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Important Safety Precautions - Ematic EM208VIDBL User Manual

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Important Safety Precautions

Always follow these basic safety precautions when using your player. This will reduce the risk of product damage and
personal injury.
Do not disassemble, repair or modify the player by yourself. Refer servicing to qualified personnel.
Do not dispose of the player in fire.
Do not touch the player with bare hands if the built-in battery is leaking. In this case, contact service center for help
since the liquid may remain in the player. If your body or clothes has contacted the battery liquid, wash it off
thoroughly with water. Also, if some of liquid gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes but immediately wash them with
clean water, and consult a doctor.
Keep the player away from direct sunlight and heat source.
Do not expose the unit to rain or moisture to avoid any malfunction.
Do not use the player in rather dry environment to avoid static.
Never apply heavy impact on the player like dropping it or placing it on a magnet.
Route USB cables so that people and pets are not likely to trip over or accidentally pull on them as they move around
or walk through the area.
Disconnect the USB cable from the computer when you do not use the player for a long time.
Clean only with a dry cloth. Make sure the player is turned off before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleanser.
Be sure to back up your files. We will not be liable for the loss of data due to improper operation, repair or other
At full power, prolonged listening of the player can damage the ear of the user.

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