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Radio Shack 43-3903 Owner's Manual

Radioshack advance cid/call waiting id box owner's manual.
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Advance CID/Call Waiting ID Box
with Blue Backlight and 10-Number VIP
Please read before using this equipment.
The display is
Thank you for purchasing a RadioShack Advance
protected by a
CID/Call Waiting ID Box. Your Caller ID box stores and
piece of film
displays up to 64 Caller ID records. It displays the caller's
during ship-
telephone number (and name, if available in your area) and
ment. Peel off
the current date and time, as provided by your local phone
this film before
company to Caller ID service subscribers.
you use the
Caller ID box.
Where Caller ID is offered, one or more of the following
options are generally available.
Press to
delete Caller
• caller's number only
ID records, or
• caller's name only
• caller's name and number
The actual number of Caller ID records your Caller ID box
Press to call
Press to scroll
back a number
stores depends on the Caller ID information sent by the phone
through Caller ID
Call Light
Press to save and
and program
records and program
work with a list of
the Caller ID box.
important callers.
Caller ID is a service provided by your tele-
To use this Caller ID box, you must be in an
phone company. When you subscribe to this
area where Caller ID service is available, and
To power the system, plug the
you must subscribe to the service.
service, between the first and second rings,
supplied Class 2 AC adapter's
the telephone company sends the caller's
barrel plug into
on the
DC 6V 200 mA
telephone number (and name, if available) and
back of the Caller ID box. Then connect the
the call's date and time. The Caller ID box
other end of the adapter to a standard AC
• The backlight does not work if the AC
receives and displays this information for each
adapter is disconnected.
call and updates the display with the current
• The USOC number for both the single-line
date and time. Your Caller ID box saves up
and two-line jacks to be installed is RJ11C
to 64 Caller ID records, then replaces the
(or RJ11W for a wall plate jack).
Your Caller ID box is ETL listed to UL
oldest Caller ID record with each new one.
If your home has specially wired alarm
standards and meets all applicable FCC
equipment connected to the telephone line,
be sure that installing the Caller ID box does
not disable your alarm equipment. If you
You need four AA
Your Caller ID box connects directly to a
have questions about what will disable your
batteries (not
alarm equipment, contact your telephone
modular telephone line jack. If your
supplied) to power
company or a qualified installer.
telephone wiring does not have a modular
and protect the
jack, you can update the wiring yourself
Caller ID box's
using jacks and adapters (available at your
memory during a
local RadioShack store), or have the
power failure.
• Dispose of dead batteries promptly and
telephone company update the wiring for
Batteries are
you. You must use compatible modular
available at your
• Do not burn or bury batteries.
jacks that are compliant with Part 68 of FCC
local RadioShack
• Use only fresh batteries of the required size
Rules and the requirements adopted by the
store or online at
and recommended type.
ACTA. The telephone cord and modular
• Do not mix old and new batteries, different
plug provided is Part 68 compliant for
types of batteries (standard, alkaline, or
connecting to the telephone company
1. While holding down the button on the
rechargeable), or rechargeable batteries of
different capacities.
bottom of the attached mounting
bracket, lift up the bracket to remove it.
Connecting to a Single-Line
• If you do not plan to use the Caller ID box for
a month or more, remove the batteries.
2. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to lift the
Batteries can leak chemicals that can
tab on the battery compartment door on
destroy electronic parts.
1. Disconnect the telephone line cord from
the bottom of the Caller ID box.
the modular phone jack on the wall and
• When replacing batteries, do not press any
buttons on the Caller ID box after you
plug it into the PHONE JACK on the
3. Place four fresh AA batteries (not
remove the old batteries. Doing so could
back of the Caller ID box.
supplied) into the compartment as
erase all stored information.
indicated by the polarity symbols
• When replacing the batteries, have fresh
2. Plug the Caller ID box's pre-wired
(+ and –) marked inside.
ones on hand before you begin. If you do not
telephone line cord into the modular
install the new batteries within about 2
phone jack on the wall.
4. Replace the battery cover and snap it
minutes after removing the old ones, you will
lose all the information stored in the
Caller ID box.
appears or the display dims,
replace the batteries.
2002 RadioShack Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.
If an icon appears at the end of a paragraph, go to the box on that page with
— Important
RadioShack and are trademarks used by
Ô — Note
the corresponding icon for pertinent information.
RadioShack Corporation.

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    (standard, alkaline, or rechargeable), or rechargeable batteries of different capacities. • If you do not plan to use the Caller ID box for a month or more, remove the batteries. Batteries can leak chemicals that can destroy electronic parts.

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  • Ben Mar 09, 2015 04:35:
    The date and time of call is not working properly. Manual says it's configured when the first call comes in, but that didn't happen. Any suggestion​s how to input the right date and time?
  • Paul Hoess Mar 02, 2015 06:59:
    In trying to reset language I ended up losing everything on the display screen. How can I get it back