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Burning A Cd/Dvd; Technical Questions; About This Manual - Yamaha Alumni User Manual & Installation Manual

External storage enclosure for 5.25” optical devices
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iDVD does not
support external
drives, we
recommend you to
install a third party
software like 'Toast'.
If you run Mac OS
9.x and the external
CD/DVD burner is
not recognized,
check your
extensions for
possible conflicts.
Please read your
warranty carefully,
as this may vary
between different
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Burning a CD/DVD

To burn a CD/DVD, we recommend using third party software
like 'Nero' for the PC or 'Toast' for Mac. If you have an internal
CDRW but want to use an external DVD burner instead,
change the burner under 'Recorder' or click on the drop down
list and choose your external device.
For further information, please refer to the manual and
instructions of your burning software.

Technical Questions

For RMA and other questions, please contact your vendor or
check out their online support area!

About this Manual

This manual covers all interfaces and combinations for the
'Alumni Prefect' Enclosure. Images and descriptions might
therefore slightly vary between this manual and the actual
product you have.
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