Chapter 1 - Introduction; The Alumni Prefect; Available Interfaces; Icon Key - Yamaha Alumni User Manual & Installation Manual

External storage enclosure for 5.25” optical devices
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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Icon Key

Throughout this manual you will see icons on the left margin
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The Alumni Prefect

The 'Alumni Prefect' enclosure is ruggedly constructed, yet light
weight. It features a fanless design, using passive cooling for
quiet working environments and upright position, optimizing the
available desktop space.
Product Dimensions:

Available Interfaces

• USB 2.0 High Speed
• Firewire 1394a
• Firewire 1394a & USB 2.0
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General Notes and Tips
Remarks for PC users and Microsoft Windows OS
Remarks for Mac users and Apple Macintosh OS
25.5cm x 16.5cm x 5.5cm
10.04" x 6.50" x 2.17"
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