on the stem. It is advisable to clean the salad bin regularly, it can be removed by sliding it out from position. Note : Care must be taken to ensure that the salad bin is pushed in fully before shutting the fridge door.

  • Page 13

    STORAGE GUIDE Frozen Food Storage Capacity Maximum Freezing Capacity in 24 hours Maximum Conservation Time from Failure Storing Food in a Freezer Freeze and store either fresh food or long term commercially frozen foods. Generally speaking long term storage means up to 3 months but this can vary, so always follow your supplier’s recommendations otherwise refer to the pictorial guide on the door liner (as shown).

  • Page 14

    Advice on Using Freezer Drawers The freezer compartments must be used with the drawers. The storage drawers can be easily removed. Pull the drawer towards you until it reaches it’s stop position. Hold securely on both sides, lift the front of the drawer to release and remove. For cleaning advice see CLEANING &...

  • Page 15

    WARNING: Switch off electrical supply and pull out mains plug before cleaning. Interior WARNING: Do not use abrasive powder, household cleaner, bleach or wax polish to clean the interior, they will leave a smell inside the fridge freezer. Remove stored food and wrap or cover it and place into insulated containers to keep it cool/frozen whilst cleaning.

  • Page 16

    Changing the Light Bulb WARNING: Switch off electricity supply and pull out the mains plug Obtain a replacement SES 15 watt bulb from the Hotpoint Genuine Parts and Accessories Mail Order Hotline (see KEY CONTACTS back page) and fit as follows : Remove any shelves from directly below the interior light, to make access easier.

  • Page 17: Door Reversal

    You will need a cross head screwdriver, a flat blade screwdriver and a 5mm spanner to carry out this procedure. Our Service Department can arrange for an Engineer to do the conversion for you but a charge will be made. WARNING: Switch off electrical supply and pull out the mains plug.

  • Page 18

    Door Handle Reversal Note: This MUST be completed with the door OFF the product. Remove the hole plugs from the right hand side of the door. Unclip the handle snap-clip cover using a screwdriver and rotate to reveal the handle fixing screw. Unscrew the handle fixing screws and carefully remove the handle from the door.

  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Press the cancel button at any time to silence the buzzer, the bell symbol will go out on the display. See CONTROLS section. If there is still a problem contact Hotpoint Service (See KEY CONTACTS, back page, for contact details).

  • Page 20

    OPERATING SOUNDS OF A FRIDGE FREEZER These are the normal types of sound that your fridge freezer will make: The fridge freezer motor (compressor) makes a buzzing or humming sound when it is running. This can be louder when it is first switched on. This sound will reduce over the first few months.

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  • Page 22

    All Hotpoint appliances carry a fully inclusive 12 month parts and labour guarantee as well as free replacement parts for the first 5 years (except microwaves, selected integrated appliances and cooker hoods, which have a one year guarantee) provided that they are fitted by a Hotpoint engineer.

  • Page 23: After Sales Service

    Hotpoint appliance than us - the manufacturer” As part of our commitment to you, all Hotpoint appliances have the added benefit of a fully inclusive parts and labour guarantee for the first 12 months. In addition to this you also have the advantage of free replacement parts for the first 5 years when fitted by a Hotpoint engineer.

  • Page 24

    Over 1200 trained specialists, directly employed by us, ensure that you can have complete confidence in both the appliances and services we offer. Repair Service and Information Desk (Open 8 to 8 Mon - Fri, 8 to 6 Sat, 10 to 4 Sun & Bank Holidays) Note: Our operators will require the following information: See USEFUL ADVICE SECTION for rating plate position (Open 8-30 to 5-30 Mon - Fri &...

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