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DJ Controller
The Pioneer DJ support site shown above offers FAQs, information on software and various other types of
information and services to allow you to use your product in greater comfort.
Operating Instructions (DJ unit Setup)


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3

  • Page 1 DJ Controller DDJ-WEGO3 The Pioneer DJ support site shown above offers FAQs, information on software and various other types of information and services to allow you to use your product in greater comfort. Operating Instructions (DJ unit Setup)
  • Page 2 When you find it (such as long-term use for business purposes in a damaged, ask your nearest PIONEER authorized restaurant or use in a car or ship) and which requires service center or your dealer for a replacement.
  • Page 3 (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Product Name: DJ Controller Model Number: DDJ-WEGO3-K, DDJ-WEGO3-W, DDJ-WEGO3-R Responsible Party Name: PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. SERVICE SUPPORT DIVISION Address: 1925 E. DOMINGUEZ ST. LONG BEACH, CA 90810-1003, U.S.A. Phone: 1-800-421-1404 URL:
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT NOTICE THE MODEL NUMBER AND SERIAL NUMBER OF THIS EQUIPMENT ARE ON THE REAR OR BOTTOM. RECORD THESE NUMBERS ON PAGE 15 FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. D36-AP9-3*_A1_En WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California and other governmental entities to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    ! Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Be sure to read this booklet and the “Operating Instructions (DJ soft- ware Setup)” provided on the Pioneer DJ support site. Both include important information that should be fully understood before using this product.
  • Page 6: Before Start

    Since it is compatible with MIDI, a variety of DJ software can be used to perform hot cue, sampler, or other operations. Features For the latest software support status, see the Pioneer DJ support site below. The unit is a compact size DJ Controller that can stage DJ performances using dynamic sound changes and a wide variety of light changes.
  • Page 7: Connections

    Connections Be sure to set the unit to standby mode and unplug the power cord from the power outlet before making or changing connections between devices. Connect the power cord after all the connections between devices have been completed. Be sure to use the power cord, AC adapter and USB cable included with this product. Refer to the operating instructions for the component to be connected.
  • Page 8: Connecting With A Computer

    4 USB terminal ! Please note that Pioneer will accept no responsibility whatsoever for damage to or malfunction of the device, injury, etc., due to the device When using a computer ! Connect this unit and the computer directly using the included falling, etc.
  • Page 9: Part Names And Functions

    1 Power supply 3 Deck 4 Mixer 3 Deck * : The SHIFT function operation varies depending on the DJ software. For details, see the Pioneer DJ support site below. 1 Power supply 1 STANDBY/ON indicator 2 STANDBY/ON button 0 When unit power is on standby Shows the unit power status.
  • Page 10: Deck

    3 Deck 5 TEMPO slider d Jog dial 0 When JOG FX mode is off Adjusts the playing speed. — Scratch 6 Loop half button When turned while touching a metallic part of the top of the ! Press: jog dial, the sound is played according to the direction and Set the width of loop playback interval to 1/2 times.
  • Page 11: Utility Mode/firmware Update

    2 While holding down the [LOAD] button on the left- To determine whether there is a firmware update for the unit, and to download the update software, check the Pioneer DJ support site below. side deck and the [LOAD] button on the right-side deck,
  • Page 12: Additional Information

    Sometimes the problem may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the problem cannot be rectified, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work. ! The player may not operate properly due to static electricity or other external influences. In such cases, normal operation may be restored by unplugging the power cord then plugging it back in.
  • Page 13: About Trademarks And Registered Trademarks

    Wi-Fi connection or turn on the flight mode. About trademarks and registered trademarks ! Pioneer is a registered trademark of PIONEER CORPORATION. ! The other names of companies, products, and technologies men- tioned herein are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.
  • Page 15 Within 40 days of receiving your complaint, Pioneer will investigate the dispute and will either: (1) respond to your complaint in writing informing you what action Pioneer will take, and in what time period, to resolve the dispute; or (2) respond to your complaint in writing informing you why it will not take any action.
  • Page 16 URL suivantes : In the USA & Canada/Aux Etats-Unis & Canada S018_B1_EnFr_PSV © 2014 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved. PIONEER CORPORATION 1-1, Shin-ogura, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-0031, Japan PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC.

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