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Kenwood HHP1500K Instructions For Use Manual page 5

Micathermic flat panel
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5. Functioning and use.
Insert the plug into the outlet, the pilot light will light on.
Turn the thermostat knob in a clockwise direction until it reaches the 6 setting.
Minimum power (750W): turn the function knob to setting 1.
Maximum power (1500W): turn the function knob to setting 2.
Switching off: turn the function knob to setting"0" and remove the plug.
6. Adjusting the thermostat
Turn the thermostat knob in a clockwise direction until it reaches the maximum setting (6).
When the room has reached the desired temperature, slowly turn the thermostat knob counter-
clockwise until the pilot light turns OFF, and not beyond that point. The thermostat will now
adjust the set temperature automatically keeping it constant.
7. Anti-freeze mode
With the thermostat dial at minimum
room temperature at about 41° F (5°C), preventing freezing with minimal energy consumption.
8. Maintenance
Before carrying out any maintenance, unplug the heater from the outlet and wait for it to cool
off completely. This heater requires no particular maintenance. It is sufficient to remove the dust
with a soft, dry cloth. Never use abrasive powders or solvents. If necessary remove concentrat-
ed areas of dirt with a vacuum cleaner.
9. Warnings
Do not use the heater in the vicinity of bathtubs, washbasins, showers or swimming pools.
Never use the heater to dry laundry.
Never place the power cable on top of the heater while it is hot.
Only use the heater in an upright position.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or
similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
Do not use your heater with a power strip or extension cord. Overheating of a power strip
or extension cord could result in a fire.
As with any electrical appliance, while the instructions aim to cover as many situations
as possible, caution and common sense should be applied when operating your appliance,
particularly in the vicinity of young children.
The appliance is fitted with an internal tip-over switch which turns the appliance off should
it fall over or bacome unstable. To restart the appliance, simply place it upright again.
The appliance is fitted with a safety auto shut-off device which will switch the appliance off
in case of accidental overheating. To reset, disconnect the plug from the power socket for a
few minutes, remove the cause of overheating then plug the appliance in again.
WARNING: In order to avoid overheating, never under any circumstances cover the
appliances during operation, as this would lead to dangerous overheating.
and the mode selector on "2", the appliance maintains


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