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  • Page 2

    Solax Mobie™ Owner’s Manual 2370C Walsh Ave Santa Clara, CA 95051 1-800-983-1306 ©Solax Mobility 2012, 20131 Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 1...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents


  • Page 4: Introduction

    It is ideal for travel and an on the go lifestyle. What makes the Mobie unique is its ability to fold and unfold in less than a minute, while not compromising comfort and functionality. It is designed to provide years of dependable operation, while enabling you to enhance the quality of your life allowing you to experience an active daily lifestyle.

  • Page 5

    I. Introduction Shipping and Delivery We highly recommend that before you start using your Mobie, you make sure the delivery was complete. If you do not receive a complete delivery, please contact your authorized Solax Mobility dealer. If damage has occurred during transport, either to the packaging or contents, immediately contact the delivery company responsible for the shipment.

  • Page 6: Product Specifications

    Intelligent Regenerative Electromagnetic Brakes Brake Rear Wheel Drive Drive system Three (3) Position Steering Handlebar 300 LBS Maximum capacity 1.6” Ground clearance Battery 24V/10Ah Lithium battery Motor 120W Battery charger DC24V/2A Off-Board Automatic Protection Charger Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 3...

  • Page 7

    The battery is stored folding your Mobie here during shipment for safety Battery Charger XLR Connector Anti-tip Wheels Freewheel “Release Brake” switch Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 4...

  • Page 8

    Here you will learn about battery and charger safety, and how to avoid injury. 4. EMI This covers electromagnetic interference and how it can affect your scooter NOTE – Where they apply, you will also find “Warnings” in other sections of this Manual. Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 5...

  • Page 9: Safety

    As of 2012, the U.S. Department of Transportation has not approved any tie down system for transporting a scooter in a motor vehicle. 1. Never sit in the Mobie while in a moving vehicle. In an accident or sudden stop you may be thrown from the scooter.

  • Page 10

    II. Safety 7. Never try a new maneuver on your own unless you are sure it is safe. 8. Get to know the areas where you plan to use your Mobie. Look for hazards and learn how to avoid them.

  • Page 11

    Unintended brake release or movement from EMI sources. 2. Make sure that persons who help you (for example, store clerks) are aware of the throttle lever and do not touch it. If they do, your Mobie may move suddenly when you do not expect it.

  • Page 12

    Rotate the front casters until they are as far forward as possible. This makes the Mobie more stable. NOTE: To do this, move your Mobie past the object you want to reach, and then back up alongside it. Backing up will rotate the casters forward c.

  • Page 13

    Beware Of: 1. Steep slopes. Do not use your Mobie on a slope steeper than 8%. (An 8° slope means: One foot in elevation for every ten feet of slope length). 2. Wet or slippery surfaces (such as when ice, snow, water or oil film is present).A loss of traction may cause a fall or tip-over.

  • Page 14

    CURBS & SINGLE STEPS 1. Your Mobie is not designed to drive up or down a curb or step more than 1/2 inch high. Doing so may: a. Result in a fall or tip-over.

  • Page 15

    It is dangerous to transfer on your own. It requires good balance and agility. Be aware that there is a point during every transfer when the Mobie seat is not below you. To avoid a fall: 1. Always turn off power before you transfer to or from your scooter. If you fail to do so you may touch the joystick/control lever and cause your scooter to move when you do not expect it.

  • Page 16

    Minimize exposure of your Mobie to a rain storm or very wet conditions. b. Never take your Mobie into a shower, tub, pool or sauna. c. Do not use your Mobie in fresh or salt water (such as at the edge of a stream, lake, or ocean).

  • Page 17

    The controller which receives the signal from the control panel and transfers to motor and brake is located in the rear section of the Mobie and must not be exposed to moisture at any time as it may cause permanent damage. If exposed to heavy moisture, your Mobie must not be used until it has been thoroughly dried out.

  • Page 18

    2. You must charge the battery for five to six (5-6) hours before attempting to operate your Mobie for the first time. Failure to do so will result in damage to the battery. 3. Read all battery instructions before attempting to change or charge batteries.

  • Page 19

    Solax. (Doing so will void the Warranty and may create a safety hazard). 1. If you modify or adjust this Mobie scooter it may increase the risk of a fall or tip-over. 2. Modifications unauthorized by Solax constitute remanufacturing of the Mobie. This voids the warranty.

  • Page 20

    These usually have the antenna mounted on the outside of the vehicle. 3. Long-range transmitters and transceivers, such as commercial broadcast transmitter (radio and TV broadcast antenna towers) and amateur (HAM) radios. Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 17...

  • Page 21

    EMI (Note: There is no easy way to evaluate their effect on the overall immunity of the powered vehicle). 5. Report all incidents of unintended movement or brake release to the Mobie and note whether there is a source of EMI nearby.

  • Page 22

    II. Safety Once your Mobie is folded out for the first time, you will notice that several labels are located on the floorboard and other areas of the Mobie. These labels are to provide both “SAFETY WARNINGS”. Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0...

  • Page 23

    II. Safety Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 20...

  • Page 24: Folding And Unfoling Your Mobie

    III. Folding and Unfolding your Mobie In this section you are going to learn how to unfold and fold your Mobie. Although there are a few ways to do this, we are going to demonstrate one particular way. The key is to first understand how to “release”...

  • Page 25

    Carefully grab the control panel or tiller handle and side of the scooter (clockwise). This will take the push the Mobie forward while holding the seat. Mobie out of “Lock” mode. Grab the rear of the seat and pull it up while As the scooter unfolds, either push the floorboard pushing continuing to push the tiller forward.

  • Page 26

    III. Folding and Unfolding your Mobie Unfolding the Mobie (Continued) 5. The Mobie should now be in this position 6. If you have the optional armrests you will need to just flip them up as shown below. If not, proceed to step 7.

  • Page 27

    III. Folding and Unfolding your Mobie Folding the Mobie Adjust the tiller back to its default position. See Collapse the seat. Push down the back seat page 29, 30 and 31 for instructions. rest until it is rested on the seat bottom.

  • Page 28

    7. Push the front and rear chassis 8. This is how the Mobie should look together until they lock in place. when folded. Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0...

  • Page 29: Iiii. Installing The Battery

    You will need to “Fully” charge the middle of the floorboard illustrates. battery before operating the Mobie for the first time, Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 26...

  • Page 30: Operating Your Mobie

    V. Operating Your Mobie The Control Panel The control panel is the area that controls everything from powering on the Mobie with the key, to accelerating, braking and steering. The control panel also provides an LED indicator to provide a “battery charge” status.

  • Page 31

    V. Operating your Mobie Steering To steer the Mobie just hold onto the U-Shaped steering wheel To Move Forward: You can either move the left throttle lever up or the right throttle lever down. To Move in Reverse: You can either move the...

  • Page 32

    You can adjust both the height and the angle of the tiller to fit your disability and/or body type. To adjust the height, you will need to learn how to lock and unlock the height adjustment locking levers. Relocking Locked Position Unlocking Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 29...

  • Page 33

    The Tiller is designed to enable you to adjust the height as well as the angle that the tiller is positioned toward you to match your body type and comfort. When you first unfold your Mobie, the tiller will be in the default position. To adjust: 1.

  • Page 34

    You will find the proper adjustment to fit your need to adjust to default position body type. when folding the Mobie Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 31...

  • Page 35

    V. Operating your Mobie Brake Release (Freewheel) The Mobie is equipped with a “Release Brake” feature that enables you to put the Mobie in freewheel mode. This mode removes the brake function and allows you to easily push the Mobie. This may be helpful if you run out of battery power.

  • Page 36: Riding Your Mobie

    Mobie. RIDING THE MOBIE FOR THE FIRST TIME Before riding your Mobie for the first time, make sure to check the following: 1. Is the seat locked into position 2.

  • Page 37

    VI. Riding your Mobie TERRAIN 1. This Mobie is designed for use on firm, even surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and indoor flooring. 2. Do not operate your scooter in sand, loose soil or over rough terrain. Doing so may damage wheels, bearings, axles or motors, or loosen fasteners.

  • Page 38: Battery Charging And Maintenance

    After you have placed the battery in the battery compartment as instructed on page • 26, you will proceed to charge your Mobie until it reached a full charge. This can be accomplished in 5-6 hours. Not performing a full charge before attempting to operate your Mobie for the first time •...

  • Page 39

    How often should the batteries charge? If you use your scooter daily, charge it as soon as possible after you use it. • If you use your Mobie infrequently (once a week or less), charge it at least once per • week.

  • Page 40: Transporting Your Mobie

    VIII. Transporting your Mobie One of the great benefits of the Mobie is its foldable compact and portable design. This enables you to transport your Mobie in a number of ways including 1. Carrying the Mobie on a plane, train or boat 2.

  • Page 41: Basic Troubleshooting

    Tiller will not stay in Tighten the tiller adjustment lever with the Allen • locked position wrench provided Contact one of our technical support specialists if you have any questions or need help with your Mobie. Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 38...

  • Page 42: Care Maintenance

    X. Care and Maintenance Your Mobie is designed to provide years of service, provided you take good care and provide the maintenance required to keep your Mobie operating at optimum level. The following items should be periodically checked and maintained: Battery Make sure that you keep the battery fully charged.

  • Page 43

    Tires Is there any damage to the tires • Front and Rear Chassis Is there any damage to the ABS plastics • Battery Is the battery charging • Is there any corrosion • Solax Mobie Owner’s Manual V1.0 Page 40...

  • Page 44: Warranty

    XI. Limited Warranty The Mobie comes with a limited warranty and the following coverage: Mechanical Parts: One year (1) year parts and labor • Battery: six (6) months • Please make sure to contact us as soon as you discover that there is problem with your Mobie.

  • Page 45: Product Registration

    XII. Product Registration and Warranty We strongly recommend that you register your Mobie as soon as possible. This is the only way that you will be able to have the unit warranted. You have two ways to do this: 1. Register your Mobie online. You can do this by going to the support section at;...

  • Page 46: Technical Support

    Out Of Service Warranty Repair If your Mobie is out of warranty coverage, you have the following options: 1. Purchase an extended warranty coverage plan. You can contact your Solax Authorized dealer, or a call us directly and speak to a customer care representative 2.

  • Page 47

    Filename: Mobie Owners Manual-Final Directory: Template: C:\Users\Nuvi1\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Normal.dotm Title: Owner’s Manual Subject: Author: Nuvi1 Keywords: Comments: Creation Date: 12/30/2012 5:12:00 PM Change Number: Last Saved On: 1/2/2013 9:34:00 PM Last Saved By: Nuvi1 Total Editing Time: 641 Minutes Last Printed On:...

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