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CBN CH7486E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series
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Compal Broadband Networks
Wireless Voice Gateway Series
User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for CBN CH7486E

  • Page 1 Compal Broadband Networks CH7486E Wireless Voice Gateway Series User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Verifying the IP Address in Windows Vista ..............17 Renewing Your IP Address ....................17 Setting Up a Wi-Fi Network ....................17 Status Starting the CH7486E Configuration Manager (CMGR) ........... 18 Modem ..........................19 WiFi ............................ 20 Voice..........................20 My Network ........................21 Wireless Pages Basic Settings ..........................
  • Page 3 WAN Settings ........................28 Network Map ........................28 Advanced ..........................29 MAC Filtering ........................29 IP Filtering .......................... 30 Port Filtering ........................31 Port Forwarding ....................... 31 Port Triggering ........................32 URL Filtering ........................33 DMZ ........................... 34 DDNS ..........................34 Firewall ..........................
  • Page 4: Overview

    This user guide provides product overview and setup information for the CH7486E. It also provides instructions for installing the wireless gateway and configuring the wireless LAN, Ethernet, router, DHCP, and security settings.
  • Page 5: Ch7486E Lan Choices

    (GUI) for easy configuration of necessary wireless, Ethernet, router, DHCP, and security settings. CH7486E LAN Choices You can connect up to 253 client computers to the CH7486E using one or any combination of the following network connections:  Wi-Fi wireless LAN (WLAN) ...
  • Page 6: Wired Ethernet Lan

    Sample Wireless Network Connections (CH7486E model shown) Your maximum wireless operation distance depends on the type of materials through which the signal must pass and the location of your CH7486E and clients (stations). CBN cannot guarantee wireless operation for all supported distances in all environments.
  • Page 7 A wired Ethernet LAN with more than two computers requires one or more hubs, switches, or routers. You can:  Connect a hub or switch to any Ethernet port on the CH7486E.  Use Ethernet hubs, switches, or routers to connect up to any combination of 253 computers and wireless clients to the CH7486E.
  • Page 8: Front Panel

    Front Panel The CH7486E front panel contains indicator lights and the Wi-Fi / WPS button which is used to configure Wi-Fi Protected Security (WPS) on compatible clients connected to the CH7486E network. The CH7486E front panel LED indicators provide the following status information...
  • Page 9: Rear Panel

    Green: Wi-Fi wireless interface enabled. is active now. 2.4GHz 5GHz TEL 1/2 Telephone is off-hook; Green: Telephone is dialing or call in progress connected and activated; on- hook Rear Panel The CH7486E (shown above) rear panel contains the following cabling port and connectors:...
  • Page 10: Mac Label

    Provide power to the CH7486E. MAC Label The CH7486E Media Access Control (MAC) label is located on the bottom of the CH7486E. The label contains the MAC address which is a unique, 48-bit value that identifies each Ethernet network device. To receive data service, you will need to provide the MAC address marked HFC MAC ID to your Internet Service provider.”...
  • Page 11: Getting Started

    You will need a 75-ohm coaxial cable with F-type connectors to connect the CH7486E to the nearest cable outlet. If a TV is connected to the cable outlet, you may need a 5 to 900 MHz RF splitter and two additional coaxial cables to use the...
  • Page 12: Before You Begin

     To avoid potential shock, always unplug the power cord from the wall outlet or other power source before disconnecting it from the CH7486E rear panel.  To prevent overheating the CH7486E, do not block the ventilation holes on the sides of the unit.
  • Page 13  Next, avoid physical obstructions whenever possible. Any barriers along the "line of sight" between client and base station will degrade a Wi-Fi radio signal. Plaster or brick walls tend to have the most negative impact, but really any obstruction including cabinets or furniture will weaken the signal to some degree.
  • Page 14: Connecting The Ch7486E

    This automatically powers on the gateway. You do not need to unplug the gateway when it is not in use. The first time you plug in the CH7486E, allow it 5 to 30 minutes to find and lock on the appropriate communications channels.
  • Page 15: Setting Up Internet Access

    Changes to solid green when the CH7486E is registered successfully and ready for Internet access Setting Up Internet Access After installing the CH7486E, check that you can connect to the Internet. You can retrieve an IP address for your computer’s network interface using one of the following options: ...
  • Page 16: Configuring Tcp/Ip In Windows Vista

    4. Type and press ENTER to display your IP configuration. ipconfig If an Auto-configuration IP Address displays, this indicates possible cable network problems or an improper connection between your computer and the CH7486E. Check the following:  Your cable connections ...
  • Page 17: Verifying The Ip Address In Windows Vista

    Setting Up a Wi-Fi Network Do the following to set up a Wi-Fi network using the WPS button on the CH7486E : 1. Power on the CH7486E. 2. Power on the WPS-enabled devices you want to have access to the network, such as a PC, router, or telephone.
  • Page 18: Status

    Starting the CH7486E Configuration Manager (CMGR) The CH7486E Configuration Manager (CMGR) allows you to change and view the settings on your CH7486E. In order to login CMGR, you should key in the correct Username and Password. By...
  • Page 19: Modem

    After login management system, the home page shows the current status of CH7486E. Note: may differ according to local settings or requirements. Modem This item displays the status of cable modem, the red block means off-line state and the green means on-line. Users can press it to connect to the next page for...
  • Page 20: Wifi

    WiFi This item shows current WiFi status and you can press it to connect to the next page for more details. Note: may differ according to local settings or requirements. Voice This item displays the status of voice, the red block means off-line state and the green means on-line.
  • Page 21: My Network

    My Network This item shows how many CPEs connect to CH7486E.
  • Page 22: Wireless Pages

    Wireless Pages The CH7486E Wireless Pages allow you to configure your wireless LAN (WLAN). You can click WIFI submenu option to view or change the configuration information for that option. Note: may differ according to local settings or requirements.
  • Page 23: Basic Settings

    Basic Settings CH7486E is a dual band product and all the basic settings of 2.4GHz and 5GHz can be changed in this page. You can configure basic features of your Wi-Fi wireless network, including to enable or to disable the wireless interface, to hide...
  • Page 24: Wps

    CH7486E provide WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function, with it enable will support WPS clients to join the network very easily. It is a standard for easy and secure establishment of a wireless network. With WPS you can setup and protect your wireless network in just a few easy steps.
  • Page 25: Wmm

    CH7486E provides WMM page to configure Wi-Fi Multimedia QoS. Actually, we suggest users to use default settings.
  • Page 26: Neighbor Aps

    Neighbor APs CH7486E supports Neighbor APs function and this page shows the details of all the nearby APs.
  • Page 27: Router

    The CABLE MODEM pages provide the information of cable connection status, channel signals and channel configuration during the establishment of cable connection to cable service provider’s CMTS. Basic LAN Settings CH7486E allows users to configure private LAN IP for their home gateway.
  • Page 28: Dhcp Server

    CH7486E provides DHCP server to manage IP addresses to CPEs and supports Reserved IP Address for users’ private and static clients. WAN Settings This page displays WAN status after CH7486E gets online and provides users to change Operation Mode. Network Map...
  • Page 29: Advanced

    Users can browse here directly through the item at home index. Advanced MAC Filtering This page allows configuration of MAC address filters in order to block Internet traffic to specific network devices on your local network.
  • Page 30: Ip Filtering

    IP Filtering This page allows you to specify the IP packet filtering rules to prevent the service accessed from the Internet hosts or limit the Internet access for local hosts.
  • Page 31: Port Filtering

    Port Filtering This page allows you to specify the IP packet filtering rules to prevent the service accessed from the Internet hosts or limit the Internet access for local hosts. Port Forwarding This allows for incoming requests on specific port numbers to reach web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, etc.
  • Page 32: Port Triggering

    Fill in needed information, and then press Apply button. One rule is created. And also, you can Modify or Delete the existed rules. Port Triggering Port triggering function is a conditional port forwarding feature. When this device detects outbound traffic on a specific port (triggered ports), it will set up the port forwarding rules temporarily on the port ranges you specify to allow inbound traffic.
  • Page 33: Url Filtering

    Fill in needed information and Apply. One new Port Trigger is generated. And also, you can Modify or Delete the existed Port Trigger. URL Filtering This page is used to configure filtering of outbound connections and display configured filtering rule of firewall. Press Create Rule button to add one filtering rule.
  • Page 34: Dmz

    Configure outbound information and then press Apply button. One rule is created. And also, you can Modify or Delete the existed rules. This page is for DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) configuration. You can fill in the exposed host and press Apply button. DDNS This page is for DDNS (Dynamic DNS) configuration.
  • Page 35: Firewall

    Firewall This page is used to configure Firewall Protection level and display all allowed services.
  • Page 36: Firewall Logs

    Firewall Logs This page allows optional configuration of events to be sent to a local SysLog server. Management The CH7486E support management for web browser login password including change password, CM even log, diagnostic tests and backup device current settings.
  • Page 37: Admin Account

    Admin Account CH7486E allows changing admin password for web browser login. Configure Password and retype the Password again and then click Apply and when you login in next time, you must use this new password. For secure, we strongly suggest to change default password as soon as possible.
  • Page 38: Event Log

    Event Log CH7486E allows users to review critical system events in chronological order in the SNMP event log. Also, users can press Clear Log button to clean all records. Diagnostics CH7486E allows users to ping diagnostics (LAN) and traceroute (WAN) to help with IP connectivity problems.
  • Page 39 Traceroute Test (WAN)  FTP Speed Test ...
  • Page 40: Cable Modem

    Ping Diagnostics Test (LAN)  Cable Modem Device Information CH7486E allows a page to show current status of this home gateway. Note: may differ according to local settings or requirements.
  • Page 41: Connection

    Connection This page shows information on the status of the cable modem's HFC and IP network connectivity.
  • Page 42: Configuration

    Configuration This page provides information about the manually configurable settings of the Cable Modem. Telephony Status This page displays the initialization status of the MTA.
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting

    Before calling your service provider, try pressing the Reset button on the rear panel of the CH7486E. Please note, if you press the Reset button, you will lose all your custom configuration settings, including Firewall and Advanced settings. Your service provider may ask for the front panel LED status; see Front-Panel LEDs and Error Conditions.
  • Page 44: Front-Panel Leds And Error Conditions

    IP registration is unsuccessful The IP registration is lost cbn and the cbn logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Compal Broadband Networks, Inc. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. 2014 Compal Broadband Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.