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Go To; Setting The Clock; Use Your Player As An Alarm Clock; Fall Asleep While Listening To Your Player - LG PC12 Manual

Lg pc12 ipod docking entertainment system
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Setting the Clock

1. Turn the power on:
2. Press for at least 2 seconds:
3. Choose from either: 12HR (for an am and pm
display) or 24HR (for a 24 hour display).
4. Confirm your selection:
5. Select the hours:
6. Press:
7. Select the minutes:
8. Press:

Use your player as an alarm clock

Press and hold ALARM on the player for two seconds. Press ./>
repeatedly, the display changes in the following order, FM, CD, USB. Press
ALARM when the function you want to be woken by is showing. Next, you
set the time to get alarm activated. Use ./> to change the hours and
minutes and ALARM to save. Next, the volume (VOL) setting display
appears. Use ./> to change the volume and ALARM to save. The
clock icon shows that the alarm is set. Switch the system off. When the
system is turned off, you can check the time the alarm is set for by press-
ing ALARM. You can also turn the alarm on and off by pressing ALARM.
• If you don't set clock, the alarm function doesn't work.
• When any button is not pressed for longer than 5 minutes with the alarm
beeping, the alarm is automatically canceled.
SNOOZE function
This function wakes you up every 5 minutes if you do not turn off the alarm.
When alarm is on and you press CLOCK or ALARM, CD or USB is
changed into pause & mute. And tuner is on mute mode for 5 minutes and
then changed into play & mute off.

Fall asleep while listening to your player

Press SLEEP on the remote control repeatedly, the display changes in the
following order, SLP OFF - LIGHT - corresponding icons.
1 1 /] ]
Press ./> repeatedly on SLP OFF, the display changes in the
following order, SLP 90 & dimmer ON -> SLP 80 & dimmer ON -> SLP 70
& dimmer ON -> SLP 60 & dimmer ON -> SLP 50 & dimmer ON -> SLP 40
& dimmer ON -> SLP 30 & dimmer ON -> SLP 20 & dimmer ON -> SLP 10
& dimmer ON -> SLP OFF & dimmer OFF.

Mood Lighting

Press SLEEP on the remote control repeatedly, the display changes in the
following order, SLP OFF - LIGHT - corresponding icons.
Press ./> repeatedly on LIGHT, the display changes in the following
order, L--1 -> L--2 -> L--3 -> L--OFF.

About MP3/WMA

MP3/WMA Disc compatibility with this unit is limited as follows:
• Sampling Frequency : 8 - 48 kHz (MP3), 32 - 48 kHz (WMA)
• Bit rate : 8 - 320 kbps (MP3), 48 - 320 kbps (WMA)
• CD-R physical format should be "ISO 9660"
• If you record MP3/WMA files using the software which cannot create a
FILE SYSTEM, for example "Direct-CD" etc., it is impossible to playback
MP3 files. We recommend that you use "Easy-CD Creator", which creates
an ISO 9660 file system.
• Do not use special letters such as "/ : * ? " < >"etc.
• Even if the total number of files on the disc has more than 1000, it will
only be shown up to 999.


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