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Assembly Kit - Kenwood HHP1500K Instructions For Use Manual

Micathermic flat panel
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Thank you for choosing this De'Longhi heater. Please read this instruction booklet carefully
before using this heater. By doing so, you will obtain optimum results with maximum safety.
1. General instructions
Remove the heater from the packaging. Check that neither the heater nor the power cable has
been damaged during transport. Do not operate the heater if damaged. Your heater is suitable
for either freestanding or wall mounted usage. Do not assemble the feet if wall mounting.
2. Electrical connection
- Before plugging in the appliance, check that your power supply voltage is the same as that
shown on the rating label of the appliance and that the power supply is able to withstand
the power consumption (Watts) shown on the rating label.
- If using more than one appliance at a time, it is important to ensure that the power supply
is able to withstand all combined power requirements.
3. Free standing operation
To fit the feet to the appliance, proceed as follows:
Fix the foot with the attached screws, as shown in fig.1.
CAUTION: NEVER use this heater without feet when not wall-mounted.


The wall mounting kit contains:
4 x screws for wall mounting
4 x anchors (0.6 x 30) for wall mounting
1 x mounting bracket
Screwdriver PH 2 x 100 (Phillips type)
Estimated assembly time: 30 minutes
4. Wall Mounted Installation
Before installing the unit , make sure of the following:
a.The heater is not located directly below a power outlet.
b.The power outlet can be easily reached by the plug after installation.
c. No electric cables or other pipes could be damaged during the installation.
d.Keep away from curtains or inflammable materials.
To wall mount, proceed as follows:
For brick walls use a 15/64" (6 mm) concrete drill bit . For plasterboard or false (hollow)
walls, it is recommended to use appropriate screws and anchors (not supplied).
1. Before drilling the wall, mark out a template using the mounting bracket respecting the
minimum distances as shown in fig.2/3.
2. Drill the wall where previously marked, and insert the plastic anchors.
3. Fix the bracket with the 2 screws provided (see fig.4).
4. Hang the heater on the bracket.
5. Mark out the 2 lower fixing points (fig.2). Remove the appliance, drill the lower holes and
insert the wall anchors.
6. Now, you can hang back the heater to the bracket and fix the lower part of the appliance
with the 2 remaining screws.


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