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LG 15LC1R Series Owner's Manual

Lg lcd tv owner's manual.
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ENERGYSATR is a set of power-saving
guidelines issued by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency(EPA).
Partner LGE U. S. A.,Inc.
has determined that this
product meets the ENER-
GY STAR guidelines for
energy efficiency.
Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set.
Retain it for future reference.
Record model number and serial number of the set.
See the label attached on the back cover and quote
this information to your dealer
when you require service.
P/NO : 38289U0559C (0601-REV00)
Printed in Korea


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   Summary of Contents for LG 15LC1R Series

  • Page 1

    ENER- GY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. LCD TV OWNER’S MANUAL MODELS: 15LC1R 20LC1R Please read this manual carefully before operating your set. Retain it for future reference. Record model number and serial number of the set.

  • Page 2: Warnings

    CAUTION: Do not attempt to modify this product in any way without written authorization from LG Electronics Corporation. Unauthorized modification could void the user’s authority to operate this product. U.S.A. only ----------------------------------------------- COMPLIANCE: The responsible party for this product’s compliance is:...

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Safety Instructions WARNING : To Reduce The Risk Of Fire Or Electric Shock, Do Not Expose This Apparatus To Rain Or Moisture. Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.

  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Safety Instructions continued Safety Instructions continued 12. Use only with a cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart / apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Lock Menu Setup ....29 Screen Menu Options (15LC1R * only) . .30 Maintenance ......31 Product Specifications .

  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction Introduction Introduction Controls Controls Channel Buttons Power/Standby Indicator Glows amber in Standby mode, Glows blue when the TV is turned on. ENTER MENU INPUT On/Off Button Enter Input Button Volume Button Buttons Menu Button Remote Control Sensor...

  • Page 7: Connection Options


  • Page 8: Remote Control Key Functions

    Introduction Remote Control Key Functions Remote Control Key Functions - When using the remote control, aim it at the remote control sensor on the TV. MUTE Switches the sound on or off. Returns to the mode. (Refer to p.19) EXIT NUMBER buttons AUDIO (Refer to p.21)

  • Page 9: Installation

    Owner’s Manual AAA Batteries Remote Control 2-TV Audio cable (PC) Bracket Bolts (15LC1R * ) Rack 4-Anchor Kensington Security System Kensington Security System - The TV is equipped with a Kensington Security System con- nector on the back panel. Connect the Kensington Security System cable as shown below.

  • Page 10: Installation Instruction

    Installation Installation Instruction Installation Instruction Unfolding the stand base Unfolding the stand base 1. Place the set with its front facing downward on a cushion or soft cloth. 2. Hold down the release button inside the stand and strongly pull out the stand with your two hands. Note: Here shown may be somewhat different from your set.

  • Page 11

    Installation Instruction Continued Installation Instruction Continued Connection of Connection of 1. Connect the aerial cable to the socket marked +75 Ω on the back. For the best reception an outdoor aerial should be used. 2. To connect an additional equipment, see the External Equipment Connections section. 3.

  • Page 12: Please Set It Up Carefully So The Product Doesn't Fall Over

    1-TV Bracket, 2-Wall Bracket The Product Back Side 15LC1R * 1. Use the bracket and the bolt to fix the product to the wall as shown in the picture. 2. Secure the bracket with the bolt (not provided as parts of the product, must purchase separately) on the wall.

  • Page 13: External Equipment Connections

    External Equipment Connections External Equipment Connections Antenna Connection Antenna Connection - For optimum picture quality, adjust antenna direction. Connecting to an Inside Antenna Setup - Typical wall antenna jack used in apartment buildings, connect the antenna cable as shown below. (Use the correct type of antenna cable for the type of wall antenna jack.) Apartment Buildings Wall Connection Jack...

  • Page 14: Vcr Setup

    Installation External Equipment Connections Continued External Equipment Connections Continued VCR Setup VCR Setup - In Video mode, TV automatically reverts to TV mode if the TV buttons are pressed. Connection 1 Set VCR switch to 3 or 4 and then tune TV to the same channel number.

  • Page 15: External A/v Source Setup

    AUDIO PC INPUT ANT IN ( 75 ) S-VIDEO VIDEO IN External Equipment ) jacks and connect the DVD audio COMPONENT (DTV/DVD IN) Model Signal 15LC1R * 480i/480p 20LC1R * 480i/480p Installation PC SOUND Camcorder Video Game AUDIO VIDEO AUDIO...

  • Page 16: Dtv Setup

    1. Turn on the digital set-top box. (Refer to the owner’s manual for the digital set-top box.) 2. Use the INPUT button on the remote control to select Component or RGB-DTV (15LC1R * ). PC Setup (15LC1R PC Setup (15LC1R...

  • Page 17: Operation

    Operation Operation TV Operation Overview TV Operation Overview 1. First, make all equipment connections. Plug the AC Adapter into the TV, then plug the AC Adapter into a power outlet. At this time, the TV is switched to standby mode. •...

  • Page 18: Channel Menu Options

    Operation Channel Menu Options Channel Menu Options Memorizing the Channels with EZ scan Memorizing the Channels with EZ scan - For Auto program to work, the programming source must be connected to the TV and the TV must be receiving programming signals either over-the-air or from a cable-type service provider. 1.

  • Page 19: Favorite Channels Setup

    Favorite Channels Setup Favorite Channels Setup - Favorite Channel lets you quickly tune in up to 8 channels of your choice without having to wait for the TV to scan through all the in-between channels. CHANNEL EZ Scan Manual program Favorite channel To set F G Á...

  • Page 20: Picture Menu Options

    Operation Picture Menu Options Picture Menu Options EZ V ideo EZ V ideo - This function adjusts the TV for the best picture appearance. 1. Press the VIDEO button repeatedly to select the picture appearance setup option as shown below. •...

  • Page 21: Sound Menu Options

    Sound Menu Options Sound Menu Options Audio Audio - This function lets you enjoy the best sound without any special adjustment because the TV selects the appropriate sound option based on the program content. 1. Use the AUDIO button to select the appropriate sound setup as shown below. •...

  • Page 22: Sound Balance

    Operation Sound Menu Options continued Sound Menu Options continued Sound Balance Sound Balance Press the MENU button and then use menu. 2. Press the button and then use 3. Press the button and then use sound balance. • Balance is adjustable from Left 50 to Right 50. 4.

  • Page 23: Auto Clock Setup

    imer Menu Options imer Menu Options Auto Clock Setup Auto Clock Setup - The time is set automatically through from a PBS broadcast signal. - The PBS channel signal includes information for the correct time and daylight saving time. TIMER Clock Auto Off timer...

  • Page 24: On/off Timer Setup

    Operation imer Menu Options continued imer Menu Options continued On/Of On/Of imer Setup imer Setup - Timer function operates only if current time is set. - Off-Timer function overrides On-Timer function if they are set to the same time. - The TV must be in standby mode for the On-Timer to work. - If you don’t press any button within 2 hours after turning on the TV with the On-Timer function, the TV will automatically revert to standby mode.

  • Page 25: Special Menu Options

    Special Menu Options Special Menu Options Closed Captions Closed Captions Closed captioning is a process which converts the audio portion of a television program into written words which then appear as subtitles on the television screen. Closed captions allow viewers to read the dia- logue and narration of television programs.

  • Page 26: Select Mode

    : DVD connected to the COMPONENT sockets on the back of set. • : SET TOP connected to the PC INPUT and PC SOUND socket of the set. (15LC1R • : PERSONAL COMPUTER connected to the PC socket of the set. (15LC1R 4.

  • Page 27: Power Indicator

    Power indicator Power indicator - Use this function to set the power indicator on the front side of the product to at any time, the power indicator will automatically be turned on. Although you select turns on for a moment when the set turns on. 1.

  • Page 28: Lock Menu Options

    Operation Lock Menu Options Lock Menu Options Parental Control can be used to block specific channels, ratings and other viewing sources. The Parental Control Function (V-Chip) is used to block program viewing based on the ratings sent by the broadcast station.

  • Page 29: Lock Menu Setup

    Lock Menu Setup Lock Menu Setup Language Input Key lock Power indicator Caption/Text Captions Parental To set MENU F G Á 1. Press the MENU button and then use 2. Press the button and then use Then, press the button. •...

  • Page 30: Screen Menu Options (15lc1r * Only)

    Operation Screen Menu Options (15LC1R Screen Menu Options (15LC1R - After setup, be sure to select RGB-PC source to see the PC image on TV screen. SCREEN Auto configure Manual configure Reset F G Á MENU 1. Press the MENU button and then use 2.

  • Page 31: Maintenance

    Power Requirement Power Consumption Television System Television Channel Television Screen External Antenna Impedance Audio Output Maintenance & Product Specifications Maintenance & Product Specifications 15LC1R : AC100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.8A 20LC1R : AC100-240V~ 50/60Hz 1.2A 15LC1R : 40W 20LC1R : 65W NTSC...

  • Page 32: Troubleshooting Checklist

    Troubleshooting Checklist roubleshooting Checklist roubleshooting Checklist The operation does not work normally. • Check to see if there is any object between the product and the remote control causing obstruction. The remote control • Are batteries installed with correct polarity (+ to +, - to -)? doesn’t work •...

  • Page 33

    The audio function does not work. • Press the VOL (or Volume) button. Picture OK & • Sound muted? Press MUTE button. No sound • Try another channel. The problem may be with the broadcast. • Are the audio cables installed properly? No output from •...

  • Page 34

    Note Note Note...

  • Page 35

    Note Note Note...

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