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Radio Shack manuals

Manualslib has more than 1650 Radio Shack manuals

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Models Document Type
15-2526 User's Manual
63-1064 User's Manual
Gigaware 16-1033 Quick Start
Gigaware 16-1063 Quick Start
Gigaware 16-999 Quick Start
LX-3100 User Manual


Models Document Type
14-Inch DBS Compatible TV Antenna with 24-Inch Dipoles Owners Manual
15-1245 - Outdoor Antenna Rotator Owner's Manual
15-1837 Owners Manual
15-1838 Owner's Manual
15-1859 User Manual
15-2187 Quick Manual
15-248 User's Manual
15-257 User's Manual
2100989 User's Manual
AM/FM Indoor Amplified Antenna Owners Manual
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Models Document Type
60-4357 User Manual
FORD TRUCK F-150 User Manual

Automobile Battery Charger

Models Document Type
Gigaware 12-493 User's Manual
Gigaware 20-449 Quick Start Manual

Battery Charger

Models Document Type
06A00 Owner's Manual
08A01 Owner's Manual
0904-205-01502A Owner's Manual
0904-211-18801 Owner's Manual
1-Hour AA & AAA Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Battery Charger Owner's Manual
20 Hour 9.6 V Ni-Cd/NI-MH Battery Pack Charger User Manual
20-448 User's Manual
21-1930 Owner's Manual
23-038 User Manual
23-039 User Manual


Models Document Type
60-4353 Owner's Manual

Blood Pressure Monitor

Models Document Type
63-1514 User Manual
Life Wise User's Manual
LIFEWISE 63-1515 User Manual


Models Document Type
AR230 User Manual

Boating Equipment

Models Document Type
63-1120 Owner's Manual
63-5027 Owner's Manual

Car Amplifier

Models Document Type
15-1172 Owner's Manual
270-4128 User Manual

Car Receiver

Models Document Type
10M User Manual
SIRIUS Stratus 6 SDSV6V1 Quick Manual

Car Speakers

Models Document Type
40-215 User Manual
PRO-CSW1000 User Manual
PRO-CSW1200 User Manual
PRO-CSW800 User Manual

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Models Document Type
Passive Owner's Manual
Self-Stick Door/Window Alarm Owners Manual

Cash Register

Models Document Type
60-1230 User Manual


Models Document Type
Digital Compass Owners Manual

Computer Accessories

Models Document Type
6-Outlet Computer Power Console Owner's Manual

Computer Hardware

Models Document Type
Bluespoon 17-1000 Quick Start Manual


Models Document Type
04A02 Owner's Manual
14-1117 B User Manual
15-1974 Owner's Manual
22-218 Owner's Manual
305001082000 Owner's Manual
49-1003 User Manual
49-1011 User Manual
61-2420 Owner's Manual
61-2431 Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
4-Way Electronic Crossover Owner's Manual
Electronic Subwoofer Crossover Owner's Manual

Digital Photo Frame

Models Document Type
63-234 Quick Start
Digital photo viewer Owner's Manual
Gigaware 16-1003 User's Manual
Gigaware 16-952 User's Manual
Gigaware 16-953 User's Manual
TALKING MEMORY FRAME 63-1077 Owner's Manual
Talking Picture frame with Travel alarm clock Owners Manual


Models Document Type
60-2801 User Manual

Docking Station

Models Document Type
1201480 User's Manual


Models Document Type
61-140 User Manual
61-2117 Owner's Manual
63-1123 Owner's Manual
63-1124 Owner's Manual
63-984 User Manual


Models Document Type
DVD / VCR Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
15-1950 Owner's Manual
15-1976 Owner's Manual
1500474 User's Manual
1500531 User's Manual

Flat Panel TV

Models Document Type
16-185 Owner's Manual
16-3011 User Manual
16-3012 User Manual
16-911 Start Here
47PFL6704D Brochure
Auvio 16-912 Start Here
TC-L26X1 Specification Sheet
TC-L32X1 Specification Sheet
TC-L37X1 Specification Sheet

Flood Light

Models Document Type
Motorized 8-Inch Mirror Ball Manual
Multi-Colored Rotating Light Owner's Manual

Food Saver

Models Document Type
63-285 Quick Start

Game Console

Models Document Type
60-2708 User Manual
60-2716 User's Manual


Models Document Type
20-199 User's Manual
20-322 User's Manual
DIGITRAVELER 20-1601 Owner's Manual
Star Navigator Owner's Manual

Heart Rate Monitor

Models Document Type
LIFEWISE 63-1520 User Manual

Home Safety Product

Models Document Type
60-1240 Product User Manual

Home Theater Server

Models Document Type
Neuros OSD 6011000 Brochure

Home Theater System

Models Document Type
31-5029 Quick Start


Models Document Type
22-146 Owner's Manual
22-148 Owners Manual
60 Watt Plug-in Power inverter Owners Manual
DC to AC Power Inverter Owner's Manual
DC-to-AC Power Inverter User's Manual


Models Document Type
49-454 Owner's Manual
49-459 Owner's Manual

Laser Level

Models Document Type
63-1058 User's Manual


Models Document Type
Anevision Color TFT LCD TV Quick Manual
Optimus Quick ManualManual Owners ManualOwner's ManualOwner's Manual

Metal Detector

Models Document Type
63-3011 Owner's Manual
63-3013 Owner's Manual
Guardian Operating Manual
Metal Detector with Depth Read-Out Owner's Manual

Microwave Oven

Models Document Type
01A03 Owner's Manual
LIFEWISE 63-1523 Hints And Tips

MiniDisc Player

Models Document Type
Pocketrak 2G Product Manual


Models Document Type
32-2057 Manual
ET-2105 User Manual
MIX ME DJ 60-2785 User Manual


Models Document Type
25-3090 Owner's Manual
43-1242 Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
UHF/Cable RF Modulator Owner's Manual
Video RF Modulator Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
26-234 User's Manual
26-236 - Serial Mouse Owner's Manual
26-442 Owner's Manual
26-552 A Owner's Manual
26-592 Owner's Manual
26-751 Owner's Manual
26-765 User's Manual
Gigaware 26-1144 User's Manual
Gigaware 26-142 User's Manual
Gigaware 26-1424 User's Manual
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MP3 Player Accessories

Models Document Type
Gigaware 12-636 Quick Start

Musical Instrument

Models Document Type
32-2058 User Manual

Network Card

Models Document Type
20-198 User Manual
273-1668 Quick Start Manual
273-317 User's Manual
273-355 273-355 Installation Manual
624VDC User Manual
Enercell 273-316 User Manual
Enercell 273-318 Quick Start Manual
Enercell 273-328 User Manual
Enercell 273-329 User Manual
Enercell 273-331 User's Manual
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Network Hardware

Models Document Type
25-3187 Owner's Manual

Network Router

Models Document Type
32-1245 Owner's Manual

Offroad Vehicle

Models Document Type
Baja Banshee Owners Manual


Models Document Type
43-337 User's Manual
63-1007 - Ultrasonic Parking Alert System Owner's Manual
63-1110 - Wireless Mail Guard Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
15-2525 Owner's Manual
43-3908 Owner's Manual

Paper Shredder

Models Document Type
26-527 Important Safety Instructions

Pill Reminder Device

Models Document Type
LIFE WISE 63-1516 User Manual

Portable Speakers

Models Document Type
32-2038 User's Manual
40-1431 Owner's Manual
40-1437 Owner's Manual
40-244 Owner's Manual
XTS 36 User Manual

Portable TV

Models Document Type
16-173 Owner's Manual
16-3009 User Manual
16-972 User's Manual
Auvio 16-906 Quick Start Manual
Auvio 16-923 Quick Start Manual
iView 780PTV User's Manual
Pocketvision-36 Owner's Manual

Postal Equipment

Models Document Type
PS100 User's Manual
PS200 Operating Instructions

Printer Accessories

Models Document Type
26-184 Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
Optoma HD65 Quick Start Card

Radio Antenna

Models Document Type
21-869 User Manual
Six-Element Triple-Drive FM Antenna Owner's Manual
VU-190XR Information Sheet

Remote Starter

Models Document Type
61-3000 User's Manual


Models Document Type
Mobile Robot User Manual

Satellite TV System

Models Document Type
15-1858 User Manual
15-1868 Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
ACCURIAN 15-1937 User Manual
ACCURIAN 15-1938 User Manual
ACCURIAN 40-1462 User Manual

Speaker System

Models Document Type
"Fold-up" Stereo Speaker System Owners Manual
12-1738 User Manual
2-Way In-Wall Speaker System Owners Manual
2-way portable amplified speaker system Owners Manual
40-1430 Owner's Manual
40-1441 User Manual
40-5034 User Manual
AMX-14 Owner's Manual
Fold-Up Amplified Speaker System Owners Manual
PRO-LS100 User Manual
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Models Document Type
21-130 User's Manual
21-549 Owner's Manual
3 1/2-Inch Super Horn Tweeter Owner's Manual
40-1024A User Manual
40-1034 User Manual
40-1426 Owner's Manual
40-1440 User's Manual
40-1442 User Manual
40-1445 User Manual
40-210 User's Manual
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Stereo System

Models Document Type
120-2182 User Manual
13-1317 User Manual
Auvio 15-221 User's Manual
Auvio 15-222 User's Manual
Auvio 15-232 User's Manual
Auvio 15-237 User's Manual


Models Document Type
26-137 User Manual
26-139 User Manual
26-191 Owner's Manual
65-717 Owner's Manual
65-779 User Manual

Stud Sensor

Models Document Type
49-1001 User Manual


Models Document Type
PRO-CSW1000 Owner's Manual
PRO-CSW800 Owner's Manual

Telephone Accessories

Models Document Type
250 Owner's Manual
43-1236 User Manual
43-1237 User's Manual
43-331 User's Manual
5.8 GHz Cordless Handset Owners Manual
Handsfree Speakerphone Kit Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
Big Digit Timer Owners Manual
Multifunction LCD Stopwatch Owners Manual


Models Document Type
60-2626 User Manual
60-2788 Owner's Manual
60-2800 User Manual
60-2805 User Manual
60-2808 User Manual
60-2809 User Manual
60-2846 Owner's Manual
AirRage MicroFighters 60-479 Instruction Manual
Attacker Owners Manual
Deceiver Owner's Manual
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Models Document Type
15-1975 Owner's Manual
FM Stereo Owner's Manual


Models Document Type
42-7012 Specifications
LAB-1200 Specifications


Models Document Type
08A99 Owner's Manual
16-3051 Owner's Manual
160-3051 - 2.7" LCD Pocket TV Owner's Manual
Television Owner's Manual

TV Accessories

Models Document Type
4-way RF Modulator User Manual
Audio/Video Signal Sender Owners Manual

TV Antenna

Models Document Type
15-1634 Owner's Manual
15-1825 Owner's Manual
15-1867 Owner's Manual
15-2152 Manual
15-2160 User Manual
15-246 User's Manual
15-2507 User's Manual
15-255 User's Manual
TV • FM High Gain Mast-Mount Antenna UHF/VHF/FM Amplifier with Switchable FM Trap User Manual
U-120XR Owner's Manual
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TV Mount

Models Document Type
15-1186 User Manual

TV Receiver

Models Document Type
16-3499 User Manual
Accurian 01A05 User Manual

Vacuum Cleaner

Models Document Type
63-1160 Owner's Manual

Video Game

Models Document Type
E-Chess Owners Manual
FX2 User Manual

Video Game Controller

Models Document Type
26-444 User Manual
26-446 User Manual
26-447 User Manual
26-701 Owner's Manual

Video Gaming Accessories

Models Document Type
26-445 Owner's Manual
Gigaware 26-1429 Quick Start Manual
Gigaware 26-1430 User's Manual
Gigaware 26-1438 Quick Start Manual

Voice Recorder

Models Document Type
12-Second Voice Memo Keychain Recorder Owner's Manual
DR-83 Owner's Manual
DR-92 Digital Recorder Owners Manual


Models Document Type
49-1010 User Manual
49-2533 User Manual
61-3010 User Manual


Models Document Type
63-255 Quick Start Manual
63-5026 Owner's Manual
63-5048 Owner's Manual
63-504803A03 Owner's Manual
63-5086 Owner's Manual
63-5103 Owner's Manual
Big Digit Sport Watch Owner's Manual
Digital robotic watch Owners Manual
Keychain Stopwatch Owners Manual
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Work Light

Models Document Type
Enercell 270-019 Quick Start Manual