Argus DC1510 User Manual

Argus camera user's manual digital camera dc1510.
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D C 1 51 0


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    D C 1 51 0 D I G I TA L C A M E R A...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Electromagnetic Compatibility Notice...2 FCC Notice...2 Welcome...2 Getting Started...3 Contents of package...3 System Requirements...3 DC1510 Nomenclature...3 Powering Up...4 Battery Installation...4 Battery Power Levels...4 Turning camera on / off...4 Auto Off...4 Taking Pictures...5 Resolution...5 Selecting AC frequency...5 Taking a photo...5 Changing Capture Modes...6 Continuous Mode...6...

  • Page 3: Electromagnetic Compatibility Notice, Fcc Notice, Welcome

    To get the utmost satisfaction from your DC1510 digital camera, please take a moment to read through this manual. Its contents will send you on an educational journey into your camera's multiple capabilities.

  • Page 4: Getting Started, Contents Of Package, System Requirements, Dc1510 Nomenclature

    Important: Do not connect camera to PC before drivers are installed. Getting Started Contents of package • DC1510 Digital Camera • Program CD (containing PhotoPrinter, Multimedia Email, PhotoStudio, User's Manual and camera drivers) •...

  • Page 5: Powering Up, Battery Installation, Battery Power Levels, Turning Camera On / Off, Auto Off

    Top panel Shutter button Powering Up Battery Installation 1. Slide the compartment cover at the bottom of your camera. See Figure 1. 2. Install 3-AAA alkaline batteries into the battery compartment. See Figure 2. 3. Make sure the battery polarities are oriented exactly as shown. See Figure 2. 4.

  • Page 6: Taking Pictures, Resolution, Selecting Ac Frequency, Taking A Photo

    Taking Pictures Resolution The camera is defaulted to High Resolution (CIF) mode To select low resolution (QCIF): 1. Press Mode button repeatedly until 2. Press Shutter button to confirm your selection and "80" will appear on the LCD panel, indicating that a maximum of 80 photos can be taken with low resolution.

  • Page 7: Changing Capture Modes, Continuous Mode, Self-timer, Deleting Photos, Deleting All Photos, Deleting Last Photo Taken

    NOTE: If you do not hear the "beep" and/or the frame counter does not count down 1 frame, the photo has not yet been taken. Press Shutter button again to take the picture. Tip: It is recommended that you take a few trial shots at different distances to see the results of each photo.

  • Page 8: Connecting Digital Camera To Pc, Install Arcsoft Programs And Camera Drivers In Windows 98se/me

    Connecting digital camera to PC Install Arcsoft programs and camera drivers in Windows 98SE/Me NOTE: The graphics shown are based on the user interface in Windows 98SE 1. Put the program CD into the CD-ROM drive, Autorun will commence. 2. Select 1 to install the Arcsoft programs 3.

  • Page 9: Install Camera Drivers, Uninstalling Arcsoft Programs, Connecting Digital Camera To Pc, Downloading Photos

    Install camera drivers: 1. Select 2 to install the camera drivers 2. Choose Setup language 3. Click Finish button to complete Setup and restart your computer 4. After your computer is restarted, connect the camera and computer with the USB cable and the computer will recognize the camera.

  • Page 10

    3. Click File > Acquire from the pull-down menu to open the following dialog panel. Click Download photos icon. 4. Select "Download all photos" or "Just download # photos" and click Download button. If you select "Just download # photos", the first # pictures taken will be downloaded. 5.

  • Page 11: Downloading Continuous Mode Photos As Videos

    6. Click Page down icon to go to next page. 7. Highlight the thumbnail(s) you want to download and click Transfer photos button. 8. You may edit the photo with the tools in PhotoStudio and then save it by clicking File > Save from the pull-down menu.

  • Page 12

    5. Select "Download all photos" and click Download button. 6. Highlight the AVI file thumbnail and click Save photos icon 7. Enter the filename and click Save button...

  • Page 13: Using Your Digital Camera As A Pc Cam

    Tip: • To change the video playback speed, change the AVI frame rate. The default value of frame rate is 6. Setting it to a larger value results in faster playback, while a small value results in slower playback. 8. Locate the saved AVI file. Double-click to play the movie. Using Your Digital Camera as a PC Cam Besides taking videos with your digital camera, you can record videos directly to your computer with the PCCam program.

  • Page 14: Using Arcsoft Software, Photoprinter

    7. Click Capture > Start Capture from the pull-down menu 8. Select OK button to start video capture 9. The time elapsed of the video capture is shown at the bottom of the screen 10. When video capture is finished, click Capture > Stop Capture from the pull-down menu or press Esc key on the keyboard NOTE: If you cannot record any videos, try re-installing the camera driver by double-clicking Setup.exe icon inside Drivers folder at the root level of the supplied program CD, and record again.

  • Page 15: Multimedia Email

    Multimedia Email NOTE: The graphics shown are based on the user interface in Windows 98SE. 1. To open Multimedia Email, click Start>Programs ("All Programs" for Windows XP) > Arcsoft Software Suite and click Multimedia Email 3 icon or Double-click the shortcut icon on the desktop. The Main Screen will appear as shown below: 2.

  • Page 16: Additional Information, Opening User's Manual On Cd, Installing Acrobat Reader, Product Specifications

    Additional Information Opening User's Manual on CD 1. Double-click the file manual.pdf found at the root level of the CD 2. The User's Manual will be opened if Acrobat Reader has been installed in your computer. If necessary, take the following steps to install Acrobat Reader. Installing Acrobat Reader •...

  • Page 17

    steadily with both hands. Use the first finger of your right hand to press the shutter. Stand on solid ground. Do not move or run when pressing the shutter. Even tiny movements will result in fuzzy photos. 5. Why would I get some blurry areas in a photo? You may have covered part of the lens when taking the photo.

  • Page 18: Trademark Acknowledgements, Responsible Party

    the problem persists, the batteries may be totally dead. Replace them with new ones. 17. Why is the camera not turning on after new batteries are inserted? • The batteries may have been inserted incorrectly. • The camera may be broken. It may have been dropped into water or against hard surfaces. 18.

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