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Life Fitness R 35 LIFECYCLE User Manual

Life fitness exercise bike user manual.
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    / R 3 L I F E C Y C L E E X E R C I S E B I K E S ® U S E R M A N U A L...

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    LIFE FITNESS ASIA PACIFIC LTD Room 2610, Miramar Tower 132 Nathan Road Tsimshatsui, Kowloon HONG KONG LIFE FITNESS ATLANTIC BV LIFE FITNESS BENELUX Bijdorpplein 25 - 31 2992 LB Barendrecht THE NETHERLANDS LIFE FITNESS DO BRAZIL Av. Dr. Dib Sauaia Neto 1478...

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    Before using this product, it is essential to read this ENTIRE user manual and ALL installation instructions. This will help in setting up the equipment quickly and in instructing others on how to use it correctly and safely. FCC Warning - Possible Radio / Television Interference NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules.

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    This User Manual describes the functions of the following products: See Section 8, titled Specifications in this manual for product-specific features. Statement of Purpose: The exercise bike is a machine that simulates the movements of riding a bicycle at various speeds and levels of resistance.

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    Set-up ..................8 Where to place the Exercise Bike // How to stabilize the Exercise Bike // How to Adjust the Seat to Ensure Correct Biomechanical Positioning // How to Adjust the Pedal Straps // Starting Up the Bike The Display Console .

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    Specifications .................43 © 2005 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness is a registered trademark of Brunswick Corporation. My Workouts and...

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    If an exercise bike does not function properly after it has been dropped, damaged, or even partially immersed in water, contact Customer Support Services for assistance. • Never insert objects into any opening in the exercise bike. If an object should drop inside, carefully retrieve it. If the item is beyond reach, contact Customer Support Services. •...

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    • Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts. • To ensure proper functioning of this product, do not install attachments or accessories that are not provided or recommended by the manufacturer. • Use this product in a well-ventillated area. •...

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    ETUP Read the entire User Manual before setting up the exercise bike. HERE TO LACE THE XERCISE Following all safety instructions in Section 1.1, move the bike to the location in which it will be used. See Section 7, titled Specifications, for the dimensions of the footprint.

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    OW TO DJUST THE EAT TO Proper seat positioning minimizes unecessary leg muscle fatigue. To determine whether or not the seat requires adjust- ment, sit on it and place the balls of the feet on the pedals. The knee should bend slightly when the pedal is at the furthest point in its rotation, relative to the body.

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    Adjusting the seat on the R3 recumbent bike: Lift the spring-loaded adjusting handle located on the right side of the seat. Slide the seat forward or backward as necessary to the proper position and release the pin to complete engage- ment.

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    P THE To power up the exercise bike, simply start pedaling. Once the unit’s power is on, the console display lights up, making it possi- ble to select a workout or to begin a QUICK START workout. See Section 4.2, titled Using the Workouts, for more information.

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    ISPLAY ONSOLE The computerized display console on the exercise bike allows the user to tailor a workout to personal fitness abilities and goals and to monitor progress. With this easy-to-use console the user can track fitness improvement from one work- out to the next.

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    QUICK START: Press this key to begin a MANUAL workout immediately, without having to select a workout. Once the workout is in progress, use the ARROW KEYS to change the intensity level or workout duration as desired. MY WORKOUTS: Press this key to select a MY WORKOUTS user preset workout. WORKOUT PROFILES: Press this key to select one of the following workouts during a workout setup: •...

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    WORKOUT PROFILE WINDOW: This window displays shapes, made of columns of lights, that represent the levels of intensity in a workout-in-progress. The higher the column, the greater the intensity. During a HEART SYNC workout, the bike requires the use of handpulse sensors or a wireless heart rate chest strap to detect a heart rate signal.

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    CCESSORY RAY AND EADING The accessory tray (A), which is mounted below the base of the console, provides storage trays with space for items such as water bottles, personal stereos, and cell phones. Additionally, an integrated reading (B) rack for supporting a book or magazine is located at the base of the console. Upright Model C3 Recumbent Model R3...

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    NOTE: Consulting a fitness trainer is recommended for defining specific fitness goals and designing a workout program. The exercise bike features five exclusive workouts designed to take full advantage of the bene- fits of Heart Sync exercise: FAT BURN, CARDIO, HEART RATE HILL, HEART RATE INTER- VAL, or EXTREME HEART RATE.

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    YSTEM The hand pulse sensors (A) are the built-in heart rate monitoring system on the exercise bike. During a workout, grasp the sensors that are set into the handlebars. For an accurate reading, use a comfortable grip. The console displays the heart rate after 10 to 15 seconds.

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    The exercise bike is equipped with wireless, a heart rate monitoring system in which electrodes, pressed against the skin, transfer heart rate signals to the exercise bike console. These electrodes are attached to a wireless heart rate chest strap that the user wears during the workout.

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    ORKOUT VERVIEWS This section lists the exercise bike’s pre-programmed workouts. For more detailed information, see Section 4.2, titled Using the Workouts. QUICK START is the fastest way to begin exercising, and it bypasses the steps involved in selecting a specific workout program.

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    ORKOUTS Different workouts require different setup steps. See the chart titled Exercise Bike Workout Set-up Steps, which appears later in this section, for a quick glance at the steps for setting up any workout. This section provides details on the steps themselves.

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    ELECTING UICK TART QUICK START is the fastest way to begin exercising, and it bypasses the steps involved in selecting a specific workout. Simply press the QUICK START key to begin a MANUAL workout. As with a MANUAL workout, the intensity level does not change automatically.

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    ELECTING THE IFFICULTY For MANUAL, RANDOM, HILL, EZ RESISTANCE, and SPEED TRAINER: After a duration is entered, the MESSAGE CENTER flashes a default difficulty level of “1”, which is the easiest of the 20 difficulty levels. Press ENTER to accept the default.

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    AUSING ORKOUTS To pause a workout, press the CLEAR/PAUSE key. Pedaling must not cease. PAUSE will eliminate resistance during the pause duration. To continue the workout, press the ENTER key. NITIATING AN ARLY Cool Down mode ends a workout and gradually lowers the intensity level automatically. Press the COOL DOWN key at any desired point during a workout to go immediately into Cool Down mode.

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    ORKOUT ESCRIPTIONS QUICK START SPEED TRAINER Select QUICK START Select SPEED TRAINER Begin workout Select time Select level MANUAL Begin workout Select MANUAL Enter time EZ RESISTANCE Enter difficulty level Select EZ RESISTANCE Begin workout Select time Select difficulty level HILL Begin workout Select HILL...

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    ANUAL The MANUAL workout has no automatic resistance changes. While the workout is in progress, increase or lower the intensity level as desired, using the arrow keys. The workout profile displays a race track with one blinking LED to show the user the active time interval of the workout.

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    1 to 9 minutes: Because workouts with durations of less than 10 minutes are insufficient for the HILL workout to complete all four phases adequately, the profile is condensed at various stages. 10 to 19 minutes: The interval durations are initially set at 30 seconds for a 10-minute workout. For every additional minute of workout duration intervals lengthen by three seconds.

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    Throughout the workout, the user grasps the hand pulse sensors or wears a wireless heart rate chest strap. The con- sole continuously monitors and displays the heart rate, adjusting the intensity level of the exercise bike to reach and maintain the target*.

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    EART ORKOUT This workout consists of three hills that target three heart rate goals: The first hill brings the heart rate to 90 percent of the target rate. The second hill increases the heart rate to 95 percent. The third hill matches the target heart rate. The valley always is defined as 85 percent of the target heart rate.

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    EART NTERVAL This workout alternates between a hill, which brings the heart rate up to the target rate*, and a valley, which brings the heart rate down to 90 percent of the target. After a warm-up, the workout progresses toward the first hill and heart rate goal. Once the goal is reached, the hill continues for three minutes.

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    XTREME EART This intense, varied workout is designed to help more experienced users break through fitness improvement plateaus. The workout alternates between two target heart rate goals as quickly as possible. The effect is similar to that of running sprints. When setting up the workout, the user enters a target heart rate.

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    ERSONAL The My Workouts Personal Programs feature on the exercise bike makes it possible to pre-set up to four workouts with personal setup information, such as age, duration, or level, and then store the workouts in the console memory. These workouts are accessed with the MY WORKOUT key.

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    DITING ORKOUTS AND By factory default, the four workouts are stored as MANUAL programs under the names “MY WORKOUT 1” through “MY WORKOUT 4”. It is possible to change the name of each workout and/or customize the settings for each workout. It is also possible to view usage statistics for each workout, including: •...

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    (Changing a workout:) 6. The MESSAGE CENTER displays “PRESS ENTER TO EDIT MY WORKOUTS - PRESS MY WORKOUTS TO ACCESS STATISTICS”. Press ENTER. 7. The MESSAGE CENTER displays “SELECT WORKOUTS”. By factory default all four workouts under MY WORK- OUTS are MANUAL programs. Enter setup information as prompted by the MESSAGE CENTER, using the ARROW keys to scroll through displayed variables, and pressing the ENTER key to accept a variable.

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    ETTINGS Use the Optional Settings feature to change default settings or to enable or disable certain programs or displays on the exercise bike console. NTERING AND USING THE Press the PAUSE/CLEAR key twice, and then press Enter. The console beeps three times, and the MESSAGE CENTER displays the first of a series of optional settings.

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    The exercise bike is backed by engineering excellence and is one of the most rugged and trouble-free pieces of exer- cise equipment on the market today. Life Fitness products have proven to be durable in health clubs, colleges, military facilities, and other locations the world over.

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    REVENTATIVE AINTENANCE Follow the schedule below to ensure proper operation of the product. ITEM WEEKLY Display Console Console Mounting Bolts Accessory Tray Frame Plastic Covers Pedals and Straps KEY: C=Clean; I=Inspect ROUBLESHOOTING THE EART EADING • Repeat the electrode moistening procedure on the chest strap. See Section 3.2, titled Heart Rate Monitoring for details.

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    EART EADING If the chest strap is worn near sources of electromagnetic signals, these signals may be strong enough to elevate heart rate readings. Possible sources include: • Television sets and/or antennas, cell phones, computers, cars, high voltage power lines and motor driven exer- cise equipment.

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    ROUBLESHOOTING THE Problem I hear a clicking noise while I'm pedaling. My console does not turn on (light up). My console has strange characters on the display or my console seems like it is frozen. The seat wobbles on my recumbent bike. XERCISE Solution Use the wrench that was included with the bike to ensure the pedals...

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    FAX: (+44) 1353.666018 Telephone: (+43) 1615.7198 FAX: (+43) 1615.7198.20 Life Fitness Atlantic BV Life Fitness Benelux Life Fitness Asia Pacific Ltd Telephone: +31 (0) 180 64 66 66 Telephone: (+852) 2891.6677 FAX: +31 (0) 180 64 66 99 FAX: (+852) 2575.6001...

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    WHO PAYS SHIPPING & INSURANCE FOR SERVICE: If the Product or any warranted part must be returned to a service facility for repairs, Life Fitness will pay all shipping and insurance charges during the warranty period (within the United States only). The purchaser is responsible for shipping and insurance charges after the warranty has expired.

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    Product as specified in the Manual; notify Customer Service of any defect within 10 days after discov- ery of the defect; if instructed, return any defective part for replacement or, if necessary, the entire Product for repair. Life Fitness reserves the right to decide whether or not a product is to be returned for repair.

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    CHANGES IN WARRANTY NOT AUTHORIZED: No one is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of this limited warranty. EFFECT OF U.S. STATE LAWS: This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. MODEL LIFETIME Frame...

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    PECIFICATIONS Designed use: Home Maximum user weight: 400 pounds / 181.4 kilograms CONSOLE: Displays: MESSAGE CENTER displays Time in Zone, Cool Down duration, Heart Rate, Sped, Heart Rate Percentage of Theoretical Maximum, Distance, Calories per Hour, and Calories Summaries: Time, distance, calories WORKOUTS: Quick Start, Hill, Random, Manual, Speed Trainer, EZ Resistance, Fat Burn, Cardio, Heart Rate Hill, Heart Rate Interval, Extreme Heart Rate, My Workouts (4 slots)

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    C3 5 ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: Length 45 inches / 114 centimeters Width 27.2 inches / 69 centimeters Height 56 inches / 142.2 centimeters Weight 118 pounds / 54 kilograms C3 5 SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: Length 44.88 inches / 114 centimeters Width 17.91 inches / 45.5 centimeters Height 29.92 inches / 74.3 centimeters Weight...

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    Life Fitness offers a full line of premier fitness equipment for the home. T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R S | T R E A D M I L L S | L I F E C Y C L E E X E R C I S E B I K E S ®...

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