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Intelli-Fin 0 Installation And Service Manual

Hot water heating boilers domestic hot water supply boilers 1,500,000 — 1,700,000 — 2,000,000 btu/hr models
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FIG. 1 Front View
Installation and service must be per formed by a qual i fied service
in stall er, service agency or the gas supplier.


Factory warranty (shipped with unit) does not apply to units
improperly installed or improperly operated.
Experience has shown that improper installation or system design,
rather than faulty equipment, is the cause of most operating
1. Excessive
build-up in the copper tube is not the fault of the
manufacturer's war ran ty. (See Water Treatment and
Water Chemistry)
2. Excessive pitting and erosion on the inside of the
copper tube may be caused by too much water
velocity through the tubes and is not covered by
the man u fac tur er's warranty (See Boiler Flow Rates
and Temperature Rise for flow requirements).
Hot Water Heating Boilers
Domestic Hot Water Supply Boilers
1,500,000 — 1,700,000 — 2,000,000 Btu/hr Models
FIG. 2 Rear View
This manual supplies information for the installation, operation
and ser vic ing of the appliance. It is strong ly recommended that
this manual be re viewed com plete ly before proceeding with an
cause injury or property damage. Refer to this manual. For
assistance or additional information, consult a qualified
installer, service agency or the gas supplier.



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  Summary of Contents for Intelli-Fin 0

  • Page 1: Warranty

    INSTALLATION AND SERVICE MANUAL 1,500,000 — 1,700,000 — 2,000,000 Btu/hr Models FIG. 1 Front View Installation and service must be per formed by a qual i fied service in stall er, service agency or the gas supplier. WARRANTY Factory warranty (shipped with unit) does not apply to units improperly installed or improperly operated.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Minimum Water Temperatures ...66 Three Way Valves ...67 Boiler Flow Rates ...67 Placing the Boiler in Operation ...68 Boiler Temperature Control ...69 Water Heater/Domestic Hot Water Supply Boiler ...70 Typical Piping...70 Set-up Maximum Flow...70 Temperature Rise ...71 Water Chemistry ...72 Piping Requirements ...73...
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    CHECKING EQUIPMENT Upon receiving equipment, check for signs of ship ping damage. Pay par tic u lar attention to parts ac com pa ny ing the boiler, which may show signs of being hit or otherwise being mishandled. Verify total number of pieces shown on packing slip with those actually re ceived.
  • Page 4: Installation Requirements

    INSTALLATION PROCEDURE LOCATION OF UNIT 1. Locate the appliance so that if water connections should leak, water damage will not occur. When such lo ca tions cannot be avoided, it is recommended that a suitable drain pan, ad e quate ly drained, be installed under the unit. The pan must not restrict combustion airflow.
  • Page 5: Combustion/Ventilation Air Requirements

    Multiple appliances may be installed in a modular boiler or water heater in stal la tion. Multiple appliances may be installed side by side with no clear ance between adjacent appliances because this appliance is approved for zero clearance from combustible sur fac - es and no service access is required from the sides.
  • Page 6 (2 times) the free area required for Outside Air/2 Openings. The above requirements are for the boiler only, additional gas fired appliances in the equipment room will require an increase in the net free area to supply adequate combustion air for all appliances.
  • Page 7: Construction Air Filter

    These chemicals, when burned form acids which quickly attack the boiler tubes, tube sheets, flue collectors, and the ap pli ance stack. The result is improper combustion and a non-warrantable, pre ma - ture failure of the appliance.
  • Page 8: Venting Systems

    CONSTRUCTION AIR FILTER KITS TABLE - C Input Construction Btu/hr Air Filter Kit 1,500,000 ________________________ ________________________ 1,700,000 ________________________ ________________________ 2,000,000 VENTING This appliance has three venting system options. They are: (A)
  • Page 9: Category Iv Venting

    A CATEGORY IV POSITIVE PRESSURE VENTING SYSTEM FIG. 10 Basic Category IV Venting - Vertical FIG. 11 Basic Category IV Venting - Horizontal A Category IV venting system for the flue products is required on all models of this appliance. A Category IV vent ing system operates with a positive pressure in the vent.
  • Page 10: Vent Length Requirements

    Any vent materials specified must be listed by a nationally recognized test agency for use as a Category IV vent material. The venting system must be planned so as to avoid possible contact with con cealed plumbing or electrical wiring inside walls, floors or ceilings.
  • Page 11: Vertical Terminations

    the tee. The drain tubing must have a trap provided by a 4" (10.2 cm)-diameter circular trap loop in the drain tubing. Prime the trap loop by pouring a small quantity of water into the drain hose before assembly to the vent. Secure the trap loop in position with nylon wire ties.
  • Page 12: Sidewall Terminations

    The sidewall vent cap is available from the appliance manufacturer as a vent kit. 3' MIN CHIMNEY FIG. 18 Sidewall Vent Cap Input Btu/hr 1,500,000 ________________ 1,700,000 ________________ 2,000,000 The sidewall vent cap kit includes the wall penetration assembly and the dis charge screen assembly.
  • Page 13: Direct Vent Systems

    The installed sidewall vent cap assembly may be paint ed to match the exterior color. The opening through the wall for instal la tion of the sidewall vent cap must provide an air space clearance of 2 inches (5.1 cm) around the flue pipe. The diameter of the opening for installation of the sidewall cap will be 4 inches (10.2 cm) larger (minimum) than the nominal diameter of the in stalled vent pipe to the sidewall cap.
  • Page 14: Air Inlet Pipe Materials

    TABLE - F Direct Vent and Intelli-Vent Flue and Air Inlet Pipe Sizes Input Btu/hr Flue Size 1,500,000 6" ________________ ______________ 1,700,000 7" ________________ _____________ 2,000,000 8"...
  • Page 15: Vertical Direct Vent

    ] common air inlet pipe.} The air inlet point for mul - ti ple boiler air inlets must be pro vid ed with an exterior opening which has a free area equal to or greater than the total area of all air inlet pipes connected to the common air in let.
  • Page 16: Multiple Direct Vent Installations

    VERTICAL COMBUSTION AIR INLET FIG. 21 Air Inlet Cap for Rooftop Termination The air inlet cap for the vertical roof top air inlet is assembled from com po nents purchased locally. The air inlet cap consist of two 90° elbows installed at the point of termination for the air inlet pipe.
  • Page 17 The sidewall air inlet cap supplied in the kit is sized to provide combustion air for a single appliance only. TABLE - G Flue Input Btu/hr Size 1,500,000 6" ___________ __________ __________ 1,700,000 7" ___________...
  • Page 18: Multiple Direct Vent Installations

    FIG. 25 Air Inlet Cap for Sidewall Termination The sidewall combustion air inlet cap MUST NOT be installed above the sidewall flue outlet if it is located within a 10 foot (3.05 m) radius of the flue outlet. The sidewall combustion air inlet cap must not be installed closer than 10 feet (3.05 m) from an inside corner of an L-shaped structure.
  • Page 19: Vertical Flue - Sidewall Air

    Each kit includes the special combustion air inlet cap for installation on an exterior sidewall. TABLE - H Air Inlet Input Flue Btu/hr Size 1,500,000 6" ___________ ___________ ___________ 1,700,000 7" ___________ ___________...
  • Page 20: Sidewall Flue - Rooftop Air

    Intelli-Vent Installation with Rooftop Combustion Air Inlet are listed by unit size. The sidewall vent cap must be purchased from the ap pli ance manufacturer as a vent kit. TABLE - I Air Inlet Input Flue Btu/hr Size 1,500,000 6" ___________ ___________ ___________ 1,700,000 7" ___________ ___________...
  • Page 21: Sidewall Flue - Sidewall Air

    VERTICAL COMBUSTION AIR INLET FIG. 30 Air Inlet Cap for Rooftop Termination The air inlet cap for the vertical roof top air inlet is assembled from com po nents purchased locally. The air inlet cap consist of two 90° elbows installed at the point of termination for the air inlet pipe. The first 90°...
  • Page 22 The sidewall air inlet cap supplied in the kit is sized to provide combustion air for a single appliance only. TABLE - J Flue Air Inlet Input Btu/hr Size Size 1,500,000 6" ___________ _______ _______ 1,700,000 7" ___________ _______...
  • Page 23: Gas Supply

    Nominal Manifold Pressure Settings at Full Fire Natural Input Btu/hr 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 3.5" w.c. 1. The appliance must be dis con nect ed from the gas supply piping sys tem during any pressure testing of that system at a test pressure in excess of 1/2 PSIG (3.5kPa).
  • Page 24: Recommended Gas Pipe Size

    Btu/hr 0 - 50 ft. 1,500,000 2" 1,700,000 2 1/2" 2,000,000 2 1/2" For each elbow or tee, add equivalent straight pipe to total length from TABLE - O. Multiple Appliance Installations Gas Pipe Size Chart Maximum Capacity of Pipe in Thousands of Btu’s per hour for gas pressures of 14 Inches Water Column (0.5 PSIG) or less and a pressure drop of 0.5 Inch Water Column (Based on NAT GAS, 1025 Btu’s per Cubic Foot of Gas and 0.60 Specific Gravity).
  • Page 25: Supply Pressure Measurement

    GAS PIPING FIG. 34 Gas Line Connection to Unit with Sediment Trap and Manual Main Gas Shut-off Valve All gas connections must be made with pipe joint compound resistant to the action of liquefied petroleum and nat u ral gas. All piping must comply with local codes and ordinances.
  • Page 26: Manifold Pressure Measurement

    Turn the main power switch to “OFF” position. Shut off gas supply at the manual gas cock in the as piping to the ap pli ance. If fuel supply is LP gas, shut off gas supply at the tank. Remove the 1/8" hex plug from the gas pressure test port located...
  • Page 27: Water Connections

    supply pressure and adjust to ensure a supply pressure between col umn natural gas (13.0" w.c. for propane) while the appliance is firing at 100% of rated input. This is a reference pressure only and is not field adjustable. ap pli ance minimum of 4 inch es water column of gas supply pres sure will...
  • Page 28: Heat Exchangers

    See the pip ing requirements in the heating boiler or water heater section of this manual. Consult factory if longer piping dis tances are required for a specific application.
  • Page 29: Integral Bypass

    PRIMARY HEAT EXCHANGER FIG. 40 Bypass Piping with Valve Actuator and Pump temperature conformal coating to prevent any corrosive damage to the copper tubes or cast iron head ers from the low pH condensate. The protective coating is brown in color and covers both the headers and finned tube surfaces.
  • Page 30: Set-Up Maximum Flow

    BYPASS PIPING ASSEMBLY The primary and secondary heat ex chang ers are interconnected with a bypass and pump mounted in 2 1/2 inch (63.5 mm) diameter copper pipe. All access to the piping is from the rear of the appliance. On initial start up, all air must be removed from the bypass piping to ensure proper water flow through the appliance.
  • Page 31: Bypass Operation

    TABLE - P Temperature Rise At Full Rate Fire Bypass Manually Fully Closed Btu/hr Input Temperature Rise 1,500,000 _______________________ _______________________ 1,700,000 _______________________ _______________________ 2,000,000 NOTE: The Excel 10 controller makes all internal calculations in °C and converts the displayed temperature to °F. This may limit exact temperature adjustment.
  • Page 32: Flow Switch

    LowH2OFlow will be indicated in the Command Display on a low water con di tion as sensed by the flow switch. If this boiler is installed above ra di a tion level, a low water cut-off device must be installed at the time of boiler installation.
  • Page 33: Relief Valve

    RELIEF VALVE This unit is supplied with a relief valve(s) sized in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sec tion IV (“Heating Boilers”). re lief valve(s) ver ti cal position and mounted in the hot water outlet. No valve is to be placed between the relief valve, and the unit.
  • Page 34: Electrical Requirements

    CONTROL may result if the ap pli ance is operated without proper flow. Provide protection. 1,000,000 through 2,000,000 Btu/hr Models Btu/hr 1,500,000 __________ 1,700,000 __________ 2,000,000 Inner Jacket - The inner jacket as sem bly is constructed from a special cor ro sion resistant stainless steel.
  • Page 35: Components And Controls

    the inner jacket and secondary heat exchanger chamber are also stainless steel. The stainless steel screws are identified by a sealing washer mounted on each screw. DO NOT mix stainless steel and standard plated fasteners when reassembling the inner jacket sheet metal Standard plated fasteners may be dam aged by the flue product condensate when used on the inner jacket as sem blies.
  • Page 36: Variable Frequency Drive

    FIG. 48 Transformer and Relay Locations FIG. 49 Internal Control Panel Location A transformer and relay mounting panel is located above the front control panel, underneath the curved exterior front jacket panel. This panel contains a 100 VA transformer to drop 120 VAC to 24 VAC for internal control operation, an optional electronic low water cut-off, a high limit alarm re lay, an alarm relay, an ignition relay, gas valve relay, pump relay, louver relay and VFD power...
  • Page 37: Low Air Pressure Switch

    blower from 25% up to 100% of capacity corresponding to the same variation in burner input. The output from the Excel 10 to the variable frequency drive ensures that combustion air and gas are always supplied in the proper ratio for clean combustion. The vari able frequency drive is driven to 100% during the pre-purge portion of the start-up sequence.
  • Page 38: Excel 10 Boiler Interface Controller

    Intelli-Fin is properly applied. A unit or dered as a heating boiler must be ap plied as a heating boiler and a unit ordered as a potable water heater must be applied as a water heater. The Excel...
  • Page 39: Manual Override Control

    2. Move the toggle switch to “Primary Control”. 3. Turn the manual override thermostat to the lowest setting. 4. Move the “Stop/Run” switch to “Run”. If you have any questions or comments, please call the Lochinvar Technical Product Service Line at 1-800-722-2101. TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT...
  • Page 40: Command Display

    5 minutes with no activity, it will automatically return to the first screen of the 21 points for the boiler/water heater. Re-entry into this changeable point screen will then require password access again.
  • Page 41: Data Points In Display

    Temp. Rise — The difference be tween inlet and outlet water tem per a ture at the boiler or water heater to show the water temperature rise. Status — Displays current status of the control as the appliance is going through its firing sequence and possible faults that could occur and the condition of each.
  • Page 42 FIG. 56a Command Display Data Screen FIG. 56b Command Display Data Screen FIG. 56c Command Display Data Screen FIG. 56d Command Display Data Screen FIG. 56e Command Display Data Screen FIG. 56f Command Display Data Screen...
  • Page 43: Status Points - Operation

    Excel 10 self test period, approximately 5 seconds during power up of Excel 10. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Standby: There is no call for heat and the boiler is waiting for a call for heat. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ H2OFlow OK: Checking operation of flow switch to verify water flow from the pump.
  • Page 44: Status Points - Alarm

    The default setting if not specified is 70.0°F (21.1°C). This setting should be spec i fied at the time the boiler is ordered.
  • Page 45: Multiple Appliance Installations

    Calculated Set Point — The water tem per a ture as adjusted by the optional outdoor air reset function used on a heat ing boiler only. If no outdoor reset function is used, this displays the same temperature as the set point.
  • Page 46: E-Bus Connection

    INTERFACING MULTIPLE APPLIANCES PARALLEL CONNECTION FIG. 59 E-Bus Connection to Controls Connection between multiple Intelli-Fin appliances is accomplished via an E-Bus connection. An E-Bus terminal is provid ed on the rear of each appliance. specification for the communication wire is for a Level IV, 22 AWG (0.034 mm ) plenum or non-plenum rated (as applicable), unshielded, twisted pair, stranded wire.
  • Page 47 FIG. 60 Wire Termination for E-Bus Connection Strip 1/2 in. (13 mm) in su la tion from the conductor. Insert the wire in the required terminal location and tighten the screw to complete the termination. If two or more wires are being inserted into one terminal location, twist...
  • Page 48: Temperature Limit Control

    FIG. 61 Typical Building Management System Diagram HIGH WATER TEMPERATURE LIMIT CONTROL FIG. 62 High Water Temperature Control A Manual Reset High Limit control is located on the left front side of the control panel, beside the Command Dis play. Additional switches, alarm in di cat ing lights and optional low water cut-off control switches are also located on this panel.
  • Page 49: Hot Surface Igniter

    HOT SURFACE IGNITION SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC STATUS CODES FIG. 63 Hot Surface Ignition Control Module This appliance uses a proven hot sur face ignition control system. The operation of the electronic control module for the hot surface igniter proves the presence of an ignition source much like a proven standing pilot before the gas valves are energized.
  • Page 50 The ignition module has an LED that indicates the status of the ignition safety circuits. The flashing op er a tion of this LED indicates the di ag nos tic status of the ignition control module. The following listing gives the flashing diagnostic status codes as signaled by the ignition module.
  • Page 51: Operation/Diagnostic Lights And Switches

    OPERATION/DIAGNOSTIC LIGHTS, RESETS AND SWITCHES HI-LIMIT RESET ALARM SOUND ALARM SILENCE LOW WATER CUT-OFF RESET AUTO MANUAL FIG. 66 Exterior Control Panel The control panel has a lighted ON/OFF power switch and 11 indicating lights and switches to show operation, control sensed malfunctions and diagnostics.
  • Page 52: Combustion Air Blower

    The blower is operated by a fully en closed 230 VAC, 3 Phase electric motor. This motor has a 3/4 HP rating on the 1,500,000 Btu/hr model and a 1 HP rat ing on the 1,700,000 and 2,000,000 Btu/hr models. The blower housing and motor assembly is fully sealed and CANNOT be field serviced.
  • Page 53: Condensate Management System

    Model/Input Btu/hr _______________________ _______________________ Condensate Drain Location On Rear of the Appliance TABLE - BB Approximate Maximum Condensate Volumes Gallons Per Hour 1,500,000 _______________________ 1,700,000 _______________________ 2,000,000...
  • Page 54: Condensate Trap Installation

    Many codes will require the acidic condensate to be neu tral ized before it can be placed in a drain system. The optional condensate management system consists of a neutralizer kit to control the pH of the liquid discharged to a drain system. The neutralizer in the condensate man age ment system con sists of an industrial grade, non-corrosive plastic reservoir for collection of the condensate.
  • Page 55: Lighting Instructions

    Do not use this appliance if any part has been under water. Im me di ate ly service tech ni cian to inspect the boiler. The possible damage to a flooded appliance can extensive present hazards. Any appliance that has been under water must be replaced.
  • Page 56 LIGHTING INSTRUCTIONS STOP! Read the safety information. Set the Temperature Set Point func tion of the Command Display to the lowest setting. Turn Off all electrical power to the appliance. This appliance is equipped with an ignition device, which automatically lights the burner. DO NOT try to light the burner by hand.
  • Page 57: Sequence Of Operation

    SEQUENCE OF OPERATION The power switch is placed in the “ON” position and the run/stop switch is in the “RUN” position. 120 VAC Power is supplied to the con trol junction box and to the integral pump. Power Transformer, Ignition Module and Excel 10. bypass valve will...
  • Page 58: Maintenance

    Rate of flue product movement is controlled by “V” Baffles on the heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer. Heated products of combustion then pass over the Secondary Heat Exchanger to absorb additional heat. Flue products pass into the flue collector and are exhausted from the unit.
  • Page 59: Burner Cleaning

    Disconnect the gas supply connection to the internal gas train at the field installed union. Remove inlet boiler/water heater. Remove the insulation blanket* on top of the heat exchanger. Note: Disconnect the blower motor power wires at the connection to the VFD.
  • Page 60 NOTE: When the combustion air blower is removed for any reason, the inlet to the burner must be covered to prevent foreign objects from falling into the burner. A foreign object such as a nut, bolt, wire or other metallic items will cause a rapid non-warrantable failure of the burner on operation.
  • Page 61: Heat Exchanger Inspection

    NOTE: All gaskets/sealant on disassembled components or jacket panels must be replaced with new gaskets/ sealant on reassembly. Gasket and sealant kits are available from your distributor. PRIMARY HEAT EXCHANGER INSPECTION Turn off all power to the appliance. Turn off main gas to appliance. Remove the front outer jacket door.
  • Page 62: Lubrication

    I. COMBUSTION AND VENTILATION AIR Check frequently to be sure the flow of combustion and ventilation air to the boiler is not obstructed. Combustion and ventilation air must be provided to the mechanical room with openings sized per the requirements of the National Fuel Gas Code when the appliance is installed with a standard Category IV vent system.
  • Page 63: Freeze Protection

    45°F (7.2°C), the integral circulating pump will cycle on. This flow of warm boiler water can help prevent freezing. Location - Heating boilers, hot water supply boilers or water heaters must be located in a room having a temperature safely above freezing [32°F(0°C)].
  • Page 64: Heating Boiler

    The installation should provide unions and valves at the inlet and outlet of the boiler so it can be isolated for ser vice. An air separation device must be supplied in the installation piping to eliminate trapped air in the system.
  • Page 65: Piping Length And Diameter

    This is a low mass, high efficiency hot water boiler which must have adequate flow for quiet, efficient operation.
  • Page 66: Primary/Secondary Piping

    This is generally accomplished by increasing the diameter of the piping that connects the boiler to the primary system. A larger di am e ter pipe reduces head loss and in creas es flow.
  • Page 67: Three Way Valves

    The installation of a three way valve on this boiler is not recommended be cause most piping methods allow the three way valve to vary flow to the boiler. This boiler is a low mass, high efficiency unit which requires a constant water flow rate for proper operation.
  • Page 68: Placing The Boiler In Operation

    This boiler is equipped with a dial type temperature/pressure gauge. This gauge is factory installed in the out let side of the boiler bypass piping. The gauge has one scale to read system pressure and a separate scale to read water temperature in °F. The tem per a ture/pressure gauge is provided to meet code requirements.
  • Page 69: Boiler Temperature Control

    The coil must be vented at the high point and hot water from the boiler must enter the coil at this point. Due to the fast heating capacity of the boiler, it is not necessary to provide a ductstat to delay circulator op er a tion.
  • Page 70: Water Heater/Domestic Hot Water Supply Boiler

    Proper water velocity is important for correct operation of your water heater or hot water supply boiler. WATER HEATERS 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 Btu/hr Models 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 Btu/hr Models COLD WATER SUPPLY BUILDING...
  • Page 71: Temperature Rise

    The pump must run continuously when the burner is firing. With the pump running and the burner in the water heater or hot water supply boiler in the off cycle, the Return/Inlet Temp and Supply/Outlet Temp readings on the Command Display should read approximately the same tem per a tures.
  • Page 72: Water Chemistry

    Be sure the pipes between the water heater or hot water supply boiler and storage tank are not less than 3 inch (76.2 mm) diameter for up to 70 equivalent feet (21.2 m) of pipe to and from the heater.
  • Page 73: Piping Requirements

  • Page 74: Pump Operation

    The pump must run continuously when the water heater or hot water supply boiler is firing. This is the stan dard operating system for a water heat er or hot water supply boiler.
  • Page 75: Temperature Adjustment

    125°F (52°C). FIG. 87 Warning Label Minimum Inlet Water Temperatures Input Btu/hr Display, adjust 1,500,000 ___________ 1,700,000 ___________ 2,000,000 An appliance allowed to op er ate with return temperatures set point below the specified minimum settings may ex peri -...
  • Page 76: Risk Of Scald Warnings

    Temperature programmed into the Excel 10 control. OPTIONAL RELIEF VALVE This water heater or hot water supply boiler is normally supplied with a temperature and pressure relief valve sized in accordance with applica ble codes. Units may be supplied with an optional pressure only relief valve.
  • Page 77: Ladder Diagram

    Ladder Diagram 1,500,000 - 1,300,000 - 2,000,000 Btu/hr Models...
  • Page 78: Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram 1,500,000 - 1,300,000 - 2,000,000 Btu/hr Models...
  • Page 79 Wiring Diagram (continued) 1,500,000 - 1,300,000 - 2,000,000 Btu/hr Models...
  • Page 80 Rev. 4 (IFB/IFW-i&s-04) reflects additional text on Page 39, changes made to Figures 47 & 48, Table AA (Page 51), and LBLs on Pages 77-79. Revision 5 (ECO #C02870) reflects changes made to the scald section, pages 70, 73, and 75, the addition of a mixing valve to the piping diagrams (FIG’s 83 - 86), edits made to FIG.

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