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Electrolux TRS1V Instruction Manual

Vegetable slicer
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Refer to the numbered drawings that relate to the numbered paragraphs
in the instruction manual


The User Manual contains useful information for the user on
how to work correctly and in complete safety, and is designed
to make it easier to use the machine (called "machine" or "ap-
pliance" below).
What follows is in no case intended to be a long list of warnings
and constraints, but rather as a series of instructions meant to
improve the service provided by the machine in every respect,
and particularly to avoid a series of injuries or damage to equi-
pment that might result from inappropriate procedures for use
and management.
It is essential that all the people responsible for transporting,
installing, commissioning, using, maintaining, repairing or dismant-
ling the machine should consult this manual and read it carefully
before proceeding with the various operations, in order to avoid
any incorrect or inappropriate handling that might be result in
damage to the machine or put people's safety at risk.
This multi-purpose vegetable slicer is used for slicing, fi ne slicing,
stripping, grating, cutting into chips and cubes various food
products (preparation of crudités, vegetables, fruits, cheeses,
With its varied cutting equipment which provides high hourly
outputs, this is the professional vegetable slicer for restaurants,
community kitchens and small industries.


Machine storage: -25°C to +50°C
Ambient temperature during operation: +4°C to +40°C
This machine is for professional use and must be used by staff trained to use, clean and maintain it, in terms or reliability and
Use the machine in adequately lit premises (See applicable technical standard for the country of use. In Europe, refer to standard
EN 12464-1)
When handling the machine, always check that the parts taken hold of are not mobile elements: risk of dropping and injury to the
lower limbs.
The machine is not designed for use in explosive atmospheres.
• Packaging dimensions in mm:
L: 580
W: 300
• On a table of a maximum height of between 700 and 900 mm,
the vegetable slicer takes a standard tub of a max. height of
200 mm.
• On a functional moveable base (supplied as an option).
H: 600
Parts list - exploded view
Electrical diagrams
It is just as important that the Manual should always be available
to the operator and it should be kept carefully where the machine
is used ready for easy and immediate consultation in case of any
doubt, or in any case, whenever the need arises.
If after reading the Manual, there are still any doubts concerning
how to use the machine, please do not hesitate to contact the
Manufacturer or approved After Sales Service provider, who
is constantly available to ensure quick and careful service for
improved machine operation and optimum effi ciency.
Note that the safety, hygiene and environmental protection stan-
dards currently applicable in the country where the machine is
installed must always be applied during all phases of machine
operation. Consequently it is the user's responsibility to ensure
that the machine is operated and used solely under the optimum
safety conditions laid down for people, animals and property.
A Pusher
B Ram
C Hopper
D Casing
E Base
F Stand
G Body
H Control panel
I Locking pin
• Appliance dimensions:
• Appliance weight:
• With tubs of large dimensions, place the vegetable slicer on
the table edge or use the moveable base.
TR2S GB 01 07



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux TRS1V

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Refer to the numbered drawings that relate to the numbered paragraphs in the instruction manual 10/2011 Contents Introduction Maintenance Installation Compliance with regulations Use and safety Parts list - exploded view Cleaning, hygiene and storage Electrical diagrams Fault-fi nding Introduction The User Manual contains useful information for the user on It is just as important that the Manual should always be available how to work correctly and in complete safety, and is designed...
  • Page 2 fi tted to prevent unwanted tripping. machine. To PAT test the Electrolux Range of Food Preparation Equipment, - Remove the pusher after unlocking it (anti-clockwise direction the PCB board needs to be disconnected before any test is done.
  • Page 3: Use And Safety

    Use and safety ATTENTION!! Clean the machine properly prior to its fi rst use Uncontrolled closure of the lid or ram press involves a risk of crushing the fi ngers. Never put a hand in the ejection area while the machine is in operation; risk of injury. It is strictly forbidden to put the safety systems out of action or modify them: Risk of permanent injury!!!! Check that the safety devices operate correctly each time before using (see paragraph on «safety system adjustments»).
  • Page 4 SETTING UP / USING • Then install the chosen plate and close the cover. There is a risk of cuts with all these operations. Never • Recommendation: For cutting products of different hardnesses force and keep the hands at a reasonable distance with an MT grid, start by cutting the soft products, as these cannot from the knives.
  • Page 5: Cleaning, Hygiene And Storage

    Cleaning, hygiene and storage ATTENTION!! Before dismantling any part, disconnect the appliance from the power supply. Before using any cleaning product, be sure to read the instruction and safety instructions accompanying the product and use appropriate protective equipment. Do not wash the machine using a pressure washer, a spray or by immersion Take care when handling screens and plates.
  • Page 6: Maintenance

    WORK QUALITY • Stop the machine before starting any work on it. - The correct speed has been selected (depending on model). • I f the products are not being ejected properly, check that: - The correct cutting equipment has been selected (see § 3.2). - The ejector is fi...
  • Page 7: Compliance With Regulations

    ADDRESS FOR SERVICE REQUIREMENTS We advise you fi rst to contact the dealer who sold you the machine. Dealer's stamp For any requests for information or orders for spare parts, specify the type of machine, the serial number and the electrical specifi...