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KYMCO ForU Midi XLS Owner's Manual

Mobility scooter.
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   Summary of Contents for KYMCO ForU Midi XLS

  • Page 2 KYMCO Healthcare UK Limited Heol Mostyn Village Farm Industrial Estate Pyle Bridgend CF33 6BJ TEL:01656 670095 FAX:01656 858353
  • Page 3 Dear KYMCO ForU Midi XLS Users: Thank you for purchasing your Midi XLS and welcome to the family of Midi XLS riders. To enjoy safe and pleasant riding, become thoroughly familiar with this owner’s manual before you ride your scooter Your safety depends not only on your own alertness and familiarity with the scooter but also the Midi mechanical condition.
  • Page 4 Midi XLS ForU Model: NOTE: Your scooter may differ slightly in appearance from the images in this manual.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    INDEX Safety Information Charging the batteries 38-41 Versions Maintenance and Inspection Specifications 43-44 Components 11-12 Wiring diagram Brief Instructions 13-15 Adjusting the seat height 16-17 Adjusting the seat position 18-20 Driving Information 21-26 Driving the Scooter 27-34 Pusing the Scooter...
  • Page 6: Safety Information

    Safety information Symbols use...
  • Page 7 WARNING Equipment in a power interruption will cause a malfunction which can be dangerous. 1. Turn off the charger switch 2. Wait for the power to return, turn the charger switch. WARNING Improper installation or use of these accessories, or scooter modification, will void the scooter warranty.
  • Page 8 Safety information Symbols used This instruction manual contains the following symbols which are used to highlight special hazards in dealing with the product or information for simplifying the handling. CAUTION This symbol identifies safety information which notifies you of hazards when dealing with the product NOTE: You will also find information about dealing with the product under this symbol.
  • Page 9 6.Observe maximum loading -- see Specifications CAUTION 7.Only use accessories and spare parts authorised by KYMCO Healthcare. 8.The scooter is only authorised for transport of one person. 9.Do not carry out any seat adjustments while driving.
  • Page 10: Safety When Driving

    Safety information Tipping hazard: 1. Do not adjust the seat if the scooter is standing on an incline. 2. Do not lean out over the armrest to the sides or over the backrest to the rear. Safety when driving: Risk of accidents! 1.Check correct functioning of the brakes and lighting unit (indicators, headlights) before every journey.
  • Page 11 Safety information Tipping hazard: 1. Do not carry out any seat adjustments while driving. 2. Only drive over obstacles and up kerbstones at the lowest point and at right angles. 3. Avoid sudden changes of direction and speed. 4. Avoid steep gradients where there is a danger of skidding (ice, snow, wet surfaces etc.).
  • Page 12 Safety information Safety during transport, assembly and maintenance: If the scooter is transported in the vehicle when fully assembled: - no persons may be sitting on the scooter during loading! - no persons may be sitting on the scooter during transport! Clamping and crushing hazard: Increased hazards due to clamping or crushing result due to the high component weight such as batteries during preparation for transport and maintenance work.
  • Page 13 2. Do not replace self-locking nuts with normal nuts. 3. If bolted connections have lock washers, check lock washers when reassembling and replace if necessary. Intended use KYMCO Healthcare indoors (Suggest general scooter is constructed for use both use : indoors ) and outdoors.
  • Page 14: Safety Information

    Safety information Safety when handling batteries Fire hazard: 1. Do not cover the battery charger and ventilation slot while charging batteries. 2. Only use the battery charger in well-ventilated rooms. Risk of accidents: 1. Only use the original battery charger (included in delivery). 2.
  • Page 15 (such as medical devices, radio receivers, cellular phones). Please note that there is a note on the side of the tyre "not suitable for highway use", this does not apply to KYMCO ForU mobility scooters.
  • Page 16: Versions

    Versions Extent of delivery After receiving your scooter, please check the following: 1. That the delivery is complete in accordance with the list below 2. The delivery condition using the inspection plan If any faults are apparent or components are missing, please contact your supplier. The following items are included in delivery in addition to the scooter 1.
  • Page 17: Components

    Components Seat unit Dashboard with controls mirrors with head and armrests Handle Shopping basket Drive unit covers Indicators and rear Indicators and position light position light Anti tipper Steering wheel NOTE: Your scooter may differ slightly in appearance from the images in this manual.
  • Page 18 Components NOTE: Your scooter may differ slightly in appearance from the images in this manual. The dashboard - displays and controls Operation indicator Battery charge display Speed contoller Brake lever for (fault display) handbrake indicator switch Headlight switch Drive lever (reverse) Horn Drive lever...
  • Page 19: Brief Instructions

    Brief instructions The following brief instructions should enable people to quickly get used to operating the scooter after a long period of non-use and to refresh existing knowledge of operation. It is imperative that you follow the instructions given in the main manual! Driving the Scooter NOTE: Before starting driving, adjust the seat height, the backrest and the armrests to a comfortable position.
  • Page 20: Brief Instructions

    Brief instructions 4. Switch on the Scooter 3. Fasten the seat belt. 5. Check the battery charging state Reserve Medium Full Red Orange Yellow...
  • Page 21 Brief instructions 7.Set the maximum speed 6. Adjusting the drive level lowest possible driving speed H = 12.8 kph (8 mph) maximum driving speed L = 6.4 kph (4 mph) maximum highest possible driving speed driving speed 8. Driving Operate the drive lever slowly until the required speed has been reached The drive lever position controls the speed variably right up to maximum...
  • Page 22: Adjusting The Seat Height

    Adjusting the seat height Setting up the ForU scooter: The following passage describes how to set up your scooter in order to ensure that you have a comfortable and safe drive. Adjusting the seat height NOTE: The seat must be removed from the scooter in order to adjust the seat height. You should try to get help from a second person if possible or contact your dealer.
  • Page 23 Adjusting the seat height NOTE: If after inserting the seat it is not possible to turn the seat or to pull the Inserting the seat: seatlock, the seat is not properly locked. 1. Pull the seat lock (3) and guide the seat into the seat support (4) from above.
  • Page 24: Adjusting The Seat Position

    Adjusting the seat position Adjusting the distance between seat and tiller: 1. Pull the locking lever (1) upwards and move the seat forwards or backwards to the required distance. 2. Let go of locking lever and engage the locking mechanism by pushing the seat slightly forwards and backwards.
  • Page 25: Adjusting The Seat Position

    CAUTION Adjusting the seat position Adjusting the backrest angle Accident hazard if backrest is The backrest angle can be adjusted in three not properly engaged! locking stages. Ensure that the backrest is properly 1. Pull the locking lever (6) and move the backrest engaged after adjustment by pushing it forwards or backwards to the required position (7).
  • Page 26 Adjusting the seat position Locking Mechanism Adjusting the tiller angle: Always adjust the tiller so that you can reach all displays and controls easily at any time. The tiller can be variably adjusted. 1. Push or pull the locking lever (1) 2.
  • Page 27: Driving Information

    Driving information Information about safe Scooter driving NOTE: Always carry out the safety information described in page 1 “Safety information“: Driving the Scooter is very simple and after a few practice sessions you will find it very easy. The following information should help you to drive safely through traffic: 1.Always match your speed to the driving situation in which you find yourself.
  • Page 28 Driving information Driving up inclines and down slopes The Scooter can climb up inclines of up to 10° without danger. NOTE: The maximum safe incline has been determined in accordance with the EN standards . The scooter is able, under the maximum specified load, to start, brake and turn. It is possible to negotiate some steeper inclines however we do not advise you to do so.
  • Page 29 Driving information Tipping hazard Avoid driving across an incline (always try to drive in the direction of the incline / decline). There is an increased danger of tipping when climbing or descending gradients if: the Scooter is loaded at the back and additionally the backrest (captain’s seat) is leant towards the back and the seat has been adjusted to its rear position.
  • Page 30: Overcoming Obstacles

    Driving information Overcoming obstacles: The Scooter can climb over obstacles such as kerbstones up to height of 8 cm without any problem. Please observe the following points to make sure that your Scooter doesn't tip over while climbing obstacles: don't try to drive over obstacles which are too high example: kerbstones remedy:always climb up kerbstones at lowered entry areas such as driveways...
  • Page 31: Driving Information

    Driving information DO NOT drive backwards over an obstacle DO NOT drive backwards down a kerb DO NOT drive down stairs or steps...
  • Page 32 Driving information Approach at a right angle(1) Driving Information – Overcoming kerbs NOTE: Risk of accidents: Neogating kerbs needs some practice. Stop in front of the kerb(2) Please observe the maximum obstacle heights of 8 cm. Please start practicing kerb climbing with small kerbs. 1.Approach the kerb at a right angle.
  • Page 33: Driving The Scooter

    Driving the scooter Seat belt adjusting for length and fitting on Adjusting for length: Closing the seatbelt: Turn the seatbelt closer (1) at right angles to the seat belt. Press the closer (1) into the lock until it Adjust the length by pulling the appropriate belt side. audibly engages.
  • Page 34 Driving the scooter Turning the seat The seat can be turned to both sides of the angle, and firmly engaged in 8 positions (each position turns 45°). Turning the seat: Pull the turning lock (1), turn the seat in the required direction or position (2) and engage.
  • Page 35: Operation Indicator And Fault Display

    Operation indicator Driving the scooter Operation indicator and fault display Operation indicator on : the Scooter is switched on and ready for driving. Operation indicator blinking : please contact your supplier Adjusting the speed NOTE: Use the adjustment facilities to adjust the speed to suit local conditions.
  • Page 36 Driving the scooter Adjusting the speed Speed controller Your maximum driving speed can be variably adjusted using the speed controller. Maximum driving speed = drive lever pressed as far as stop Controller symbols: lowest possible maximum driving speed for the required drive level = highest possible maximum driving speed for the required drive level...
  • Page 37 Driving the scooter Driving : Hold the tiller firmly in both hands. Press the drive lever (1) in the direction of travel until the required speed has been reached. = driving forwards driving in reverse Brakes: Using the motor brake Let go of the drive lever (1).
  • Page 38 Driving the scooter Using the handbrake: To use the handbrake, pull the brake lever (2) slowly towards the handlebar. NOTE: Tipping hazard Pulling the brake lever too violently can cause the Scooter to tip over. Pull the brake lever slowly in order to brake the Scooter. Indicating Indicate switch (3): indicate right = indicate switch to the right...
  • Page 39: Driving The Scooter

    Driving the scooter Switching on the headlights Pressure switch (4): switch on = press switch once switch off = press switch again  The switch indicator lamps shows whether the headlight is switched on or not. NOTE: If you drive with the headlights on, the Scooter driving range will be reduced.
  • Page 40: Hazard Lamps

    Driving the scooter Switching off / parking the Scooter Turn the key to the left to switch the Scooter off. Always turn the Scooter off using the keyswitch if you: -want to get on or off. - intend to stop for long periods. Always remove the key from the keyswitch if you: -want to park the Scooter and get off.
  • Page 41: Pushing The Scooter

    Pushing the scooter NOTES: 1.Always switch the Scooter off to push it. 2.If a pre-set speed is exceeded while you are In order to be able to push the Scooter, you pushing the Scooter, the drive motor will switch must disengage the drive motor. on automatically and brake the scooter The disengaging lever (1) is located on the right-hand side of the Scooter.
  • Page 42: Attaching The Shopping Basket

    Attaching the shopping basket: Push the shopping basket (1) from above into the basket holder receptacles (2) on the tiller. NOTE: Use the shopping basket only for small loading.(approximate 3kg below)
  • Page 43: Charging The Batteries

    Charging the batteries Please also see the information given in the chapter Charging times: entitled “Things to know“. Between 8 and 9 hours depending on Charging information: current battery charge state. The surrounding temperature should be between 10° and 30° NOTE: Celsius.
  • Page 44: Preparing The Battery Charger

    Preparing the battery charger Plug the mains cable plug (1) into the jack socket (2) on the battery charger. Charging the batteries Switching off Switch the Scooter off. Engage the engaging lever for push mode into the “drive“ position. It is imperative that you observe the sequence for connecting and disconnecting the battery charger.
  • Page 45 Charging the batteries (2.) Connect the battery charger mains plug (5) to a mains socket and switch on. Switch the battery charger on at the toggle switch (6). LED information at battery charger during charging: LED -> Colour -> Meaning ->...
  • Page 46: Charging The Batteries

    Charging the batteries Switch the battery charger off at the toggle switch (6). (1.) Switch off and Remove the battery charger plug from the mains socket. (2.) Pull the battery charger jackplug out of the Scooter jack socket. WARNING  To avoid the risk of electric shock, this equipment must only be connected to a supply mains with protective earth.
  • Page 47: Maintenance And Inspection

    Maintenance and Inspection Maintenance and Inspection If you find any faults on your scooter during maintenance which are not covered by the repair information, please contact your dealer. Always remove faulty scooters from operation and secure them against unauthorised use (remove key). Daily maintenance before start of journey Check the brakes by driving slowly and then braking.
  • Page 48: Specifications

    Specifications General data Midi XLS Version ............4-wheel version Turning radius ..........1560 mm Speed .............. 12.8 kph (8 mph) Maximum Range*..............approx. 40km( 25Miles) Maximum climable incline ........10° Maximum climable obstacle .........80 mm Total weight (ready for driving incl. batteries) ..102 kg Weight heaviest part ..........26.1 kg Maximum working load (user weight)....160 kg (350lb) Tyre size ..............3.00 - 5...
  • Page 49 Storage temperature ........- 40°C ~ + 65°C Ambient Temperature ........... - 25°C ~ + 50°C LED: Position light ............24 Volt / 0.41 Watt Rear position light ...........24 Volt / 0.41Watt Rear brake light ..........24 Volt / 0.41Watt (auxiliary brake version) Front indicator ..........24 Volt / 0.6 Watt Rear indicator ............24 Volt / 0.6 Watt...
  • Page 51 Revision Information Midi XLS ForU-EQ35BC(UK version only) Item Page Before Revised 12,37 With shopping basket Without shopping Shopping basket basket Turntable Battery charge display Bulbs Symbols Symbols use Revised date:June.2012...
  • Page 52 By KWANG YANG Motor Co., Ltd. Sixth Edition, June.2012 All rights reserved. Any reproduction or unauthorized use without the written permission of KWANG YANG Motor Co., Ltd. is strictly prohibited. T300-EQ35BC -A1 •NO.35 Wan Hsing Street,San Min District Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, Republic Of China •NO.61,Chung-Shan Sth Rd ,Lu-Chu Village ,Kaohsiung County,Taiwan, Republic Of China...

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