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Sony SRS-X88 Operating Instructions Manual Page 22

Personal audio system.
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Check that your wireless router is turned on.
Bring the unit and wireless router closer
together. Devices that use the 2.4 GHz
frequency band, such as a microwave oven,
BLUETOOTH or digital cordless device, etc.,
may interrupt Wi-Fi communication. Move the
unit away from such devices or turn them off.
Set the Wi-Fi antenna (aerial).
If a Wi-Fi network is not possible even if the
setting of a Wi-Fi network is correct, try the
 Turn off the wireless router/access point,
wait a while and turn on the power again.
 Turn off the unit, wait a while and turn on
the power again.
Distorted sound/humming or noise in the
unit output
Turn down the volume of the connected
If a connected device has an equalizer
function, turn it off.
Keep the unit away from a microwave oven,
other wireless devices, etc.
Keep the unit away from metal objects.
Connect the unit and wireless router/PC via a
LAN cable, not via Wi-Fi network.
No sound/low sound level
Check that both the unit and connected
device are turned on.
Turn up the volume of the unit and the
connected device.
Check that the connected device is being
played back.
iTunes cannot find the unit via AirPlay
Make sure the PC with iTunes installed and the
unit are connected to the same home
Update the software version of iTunes to the
latest version.
/ (on/standby) indicator is flashing red
A software update is failed, or the unit is in the
protect mode. Check the following to resolve
the problem.
 The UPDATE button is flashing in orange.
Software update is failed. Update the
software using a USB flash drive. Check the
customer support website about how to
update the software with a USB flash drive.
Turn off the unit until you perform the
software update.
 The unit does not turn off by tapping the
/ (on/standby) button.
The unit is in the protect mode. Unplug the
AC power cord of the unit, and unplug all
other items connected to the unit. Then,
plug the AC power cord in again and turn
on the unit. If the / (on/standby)
indicator keeps flashing, consult your
nearest Sony dealer or the shop where you
purchased this unit.
The last setting is not kept
If the AC adaptor is disconnected while the
unit is on, the last usage setting before
disconnecting the AC adaptor is not kept. Turn
off the power of the unit, and then unplug the
AC adaptor.
The unit has entered standby mode or
BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode
This is not a malfunction. The unit enters
standby mode or BLUETOOTH/Network
standby mode automatically due to the auto
standby function if no operation is performed
and no sound is input for about 15 minutes.
Refer to Help Guide for details about the auto
standby function.
To check Wi-Fi signal strength
(reception sensitivity)
While the unit is connected to the Wi-Fi
network, tap and hold the NETWORK button
until you hear a beep.
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