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Before Placing Food In The Freezer; Placing Food In The Freezer - Miele FN 12221 S Operating And Installation Instructions

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Before placing food in the freezer

^ When freezing more than 2 kg of
fresh food, switch on the Super
freeze function for some time before
placing the food in the freezer (see
"Super freeze").
This helps food that is already in the
freezer to stay frozen.

Placing food in the freezer

The following maximum capacities
must be observed:
– top freezer drawer = 15 kg
– all other freezer drawers =
25 kg
– glass cold plate = 35 kg
Food to be frozen must on no
account touch food which is already
frozen to avoid partial thawing.
^ Make sure that the packaging and
containers are dry to prevent them
sticking together when frozen.
– Freezing small portions
Place the food in the lower freezer
^ Place the food flat in the bottom of
the drawers so that it freezes through
to the core as quickly as possible.
Freezing and storing food
Please note that when removing
drawers, the lowest freezer drawer
must always remain in the freezer.
When placing food on the glass cold
plate make sure it does not obstruct
the ventilation gaps at the back. This
is important for problem-free
operation and normal energy
– Freezing the maximum amount
(see data plate)
^ Remove the freezer drawers.
^ Place the food flat on the bottom of
the lower glass cold plates so that it
freezes through to the core as quickly
as possible.
– Large items
If you wish to freeze large items such
as a turkey or game, the glass cold
plates between the drawers can be
^ Remove the freezer drawers and
carefully lift and slide out the glass
cold plates.



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