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The Pitch Bend Wheel - M-Audio Keystation 49e User Manual

M-audio user manual musical instrument keystation 49e
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press the octave "-" button in the same manner, pressing once for 1 octave, twice
for 2 octaves, and so on. It is possible to shift the keyboard down 3 octaves.
To return the keyboard's octave shift to 0, press both the octave "+" and "-"
buttons together (both LEDs will light, indicating that the octave shift has
returned to 0 - if the light shows above the octave "+" key only the octave's
shifted up, if above the octave "-" key only, the octave's shifted down).

The Pitch Bend Wheel

As the name indicates, the pitch bend wheel is usually used to bend the notes
played on the keyboard up or down. This allows you to play phrases not
normally associated with keyboard playing, including guitar-style riffs.
Your sound source determines how far you can bend the note. The usual
setting is two semitones but can be up to two octaves +/-.
The Modulation Wheel
The modulation wheel is typically used for modulation of the sound you are
playing. This type of real-time controller was originally introduced on electronic
keyboard instruments to give the performer options such as adding vibrato
just like players of acoustic instruments do. Just like the pitch bend wheel, the
modulation wheel is fully MIDI assignable.
The Volume Slider
The Volume slider sends a MIDI message that controls the volume of the notes
you are playing.
The volume slider can also be assigned to different effects such as pan (balance),
attack, reverb, chorus and many more. (See "Advanced Functions" Section.)
Using with a Foot Pedal
You can plug any polarity foot pedal (not included) in to the foot switch input on
your M-Audio keyboard. The keyboard will automatically detect the correct
polarity when powering up. If you want to reverse the polarity, just make sure
the pedal is pressed when you switch on your keyboard.
The foot pedal is normally used for sustaining the sound you are playing
without having to keep your hands on the keyboard, just like a piano.

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Table of Contents

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