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Makita string trimmer instruction manual.
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Start the string trimmer only in accordance with the instructions.
Do not use any other methods for starting the engine!
– Use the string trimmer and the tools only for such applications as specified.
– Only start the string trimmer engine, after the entire assembly is done.
Operation of the device is only permitted after all the appropriate accesso-
ries are attached.
– Before starting make sure that the nylon cutting head has no contact with
hard objects such as branches, stones etc. as the cutting tool will revolve
when starting.
– The engine is to be switched off immediately in case of any engine prob-
– Should the nylon cutting head hit stones or other hard objects, immediately
switch off the engine and inspect the nylon cutting head.
– Inspect the nylon cutting head at short regular intervals for damage (detec-
tion of hairline cracks by means of tapping-noise test).
– Operate the string trimmer only with the shoulder strap attached which is to
be suitably adjusted before putting the string trimmer into operation. It is
essential to adjust the shoulder strap according to the use's size to prevent
fatigue occurring during use.
– During operation always hold the string trimmer with both hands.
Always ensure a safe footing.
– Operate the string trimmer in such a manner as to avoid inhalation of
exhaust gas. Never run the engine in enclosed rooms (risk of gas poison-
ing). Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas.
– Switch off the engine when resting and when leaving the string trimmer
unattended, and place it in a safe location to prevent danger to others or
damage to the machine.
– Never put the hot string trimmer onto dry grass or onto any combustible
– The nylon cutting head has to be equipped with it's appropriate guard.
Never run the trimmer without this guard.
– All protective installations and guards supplied with the machine must be
used during operation.
– Never operate the engine with faulty exhaust muffler.
– Shut off the engine during transport.
– During transport over long distances the tool protection included with the
equipment must always be used.
– Ensure safe position of the string trimmer during car transportation to avoid
fuel leakage.
– When transporting the string trimmer, ensure that the fuel tank is completely
– When unloading the String Trimmer from the truck, never drop the Engine to
the ground or this may severely damage the fuel tank.
– Except in case of emergency, never drop or cast the String Trimmer to the
ground or this may severely damage the String Trimmer
– Remember to lift the entire equipment from the ground when moving the
equipment. Dragging the fuel tank is highly dangerous and will cause
damage and leakage of fuel, possibly causing fire.
– Shut off the engine during refuelling, keep away from open flames and do
not smoke.
– Avoid skin contact with mineral oil products. Do not inhale fuel vapor.
Always wear protective gloves during refuelling. Change and clean
protective clothing at regular intervals.
– Take car not to spill either fuel or oil in order to prevent soil contamination
(environmental protection). Clean the string trimmer immediately after fuel
has been spilt.
– Avoid any fuel contact with your clothing. Change your clothing instantly if
fuel has been spilt on it (to prevent clothing catching fire).
– Inspect the fuel cap at regular intervals making sure that it can be securely
fastened and does not leak.
– Carefully tighten the fuel tank cap. Change location to start the engine (at
least 3 meters away from the place of refuelling).
– Never refuel in closed rooms. Fuel vapors accumulate at ground lever (risk
of explosion).
– Only transport and store fuel in approved containers. Make sure the fuel
stored is not accessible to children.
• Resting
• Transport
• Refueling
• Maintenance
• Tool Replacement
3 meters


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