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Summary of Contents for Motorola Moto 360

  • Page 1 Moto 360 pick a topic, get what you need At a glance Start Android Wear Motorola Connect Features Watch bands Want more? Trouble Safety shoot Search...
  • Page 2: First Look

    Quick start At a glance First look Your new Moto 360 watch keeps you up to date without taking When you’re up and running, be sure to explore what your Quick start you out of the moment. Glance at your wrist to see updates, or watch can do.
  • Page 3 Start Place your watch on the charging dock. Charge up Before using your Moto 360 for the first time, charge it for two Download & pair hours or until the charge level indicator on the watch screen Power on & off Tips &...
  • Page 4 Start Download & pair Start 3 Enable Wi-Fi when prompted, and your Moto 360 will stay in Charge up sync even when you leave your phone in another room or at Pairing your watch with your phone is quick and easy.
  • Page 5: Power On And Off

    Start 4 Turn on watch notifications so your phone can send updates Charge up to your Moto 360. Android Wear notifications can be turned Download & pair on/off at any time on the phone’s Settings menu. Power on & off Tips &...
  • Page 6: Tips And Tricks

    • Trusted device: When you connect your Moto 360 watch Download & pair brightnesss. with a Motorola phone for the first time, the phone asks if Power on & off • Text Size: To increase or decrease the size of the text you Tips &...
  • Page 7 Start Start • Restart: Touch the screen, then scroll down and touch Charge up Settings > Restart. Download & pair • Factory reset: Touch the screen, then scroll down and Power on & off touch Settings > Reset device. Tips & tricks Use this feature to clear all settings and information about the current paired phone, so you can pair your watch with a different phone.
  • Page 8: Android Wear

    Disconnect your watch from notifications to your watch. your phone, try out watch • Mute connected phone: Enable or disable sound and Moto 360 notifications, find help, Connected vibration alerts on your phone when it’s connected to your & more.
  • Page 9: Adjust Device Settings

    • Actions: You can use Google apps or other apps to perform specific voice actions on your Moto 360 watch. Select an action in the list, then select the app you want to use to perform the action.
  • Page 10 Motorola Connect Then touch the Moto 360 illustration to manage your watch. Quick start: Motorola Connect Use the Motorola Connect app on your phone to set up and Customize watch faces manage your Moto 360 watch and other Motorola smart Set up your Moto Body profile Refresh the screen.
  • Page 11 Send me a weekly email summary of my activity. DONE Motorola will use your personal demographic information to provide you with more accurate wellness tracking. Tip: To remove your profile information from your watch and phone, touch > Clear profile on the Moto Body...
  • Page 12 Scroll down for more watch options. • Android Wear: Open the Android Wear app to adjust general watch settings. • Need help?: Find Motorola Connect help and information. • RENAME: Give your watch a new name. • REMOVE DEVICE: Permanently remove your Moto 360 watch and watch settings from the Motorola Connect app.
  • Page 13: Change Watch Faces

    & options. your watch 20 % & phone. Tip: You can customize watch faces, even design your own watch face with the Motorola Connect app. For more info, see Swipe down to minimize “Motorola Connect”. the notification & return Menu More to the home screen.
  • Page 14 Features Features Hands-free scrolling Manage watch notifications Change watch faces Flip through watch notifications with a simple flick of your wrist. Most notifications on your phone also appear on your watch. Notifications To activate/deactivate wrist gestures, touch the watch screen, You can manage the notifications that show on your watch.
  • Page 15: Swipe From Apps To Contacts To Actions

    Features Voice commands Features • Turn off notifications temporarily (Theater mode): Change watch faces To turn off your watch’s screen so the display doesn’t light Just say “Ok Google” to start using voice commands. You’ll Notifications up and notifications don’t appear, press the power button see a white screen with a red icon.
  • Page 16 Features Moto Body Features Navigation Change watch faces Turn-by-turn navigation instructions on your wrist—what could The Moto Body app on your watch lets you track your steps, Notifications be easier? calories burned, heart activity, and heart rate measurements. Swipe from apps to contacts to actions Voice commands Your data won’t be shared with any third parties without your Just tell your watch where you want to go.
  • Page 17 Features Features See calories burned Change watch faces A notification card shows how many calories you’ve burned Notifications each day, and how far you are from reaching your goal. To Swipe from apps to contacts to actions dismiss the card, swipe it right on your watch screen. Voice commands Moto Body Use the menu to see the calories you’ve burned: Touch the...
  • Page 18: Remove/Replace Your Watch Band

    Watch bands Remove/replace your watch band Watch bands Remove/replace your watch band Removing and replacing the Moto 360 watch band requires Watch band warning some specialized tools. Care for the leather watch band If you need to replace your watch band or adjust the size of the...
  • Page 19: Want More

    • Tutorials & Updates: Get walk-through tutorials, help, guides, software updates, and more at • Join the conversation: Talk, learn, and share with other Moto 360 users in our Google+™ community at • News: Get the latest news, apps, tips & tricks, videos and so much more—join us on:...
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Unresponsive watch Troubleshooting Unresponsive watch In the unlikely event that your watch becomes unresponsive, Factory reset press and hold the power button for 25 seconds to force a Updates power down. Then turn the watch back on as usual (see “Power on &...
  • Page 21: Copyright And Trademarks

    All features, functionality, and other product specifications, as well as the information contained in this guide, are based upon the latest available information and believed to be accurate at the time of printing. Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or obligation.

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