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Motorola FOCUS73 Quick Start Manual page 2

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C. View on Compatible Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.
Connect to Internet
via Wi-Fi
Please take note of the following minimum system requirements:
Smartphones/Tablets: iOS 7, Android™ 4.2
PC (if used for viewing): Windows
2. How to mount your Camera on the wall
A. Fixing Mounting Plate on the wall.
1. Run the Hubble for Motorola Monitors App
2. Follow the in-app instructions to create your Hubble for Motorola Monitors
3. Log in to your account on your compatible smartphone, tablet or via on your PC to access your live
camera stream.
Viewing Devices
7, Mac OS
10.7, Chrome™ 24, Internet Explorer
1. Mark the position of the
screw holes on the wall.
2. Drill 4 holes and hammer
the drywall plugs
(included) into the holes
as needed.
3. Fasten the mounting
plate on the wall with the
4 Philips head screws
9, Safari
6, Firefox
18, Adobe
B. Hanging the Camera unit on the Mounting Plate.
Place the 4 mounting slots of the camera
base on to 4 catches on the mounting
plate. Make sure the unit sits firmly on
the mounting plate with the center holes
of 2 parts lined up.
on smartphones or tablets.
15, Java™ 7



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