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LG FA-162 Owner's Manual

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Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product,
please read this instruction booklet carefully and


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 W1(DG.AG.BN.FS)_FA162_ENG_MFL36264632 MICRO Hi-Fi SYSTEM OWNER’S MANUAL MODEL: FA162 FA162-A0U/D0U/X0U FAS162F Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read this instruction booklet carefully and completely.
  • Page 2: Safety Precaution

    Safety Precaution CAUTION: The apparatus should not be exposed to water (drip- ping or splashing) and no objects filled with liquids, such as CAUTION vases, should be placed on the apparatus. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK CAUTION concerning the Power Cord DO NOT OPEN Most appliances recommend they be placed upon a dedicat- ed circuit;...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Before use Contents About the symbols for Before use instruction About the Symbols for instruction / Indicates hazards likely to cause harm to Notes on Discs .....3 the unit itself or other material damage.
  • Page 4: Front / Back Panel

    Front / Back Panel OPEN (POWER) 15. > (SKIP) TUN. (+) (TUNER) 2. VOLUME* 16. Z (OPEN/CLOSE) 3. FUNC. (FUNCTION) (FM, AM, CD, USB, AUX) USB connector 4. .(SKIP) 18. PHONES TUN. (-) (TUNER) (Headphone jack : 3.5mm) 5. XTS pro 19.
  • Page 5: Remote Control

    Remote Control DIMMER button MUTE button DISP.MODE (DISPLAY MODE) button POWER button • USB button • FUNCTION button PRESET/ FOLDER ( ) buttons VOLUME CONTROL( ) buttons CLOCK button SLEEP button PLAY/PAUSE ( B B / [] ) button • STOP ( x )/ MO./ST.
  • Page 6: Connections

    Connections Speaker System Connection Connect the speaker cables to the speaker terminal. Front Front speaker (R) speaker (L) Notes: • Be sure to match the speaker cable to the appropriate terminal on the components: + to + and – to –. If the cords are reversed, the sound will be distorted and will lack base.
  • Page 7: Antenna (Aerial) Connections

    Antenna (Aerial) Connections Compatible Devices Connect the supplied FM/AM antennas for listen- 1. Devices which require additional program ing to the radio. installation when you connect it to a comput- er, are not supported. FM wire antenna (supplied) 2. MP3 Player : Flash type MP3 player. •...
  • Page 8: Setting The Clock

    Setting the Clock 5. Set the hour to switch on by tapping ./> on the front panel. 1. Press CLOCK. 6. Press SET. 2. Select a 24 hour time system or a 12 hour 7. Set the minute to switch on by tapping time system by tapping ./>.
  • Page 9: Audio Adjustment

    Audio Adjustment MP3 Optimizer This function optimizes for compressed MP3 Headphone jack files. It improves the bass sound to make sweet Connect a stereo headphone plug ( 3.5mm) into sound. Each time you press XDSS plus. the headphone jack to listen to the sound through The setting changes in the following order.
  • Page 10: Presetting The Radio Stations

    Presetting the Radio Stations Listening to the Radio You can preset 50 stations for FM and AM. 1. Press FUNCTION to select the frequency Before tuning, make sure that you have turned (AM or FM) you want. down the volume to the minimum. The last received station is tuned in.
  • Page 11: Rds Function - Optional

    RDS Function - OPTIONAL Programme Search (PTY) A major benefit of RDS is its ability to encode broadcasts with Programme Type (PTY) codes About RDS that indicate the type of material being broadcast. This unit is equipped with RDS (Radio Data The following list shows the abbreviations used to System), which brings a wide range of informa- indicate each PTY along with an explanation of...
  • Page 12: Cd Playback

    REPEAT CD Playback Press REPEAT during playback. Basic Playback Audio CD 1. Use FUNCTION to select CD function. → RPT 1 : To play one track repeatedly. If no disc is loaded then “NO DISC” is displayed. RPT ALL : To play all tracks repeatedly. 2.
  • Page 13: To Program Play

    To Program Play About MP3/ WMA You can arrange the order of the tracks on the MP3/ WMA Disc compatibility with this unit is discs and create your own program. The pro- limited as follows: gram can contain up to 20 tracks. 1.
  • Page 14: Reference

    Reference Troubleshooting Symptom Causa Correction No power The power cord is disconnected. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet securely. No sound The power of the external source Switch on the external source equipment is switched off. equipment. The unit does No disc is inserted.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Specifications Power supply Refer to the back panel of the unit. Power consumption Refer to the back panel of the unit. Net Weight 3.31 kg External dimensions (WxHxD) 170 X 253 X 265 mm Frequency response 20 - 20000 Hz Signal-to-noise ratio 75 dB Dynamic range...
  • Page 16 P/NO : MFL36264632...

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