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Make Electrical Connections - Whirlpool W2PH3 Installation Instructions Manual

Whirlpool w2ph3; w2pc3; w4ph4; w4pc4 heat pump
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Electrical Shock Hazard
Disconnect power before servicing.
Replace all parts and panels before operating.
Failure to do so can result in death or electrical shock.
Electrical wiring, disconnect means and over-current
protection are to be supplied by the installer. Refer to the
rating plate for the maximum over-current protection,
minimum circuit ampacity and operating voltage. See the
wiring connection diagrams in "Troubleshooting."
Install an adequate sized branch circuit disconnect,
according to the NEC, within sight of and readily accessible
to heat pump or condensing unit.
The cable or conduit and fittings connected from the
disconnect switch to the heat pump or condensing unit wiring
connections shall be rated for outdoor use.
Check the heat pump or condensing unit rating plate to
determine whether the system is rated single phase or three
phase and follow the appropriate instructions for connecting
the pigtail leads.
Plug unused side entry holes with field-supplied plugs to
prevent moisture from entering the heat pump or condensing
Low voltage wiring must be separated from line voltage

Make Electrical Connections

Line Voltage Connections
Electrically ground condensing unit or heat pump.
Connect ground wire to ground terminal
marked "GROUND".
Use copper wire for supply connection.
Correct wire gauge is shown in the chart below.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in
death or electrical shock.
Rating Plate Ampacity
1. Disconnect power.
2. Remove the blower access panel.
3. Remove the heater compartment access panel.
4. Route the field supply wires through the line voltage conduit
opening to the electrical connection area, providing sufficient
length to connect to the pigtail leads.
Single Phase Units
Connect the field supply wires (L1, L2) to the 2 black pigtail
leads using UL listed wire nuts.
Electrical Shock Hazard
Less than 15
16 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 50



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