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Modulation Wheel - M-Audio Keystation 49e User Manual

M-audio user manual musical instrument keystation 49e
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2. Using the Quick Select Method:
Press the Advanced Functions button.
Press the black key above G4 (named G# 4), or A$ (named A# 4),
representing Bank LSB or Bank MSB respectively.
Press keys C4, then E3 then C5. This enters the combination: "3," "2,"
"ENTER." Alternatively, you can use the "+" and "-" buttons to change the
value, and then press "ENTER."
As with Program change, if the Octave "+" and "-" keys are selected to vary the
Bank LSB or MSB number (Method 1), the lights above the buttons will not
change, since it is not possible to have a Bank with a negative value. Pressing
both the "+" and "-" buttons together will recall Bank 0.
The other controller devices on the Keystation 49e can also be used to control
advanced functions, as described following:
The Modulation Wheel
It is possible to assign MIDI effects to the Modulation Wheel. Some useful effects are:
01 Modulation
07 Volume
10 Pan (balance)
05 Portamento
There are 131 effects in total, however for these effects to have any affect on the
sound the receiving MIDI device has to be able to read and respond to these
MIDI effect messages. Most devices will at least respond to volume, modulation,
and pan data. (The full list of effects is given at the back of this manual.)
To assign an effect to the Modulation Wheel:
Press the Advanced Functions button to get the keyboard into Edit Mode.
Press the Black Key above C4 (named C# 4), representing "WHEEL ASSIGN."
Use the Numerical Data Entry keys G3 – B4 to enter the number of the
effect you want to assign to the Modulation Wheel.
Alternatively, you can use the "+" and "-" buttons to change the value.
Press the ENTER key (C5).
Move the Modulation Wheel upwards to increase the value of the effect.
If you make an error while entering the numerical data value, you can press
the CANCEL key (C1) to exit Edit Mode without changing the effect assigned to
the Modulation Wheel.

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Table of Contents

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