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Inserting & removing the beaters
Ensure that the voltage on the rating plate at the bottom of the unit matches the
electrical output in your home/place of use. To insert the beaters, grip the mixer
handle with one hand and the beater stem with the other hand: insert the beater
stem into the opening by rotating slightly until it locks into place; repeat to attach the
other beater. To remove the beaters, grip the mixer handle and press the eject
button. Move the speed control to the 'OFF' position and unplug the cord from the
outlet before inserting or removing the beaters.
Operating the mixer
Move the speed control to the 'OFF' position and attach the beaters. Plug into the
electrical outlet. Place the ingredients in a bowl. Grip the mixer handle, and insert
the beaters in the center of food to be mixed. Guide the beaters continuously
through the mixture for uniform mixing. When the mixing is complete, move the
speed control to the "OFF" position and place the mixer to rest so that the beaters
drain into the bowl, unplug the cord and eject the beaters. For better and faster
results scrape the sides and the bottom of the bowl by beater/dough hooks.
Selecting mixing speeds
Refer to the mixing guide below for the speed applications. You may also refer to
individual recipies for suggested speeds and mixing times. If your mixer slows down
excessively, switch to the next higher speed or divide the quantity being mixed.
How to care for your M160 Hand Mixer
• Do not operate the mixer longer than 10 minutes - it will overheat.
• If the insides of the beaters fill with dough while mixing, slowly raise beaters out of
the dough and allow them to spin clean. This will extend the life of the motor.
• While operating the unit keep loose clothing, hands and hair away from moving
parts of the appliance.
• Do not use the unit if you have wet hands or bare feet.
• Dot not immerse the appliance in liquids.


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