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Hitachi CL-8800BF Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Preparations Before Using

    Features Preparations Before Using Since two Ni-cd-batteries are built in, the device can be used for about 60 Before using, first charge the unit or connect to AC outlet. minutes with a full charge. Cutting length can be adjusted to 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm by using the Procedure for Charging cropped hair attachments.
  • Page 3: Cutting Operation

    Preparations Before Using Direct AC Power Source Cutting Operation As in the case of charging, insert power feed plug into unit socket and adaptor Turn on the switch. plug into outlet. Wait 2 minutes and turn on switch. Before Using To install the cropped hair attachments.
  • Page 4 Preparations Before Cutting Haircut 1. Place a vinyl sheet or a sheet of newspaper on the floor. Short hair 1. Cutting of crown. Use a chair as high as possible for ease of haircut work. Pull up hair between fingers directly perpen- dicular to top of head and slowly run the unit 2.
  • Page 5 Haircut Trim-up Close cropping Cutting of crown. 1. Clipping the entire part. Pull up hair between fingers directly perpendicular to Mount the cropped hair attachment of proper top of head and slowly run the unit above fingers to cut. size for the desired cutting length. To ensure cutting at the same length, take up hair already cut together with hair to be cut and cut While putting the comb of the cropped hair...
  • Page 6: Servicing Procedures

    Haircut Trimming along the ears. Remove the cropped hair attachment. Put the blade edge lightly against the skin and move it in a circle in the arrow direction. Hold the ear by hand to facilitate the job. Side trimming. Put the blade edge at right angles to the skin to trim the hair.
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  • Page 8: Specification

    Specification Power supply AC adaptor Body 5hours ( Standard ) Charging time AC adaptor, Cropped hair attachment Accessories Cleaning brush, Lubricating oil When any trouble occurs during use, discontinue the use, and make sure of the following points before asking a repair. Symptom Points to be checked Remedy...