Magnavox DV220MW9 Owner's Manual

Dvd/cd player with video cassette recorder. Uploaded by: jeldon99  
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Owner's Manual
Manual del Usuario
DVD/CD Player
with Video Cassette Recorder
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   Summary of Contents for Magnavox DV220MW9

  • Page 1

    Video Cassette Recorder Read your Owner’s Manual first for Lea primero el Manual del usuario, quick tips that make using your Magnavox product more enjoyable. le ayudarán a disfrutar plenamente If you have read assistance, you may access our online help at Si después de leerlo aún necesita ayuda,...

  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    The model and serial numbers of this unit may be found on the cabinet. You should record and retain those numbers for future reference. WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPARATUS TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN...

  • Page 3

    CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, match wide blade of plug to wide slot, fully insert. ATTENTION: Pour éviter les chocs électriques, introduire la lame la plus large de la fiche dans la borne correspondante de la prise et pousser jusqu’au fond. FCC WARNING This apparatus may generate or use radio frequency energy.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents PRECAUTION PRECAUTIONS S Important Safeguards · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 2 PREPARATIO PREPARATION N Supplied Accessories · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 4 About Cassette Tapes and Discs ·...

  • Page 5: About Cassette Tapes And Discs, Playable Media, Unplayable Disc, Region Code, Color System

    About Cassette Tapes and Discs Playable Media DVD- Media Type DVD-RW VIDEO Logo Symbols used in this manual Recorded Signal Unplayable Disc Caution: Never play the following discs. • DVD-RAM • DVD with region codes other than 1 or ALL •...

  • Page 6: Function Overview, Remote Control

    Function Overview Remote Control Button names described in the Owner’s Manual The instructions in this manual rest primarily on the premise that you will operate on the remote control (Please be informed that some operations can only be made on the front panel of the unit). STANDBY-ON SPEED TIMER SET...

  • Page 7

    14. SETUP p.23 DVD mode: • Press to call up the DVD menu. Pulse para visualizar el menú de DVD. VCR mode: • Press to call up the VCR menu. Pulse para visualizar el menú de VCR. 15. ZOOM (DVD) p.16 •...

  • Page 8: Front Panel

    Front Panel STANDBY-ON POWER ON VIDEO AUDIO F.FWD 13 14 15 L2 input jacks 1. STANDBY-ONy p.14 • Press to turn on / off the unit. 2. POWER ON indicator • Lights up when the unit is turned on. 3. cassette compartment (VCR) •...

  • Page 9: Rear Panel, Installing The Batteries For The Remote Control

    Rear Panel 1. DVD/VCR AUDIO OUT jack • Connect an RCA audio cable from here to the audio input jack of your television or audio device. Standard connection for DVD/VCR use. 2. VCR AUDIO IN jack p.22 • Connect an RCA audio cable from the audio output jack of your camcorder, VCR, etc.

  • Page 10: Connections, Connection To A Tv

    Connections Connection to a TV If Your TV Has Antenna in Jack Only If Your TV Has Antenna in Jack Only Before connecting, make sure the powers of the devices are turned off. this unit DIGITAL AUDIO OUT To audio R output jack COAXIAL To video...

  • Page 11

    RCA audio cable (L/R) x 1 • RCA video cable x 1 Please purchase the rest of the necessary cables at your local store. PREPARATION KENWOOD: LXI-Series: Magnavox: AUX CHANNEL Panasonic: TV/VIDEO RCA: INPUT, TV/VCR, 00, 90, 91, 92, 93...

  • Page 12: Connection To An Audio System

    Connection to an Audio System Playing Analog Audio Playing Analog Audio analog audio stereo system input jacks To audio L input jack (White) (White) (White) Supplied cables used in this connection are as follows: • RCA audio cable (L/R) x 1 Please purchase the rest of the necessary cables at your local store.

  • Page 13: Initial Setups, Turning On Unit For The First Time, Clock Setting

    Initial Setups Turning on Unit for the First Time Press first. Please note: most instructions in this manual refer to remote control use. Be sure your TV’s input is set to VIDEO. (Name may vary with TV manufacturer. See your TV manual for details.) STANDBY-ON Press...

  • Page 14: For Vcr Playback, For Disc Playback

    For VCR Playback Insert a cassette tape so that the unit will be turned on automatically. Inserte un casete para que la unidad se encienda automáticamente. AUDIO • If the protection tab has removed, playback will start automatically. Press to switch to the VCR mode. Para cambiar al modo de VCR, pulse •...

  • Page 15: Hint For Disc Playback, Fast Forward / Fast Reverse Playback, Still Mode / Step-by-step Playback

    Hint for Disc Playback The contents of DVD are generally divided into “titles”. Titles may be further subdivided into “chapters”. The audio CD contains “track” and CD-RW/-R with MP3 contains “file”, which may be in a “folder”. DVD-video title 1 chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 1...

  • Page 16: Disc Menu, Calling Up A Menu Screen During Playback, Resume Playback, Mp3 Playback, Zoom

    Disc Menu DVD-Video DVD-Video DVD-Video DVD-Video DVD-Video Press first. Some discs contain menus which allow you to customize DVD playback. Use [K / L / s / B] to select an item, then press [OK] (or [PLAY B]). Calling Up a Menu Screen During Playback DVD-Video DVD-Video DVD-Video...

  • Page 17: Index Search, Time Search, Repeat Playback, Repeat A-b Playback, Auto Repeat Playback

    • To play back a double-digit track, press the track number directly (e.g. for track 14, press [1], [4] and [OK]). • To play back a triple-digit track, press the track number directly for MP3. (e.g. for track 114, press [1], [1], [4] and [OK]).

  • Page 18: Programmed Playback, Random Playback, Settings, Black Level Setting, Virtual Surround

    Programmed Playback You can change the playback order of chapters / tracks / files. Audio Audio CD DVD-Video DVD-Video DVD-Video DVD-Video DVD-Video Audio Audio CD Audio CD Press 1) During playback, press [MODE] twice when operating audio CD or MP3. During playback, press [MODE] three times when operating DVD.

  • Page 19: Subtitle Language And Audio Language, On-screen Display

    2) Use [s / B] to select the desired sound mode. sound mode suitable for setting stereophonic audio JAZZ: sound mode suitable for jazz music ROCK: sound mode suitable for rock music POP: sound mode suitable for pop music CLASSIC: sound mode suitable for classic music OFF: no effects (original sound) 3) Press [RETURN] to exit.

  • Page 20: Recording & Otr (one-touch Timer Recording)

    This unit has no tuner system so it cannot receive TV broadcasts without external tuner or such devices. Note: • You can also set the external tuner for timer recording. Refer to “Satellite Link” on page 22. • You CANNOT dub a DVD to a video cassette tape. •...

  • Page 21: Timer Recording, Note For Timer Recording & Otr

    Timer Recording Press first. SETUP Press , use to select “TIMER PROGRAMMING”. Then, press to go to next step. - M E N U - B TIMER PROGRAMMING SATELLITE LINK AUTO REPEAT [OFF] CLOCK SET LANGUAGE SELECT to select an empty program number.

  • Page 22: Satellite Link, Dubbing A Cassette Tape

    Satellite Link You can set the unit to start recording whenever it detects a video signal from the external tuner. Preparing for the Satellite Link: • Only L1 (rear) is available for satellite link and be sure that this L1 needs to be connected by the external tuner. •...

  • Page 23: Changing The Dvd Settings (in The Setup Menu)

    Changing the DVD Settings (in the setup menu) In the setup menu, you can customize the various kinds of settings as you prefer. Refer to the following instructions to navigate through the setup menus. 1) Press [SETUP]. 2) Use [s / B] to select a setup item. 3) Use [K/ L] to go up or down in the menu list.

  • Page 24: Parental Setting

    Press first. Press [STOP C] if you are playing back a disc. PARENTAL Setting Parental setting will prevent your children from viewing inappropriate materials (password protected). Playback will stop if the ratings exceed the levels you set. To Set the Parental Level To Set the Parental Level SETUP Press...

  • Page 25: Initialize

    INITIALIZE Reset the settings to factory default. SETUP Press to call up the setup menu. to select , then press Press to select “YES”, then press INITIALIZE_INITIALIZE INITIALIZE Press to select the desired language. SELECT MENU LANGUAGE ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ESPAÑOL The next time you operate, the player menu language will be the one you have selected.

  • Page 26: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide If this unit does not perform properly when operated as instructed in this manual. Refer to the following: Symptom No power. This unit does not respond to the remote control. Poor picture or noise. Cannot record a TV program. Timer recording is impossible.

  • Page 27: Maintenance, Specifications

    Maintenance Servicing Servicing • Please refer to relevant topics on the “Troubleshooting Guide” on page 26 before returning the product. • If this unit becomes inoperative, do not try to correct the problem by yourself. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.

  • Page 28: Limited Warranty

    FUNAI CORP. will repair this product, free of charge in the USA in the event of defect in materials or workmanship as follows: DURATION: PARTS: FUNAI CORP. will provide parts to replace defective parts without charge for one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase.

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