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TCL 210 Travel
Operating Instructions
Mode d'emploi


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   Summary of Contents for Amplicomms TCL 210 Travel

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    NHANG TCL 210 Travel Bedienungsanleitung Operating Instructions Mode d’emploi Bedieningshandleiding...

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    Diese Ausklappseite zeigt Ihnen eine Übersicht über Ihr TCL 210 Travel. Please open this page for “At a glance“ guide to your TCL 210 Travel. Cette page dépliante vous offre un aperçu de votre TCL 210 Travel. Dit uitvouwblad toont u een overzicht...

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    TCL 210 T RAVEL...

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    NHANG VERVIEW 1a Built-in flashlight 1b Switch for flashlight Alarm mode switch (audio + shaker, shaker, audio, off) MODE (alarm, timer, temperature) SET to select setting choice SNOOZE /TEST Eye for pillow clip Audio alarm tone control (1-2-3 = low-medium- high) 10 Audio alarm volume control (1-2-3 = low-medi- um-high)

  • Page 5: Package Content

    ETTING STARTED Package Content • Vibrating alarm clock • 3 AA batteries • Pillow clip (e. g. for fixing the clock to a pillow) • User Guide Insert the batteries Install three AA alkaline batteries (included). Please observe battery polarity while installing. A set of brand new alkaline batteries will last about eight to ten months of normal usage.

  • Page 6

    ETTINGS NHANG PERATION To set time 1. Press and hold for 2 seconds. is flashing. 2. First, set the hour format (24 or 12 hours / AM = morning, PM = afternoon. Press to adjust - press to confirm. 3. Press to set the hour/minute and confirm each with To set alarm time &...

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    ETTINGS PERATION NHANG 2. Press to set the hour/minute and SNOZ confirm each with . After that flashing. 3. If you now press the snooze function is turned on. SNOZ If you press disappears. If you now press the snooze function is turned off. 4.

  • Page 8

    ETTINGS NHANG PERATION any time while the alarm is sounding off, the alarm will stop immediately but it will sound off again after eight minutes. You can repeat this cycle for up to seven times. To stop the alarm completely at other than the any time, press any button SNOOZE...

  • Page 9

    ETTINGS PERATION NHANG AUDIO SHAKER 2. Slide the switch to ) or (audio + shaker) to select your alarm mode and to set the alarm on. To test your alarm setting TEST 1. Press and hold for 3 seconds, the set alarm is triggered for a period of 10 seconds and then returns to the clock mode.

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    ETTINGS NHANG PERATION 3. Press within 5 seconds to start the timer count-down. are flashing and the time runs down. If is not pressed within 5 seconds the clock will automatically return to the normal clock mode. Note : When the set time expires, the alarm will sound off (same alarm mode as the alarm clock setting) for 30 seconds (unless stopped by press- ing any of the top keys).

  • Page 11

    ETTINGS PERATION To show the room temperature MODE 1. Press three times to go to the thermome- ter mode. is flashing and the room tempera- ture appears. 2. If needed, press to set reading in °C or °F 3. The clock will automatically return to the normal clock mode after about 5 seconds Helpline UK 0844 800 6503 (See chapter “Helpline“...

  • Page 12: Specifications

    NHANG PPENDIX Specifications Functions: clock, alarm clock, timer, thermometer and flash-light Clock modes: 12 or 24 hours Alarm modes: audio, vibration, audio & vibration Thermometer modes: °C or °F Size: 118 x 71 x27 mm Weight: (without batteries): 140 g Power supply: 3 AA alkaline batteries (provided) Battery life: 8-10 months of normal use Safety notes...

  • Page 13

    PPENDIX Disposal You are obliged to dispose of consumable goods properly in accordance with the appli- cable legal regulations. The symbol on this product indicates that electrical and elec- tronic apparatus must be disposed of sepa- rately from domestic waste at suitable col- lection points provided by the public waste authorities.

  • Page 14

    • Please clean your equipment’s surfaces with a soft, fluff-free cloth. • Never use cleaning agents or solvents. Guarantee AMPLICOMMS equipment is produced and tested according to the latest production methods. The implementation of carefully chosen materials and highly developed technologies ensure trouble free Helpline UK 0844 800 6503 (See chapter “Helpline“...

  • Page 15

    PPENDIX functioning and a long service life. The period of guarantee is 24 months from the date of purchase. The terms of the guarantee do not apply to the rechargeable batteries or power packs used in the products. All deficiencies resulting from material of production faults which occur during the period of guarantee will be eliminated free of charge.

  • Page 16

    If your equipment shows signs of defect during the period of guarantee, please return to the sales outlet in which you purchased the AMPLICOMMS equip- ment together with the purchase receipt. All rights to claims under the terms of guarantee in accordance with this agreement must be asserted exclusively with regard to your sales outlet.

  • Page 17: Declaration Of Conformity

    CE symbol on the device. To view the complete Declaration of Conformity, please refer to the free download available on our website Helpline UK 0844 800 6503 (See chapter “Helpline“ for costs and hours of operation)

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    Vertrieb: Audioline GmbH, D-41460 Neuss 05/2011 – Ausgabe 1...

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