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Sony SRS-X88 Operating Instructions Manual Page 13

Personal audio system.
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Start playback on the
 You can perform a pairing operation or attempt
to make a BLUETOOTH connection with another
BLUETOOTH device while the BLUETOOTH
connection is established with one BLUETOOTH
device. The currently established BLUETOOTH
connection is canceled when BLUETOOTH
connection with another device is successfully
 SongPal does not have a music playback
function via the BLUETOOTH connection. Play
music using the music playback software of
BLUETOOTH devices (such as smartphone, PC,
 The operations described above may not be
available for certain BLUETOOTH devices. In
addition, the actual operations may differ
depending on the connected BLUETOOTH
 Pairing mode of the unit is released after about 5
minutes and the
(BLUETOOTH) indicator
flashes slowly. However, when pairing
information is not stored in the unit, such as
from the factory, pairing mode is not released. If
pairing mode is released before finishing the
process, repeat from step 3.
 When pairing with a BLUETOOTH device that
cannot display a list of detected devices or that
has no display, you may pair the device by
setting both the unit and the BLUETOOTH device
to pairing mode. At this time, if a passkey other
than "0000" is set on the BLUETOOTH device,
pairing cannot be done with the unit.
 Once a pairing operation is performed, it does
not have to be performed again. In the following
cases, however, a pairing operation must be
performed again:
 Pairing information was erased when the
BLUETOOTH device was repaired.
 You attempt to pair the unit with more than 9
BLUETOOTH devices.
This unit can pair with up to 9 BLUETOOTH
devices. If you pair another BLUETOOTH
device after pairing with 9 devices was
performed, pairing information of the device
that was connected with the unit first is
overwritten with that of the new device.
 Pairing registration information of this unit is
erased from the connected device.
 If you initialize the unit, all the pairing
information will be erased.
 The unit can be paired with multiple devices, but
can only play music from one paired device at a
 "Passkey" may be called "Passcode," "PIN code,"
"PIN number" or "Password," etc.
To cancel the connection with the
Disconnect the BLUETOOTH connection on
the BLUETOOTH device.
When you finish playing music, the BLUETOOTH
connection may terminate automatically,
depending on the BLUETOOTH device.
Listening to music through a
registered device
After step 2 on "Pairing the unit with a
BLUETOOTH device and listening to music"
(page 12), operate the BLUETOOTH device to
connect with the unit. After adjusting the
volume on the BLUETOOTH device, start
playback on the BLUETOOTH device.
Stop playback on the BLUETOOTH device before
connecting the unit to the BLUETOOTH device.


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