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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime User Manual

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Table of Contents
User Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 User Guide...
  • Page 2: User Manual

    S M A R T P H O N E User Manual Please read this manual before operating your device and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 3: Legal Notices

    Some software components of this product, including All Intellectual Property, as defined below, owned by but not limited to ‘PowerTOP’ and ‘e2fsprogs’, or which is otherwise the property of Samsung or its incorporate source code covered under GNU General respective suppliers relating to the SAMSUNG Phone,...
  • Page 5 : “SAFE ™ ” (Samsung for Enterprise) is a mark FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, INTEROPERABILITY for a Samsung device which has been tested against OR NON-INFRINGEMENT, WITH RESPECT Samsung’s own internal criteria for interoperability TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECURITY with certain third party security-related solutions for PROTECTION, SAFE ™...
  • Page 6 “B Design”) are registered trademarks and are wholly owned by the Bluetooth SIG. ©2015 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Samsung microSD ™ and the microSD logo are Trademarks of the and Samsung Galaxy Core Prime are trademarks of SD Card Association. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Legal Notices...
  • Page 7 Google Hangouts, Picasa, Play Newsstand, YouTube, guide for your device can be found at: and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. English Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wireless Fidelity Alliance, Inc. Spanish The online version of the End User Licensing Agreement for your device can be found online at:
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Google Applications .............42 Getting Started ............1 Verizon Applications .............45 Front View .................2 Other Applications ............47 Back View .................4 Calculator ................49 Assemble Your Device ...........6 Calendar ................50 Set Up Your Device ............12 Camera and Video ............52 Secure Your Device ............13 Clock ................56 Set Up Accounts on Your Device ......14 Contacts ................58...
  • Page 9 Settings Default Applications ........... 126 ................. 85 Application Setting Shortcuts ........127 How to Use Settings ............86 Easy Mode ..............128 Airplane Mode ..............87 Location Services ............129 Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct ..........88 Security ................ 131 Bluetooth .................93 Language and Input Settings........134 Data Usage ..............97 Backup and Reset ............
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting Started Learn about your mobile device hardware, assembly procedures, and how to get started using your new device.
  • Page 11: Front View

    Front View Earpiece Proximity sensors Front camera Status light Volume key Power/Lock key Recent apps Back Home key Getting Started...
  • Page 12 • • Back: Tap to return to the previous screen or to Proximity sensors: Detects the presence of objects close a dialog box, menu, or keyboard. near the device. • • Earpiece: Listen to a call. Recent apps: Tap to display recent apps or touch •...
  • Page 13: Back View

    Back View Microphone Headset jack Back Camera Flash Speaker Microphone USB Charger/Accessory Port Getting Started...
  • Page 14 • • Back camera: Take pictures and record videos. Speaker: Plays music and other sounds. • • Flash: Illuminate subjects in low-light environments USB Charger/Accessory port: Connect the when taking a photo or recording video. Charger/USB cable (included), and other optional •...
  • Page 15: Assemble Your Device

    Assemble Your Device Lift the cover up and away from the phone. This section helps you to assemble your device. Remove the Back Cover Remove the back cover using the slot near the top of your phone. Warning: Do not bend or twist the back cover excessively.
  • Page 16: Install The Sim Card

    Install the SIM Card When you subscribe to a cellular network, you are provided with a plug-in SIM card. During activation, your SIM card will be loaded with your subscription details, such as your PIN, available optional services, and other features. Warning: Please be careful when handling the SIM card to avoid damaging it.
  • Page 17: Install A Memory Card

    Install a Memory Card Install the Battery You can install an optional microSD or microSDHC Insert the battery into the opening on the back of memory card (not included) to expand available the phone, making sure the connectors align. memory space. Gently press down to secure the battery.
  • Page 18: Replace The Back Cover

    Replace the Back Cover Press along the edge of the back cover until you have a secure seal. Place the back cover onto the back of the phone. Press down on the back cover. Getting Started...
  • Page 19: Charge The Battery

    You can use the device while charging. Caution: Use only Samsung-approved charging devices and batteries. Samsung accessories are designed to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may invalidate your warranty and may cause damage.
  • Page 20: When To Charge The Battery

    ► For a quick check of your battery level, view the When to Charge the Battery battery charge indicator located in the Status Bar When the battery is weak and only a few minutes of of your device’s display. A solid color ( ) operation remain, the battery icon ( ) blinks and the indicates a full charge.
  • Page 21: Set Up Your Device

    Set Up Your Device Turn Your Device On or Off Setup Wizard The first time you turn your device on, the Setup Turn the Device On Wizard displays. It will guide you through the basics of ► Press and hold the Power/Lock key until the setting up your device.
  • Page 22: Secure Your Device

    Secure Your Device Use your device’s screen lock features to secure your Unlock the Device device. The default Screen lock on your device is Swipe. Lock the Device ► To unlock your device, press the Power/Lock key or Home key, and then touch and drag your finger By default, the device locks automatically when the across the screen.
  • Page 23: Set Up Accounts On Your Device

    Google Account. – or – – or – To create a new Samsung account or set up your To create a new Google Account or set up your Samsung account on your device at any time, Google Account on your device at any time, use use Accounts settings.
  • Page 24: Know Your Device

    Know Your Device Learn some of the key Warning: Please note that a touch screen responds best to a light touch from the pad features of your mobile of your finger or a non-metallic stylus. Using device, including the screens excessive force or a metallic object when pressing on the touch screen may damage the and icons, as well as how to...
  • Page 25: Home Screen

    Home Screen Status Icons Notifications Icons Status Bar Widget Apps Folder Home Screen Indicator Apps Screen App Shortcuts Know Your Device...
  • Page 26 • Here are some features of the Notification Icons: Display new messages and emails, notifications, available software updates, Home screen. and so on. • Status Bar: Displays device status icons (right) and • Apps Folder: For your convenience, there are notification icons (left). several applications that are grouped into folders •...
  • Page 27 The Home screen is the starting Use these options to manage screens: • point for using your device. Add a screen: Scroll to the end of the Add. screens, and then tap • Remove a screen: Touch and hold on a Customize your Home screen Remove.
  • Page 28: App Shortcuts

    App Shortcuts Widgets You can use app shortcuts to launch an app from any Widgets are self-contained apps that run on a Home screen. Home screen. There are all kinds of widgets, including links to a specific contact, Internet bookmarks, Gmail and email accounts, and many others.
  • Page 29: Using Folders

    Folders Using Folders Tap a folder to open it and access the shortcuts Place folders on a Home screen to organize items. inside. Add a Folder to a Home Screen To add shortcuts to a folder, touch and hold the shortcut, and then drag it onto the folder and From a Home screen, touch and hold an app release.
  • Page 30: Change The Wallpaper

    Change the Wallpaper Change the look of the Home and Lock screens with wallpaper. You can display a favorite picture or choose from preloaded wallpapers. From a Home screen, pinch the screen. – or – Touch and hold an empty space on the screen. Tap Wallpapers, and then choose Home screen, Lock screen, or Home and lock screen.
  • Page 31: Status Bar

    Status Bar Status Icons The Status Bar at the top of the Vibrate mode is enabled. Home screen provides device information (such as network status, Mute mode is enabled. battery charge, and time) on the right side and notification alerts on The device is connected to a 4G LTE the left side.
  • Page 32 Notification Icons Notification Icons Missed call. File is being uploaded or sent. Call in progress. Location service (GPS) is active. Call is on hold. App updates are available from the Google Play Store. Call is using speakerphone. App updates are complete. New email has arrived.
  • Page 33: Touchscreen Navigation

    Navigation, Motions, and Gestures Touchscreen Navigation Swipe or Slide To swipe, lightly drag your finger vertically or horizontally across the screen. • Swipe or slide the screen to unlock the device. Lightly tap items to select or launch them. • •...
  • Page 34: Pinch And Spread

    Pinch and Spread Pinch the screen using your thumb and forefinger or spread by moving your fingers apart. • Pinch the screen to zoom out while viewing a picture or a web page. • Spread the screen to zoom in while taking a picture.
  • Page 35: Notification Panel

    Notification Panel Settings View additional Quick Quick settings settings Adjust screen brightness Clear all notifications Tap notification to launch app or view detail Know Your Device...
  • Page 36: Quick Settings

    Quick Settings Notification icons on the Status Bar display calendar events, device In addition to notifications, the Notification Panel also provides quick access to device functions such as status, and more. For details, open Wi-Fi, allowing you to quickly turn them on or off. the Notification Panel.
  • Page 37: Entering Text

    Entering Text Using the Samsung Keyboard Special Keys Type your text input using a QWERTY keyboard. Tap to insert numbers and symbols. Predictive Text Tap to switch to letters. Touch and hold the Options key to: Use Google Voice Typing. Access keyboard settings.
  • Page 38: Using Google Voice Typing

    — improving its accuracy of predicting your text entries. Configure the Samsung Keyboard To customize the Samsung Keyboard, see “Samsung Keyboard Settings” on page 135. To enable Google Voice Typing: From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 39: Using Swype

    Configure Google Voice Typing Enable Swype To customize Google Voice Typing, see To enable the Swype keyboard while entering text: “Google Voice Typing Settings” on page 136. Touch the top of the screen and swipe downward to display the Notification Panel. Using Swype Touch Choose input method.
  • Page 40: Calling

    Calling Make telephone calls using a variety of calling features and services.
  • Page 41: Making And Answering Calls

    Making and Answering Calls Learn how to make or answer a call. Dial a Recent Number Explore features and functionality All incoming, outgoing, and missed calls are recorded in the Call log. If the number or caller is listed in your associated with making or answering contacts list, the associated name is also displayed.
  • Page 42: Answer A Call

    Answer a Call Multitask While on a Call If you exit the call screen and return to a Home When a call is received the phone rings and displays screen, your active call is indicated by an icon on the the caller’s phone number, or name if stored in the Status bar, and a thumbnail on the screen.
  • Page 43: Options During A Call

    Options During a Call Place a New Call While on a Call If your service plan supports this feature, you can Your phone provides a number of functions that you make another call while a call is in progress. can use during a call. From the active call, tap  Add call to dial Adjust the Call Volume...
  • Page 44: Call Waiting

    Call Waiting Save a Recent Call to Your Contacts List If your service plan supports this feature, you can answer an incoming call while you have a call in From a Home screen, tap Phone > progress. You are notified of an incoming call by a call  Recent tab.
  • Page 45: Speed Dial

    Speed Dial Make an Emergency Call You can assign a shortcut number to a contact for The Emergency calling mode makes redialing an speed dialing their default number. emergency number a one-tap process. Note: This mode can drain your battery power more To create a Speed Dial number: rapidly than normal calling mode.
  • Page 46: Call Settings

    Call Settings Make an Emergency Call with a SIM Card To access the Call settings menu: Phone > More From a Home screen, tap Phone. From a Home screen, tap options > Settings > Call. Enter the emergency number (example: 911), then Dial.
  • Page 47: Applications

    Applications The Apps screen displays all applications installed on your device, both preloaded apps and apps you download and install yourself. Learn how to change the way apps appear, organize apps into folders, and uninstall or disable apps.
  • Page 48: Apps Screen

    Apps Screen The Apps screen shows all preloaded Download and Install New Apps apps and apps that you downloaded. Find new apps to download and install on your device: You can uninstall, disable, or hide • Play Store: Download new apps from the Google Play Store.
  • Page 49: Organize Your Apps

    Change the Order Apps Are Listed To uninstall or disable apps: From a Home screen, tap Apps. From a Home screen, tap Apps. Touch and hold an app icon then drag it to More options > View as. Uninstall or Disable. Tap an option: •...
  • Page 50 • Apps Screen Options View as: Configure the Apps screen. Options are: Custom or Alphabetical order. Apps. From a Home screen, tap • Downloaded apps: Display all downloaded More options for these options: applications. • • Edit: Touch and hold an app icon then drag Uninstall/disable apps: Uninstall an app that it to: you downloaded to your device, or disable...
  • Page 51: Google Applications

    Google Applications Gmail Enjoy these applications from Send and receive email with Gmail, Google’s Google. web-based email service. Note: Certain applications require a Google account. Google Visit to learn more. Search not only the Internet, but also the apps and contents of your device. Chrome Google Now Use Google Chrome to browse the Internet...
  • Page 52: Google Settings

    Google Settings Maps Quickly and easily change Google app Use Google Maps to find your current settings to suit your preferences. location, get directions, and other location-based information. Note: You must be signed in to the application you want to configure. For example, sign in to Note: You must enable location services to use Google+ to configure Google+ settings.
  • Page 53: Voice Search

    Play Movies & TV Voice Search Watch movies and TV shows purchased from Use voice commands to search the web with Google Play. You can stream them instantly, Google. or download them for viewing when you are YouTube not connected to the Internet. You can also view videos saved on your device.
  • Page 54: Verizon Applications

    Verizon Applications Message+ Enjoy these applications from Verizon Use Verizon Message+ to send text messages Wireless. at a whole new level. Draw on pictures, share locations in real time, send audio messages, Note: Certain applications require a data plan or paid and much more.
  • Page 55: Voice Mail

    Voice Mail Unanswered calls are sent to Voice Mail. VZ Navigator Use VZ Navigator to find, share and navigate to millions of locations, avoid traffic and drive, or walk with ease. VZ Protect The Verizon Support and Protection application helps protect your phone from digital threats, including viruses and malware, risky web sites, and from people accessing the information on your phone if it is ever lost...
  • Page 56: Other Applications

    Other Applications Emergency Alerts Amazon Manage your Emergency Alert Shop at from your device. settings. For more information, see “Emergency Alerts” on page Amazon Kindle Help Use the Amazon Kindle application to download books for reading right on your View information on using your device’s basic device.
  • Page 57: Nfl Mobile

    IMDb Search movies and actors, view trailers and show times, explore top charts and box office information, and add movies and TV to your personal Watch list. NFL Mobile Play the popular game on your phone. Setup Wizard Use Setup Wizard to quickly configure your phone.
  • Page 58: Calculator

    Calculator The Calculator provides basic and Additional Functions advanced arithmetic functions. To clear the results: ► Tap Clear. Basic Operation To copy all or part of the calculation to the clipboard: From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Calculator. ► Touch and hold an entry in the display field. Enter the first number using the numeric keys.
  • Page 59: Calendar

    Calendar Manage your events and tasks. Delete an Event or Task From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Calendar. Create an Event or Task Tap  More options > Delete. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Select events or tasks, and then tap Done.  Calendar.
  • Page 60: Calendar Settings

    Calendar Settings These settings allow you to modify settings associated with using the Calendar. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Calendar. More options > Settings. Tap an option and follow the prompts. Applications...
  • Page 61: Camera And Video

    Camera and Video Current shooting mode Switch between the front and back cameras Record video Take a picture Quick settings Change shooting mode Camera settings View pictures and videos in the Gallery Applications...
  • Page 62: Take Pictures

    Take Pictures Shooting Mode Take pictures with your device’s front or back camera. Several visual effects are available. Some modes are not available when taking self-portraits. Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Camera. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Camera.
  • Page 63: Camera And Video Settings

    • Camera and Video Settings Video size: Select a resolution. Use higher resolution for higher quality. Higher resolution Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Camera. videos take up more memory. • Settings to configure settings for Camera. Recording mode: Select Normal, Limit for Available options vary depending on the camera/ email, or Fast motion mode.
  • Page 64 • Grid lines: Display viewfinder grid lines to help composition when selecting subjects. • Shutter sound: Make a sound when taking a photo capture. • The Volume key: Use the Volume key as the camera key, the record key, or as a zoom key. •...
  • Page 65: Clock

    Clock The Clock app offers features for Create an Alarm keeping track of time and setting Create an alarm event. You can set one-time or recurring alarms, and choose options for how to be alarms. notified. From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 66: Delete An Alarm

    • Snooze: Allow snoozing, and set interval and repeat values for the alarm while snoozing. • Smart alarm: When on, the alarm will start playing a tone at a low volume at an interval before the alarm time, and slowly increase in volume.
  • Page 67: Contacts

    ► From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Contacts. Google, Email, Facebook, and your Samsung account. Find a Contact You can search for a contact, or scroll the list to find For more information on connecting with and one by name.
  • Page 68: Add A Contact

    Add a Contact Edit a Contact Use the following procedure to add a new contact. When editing a contact, you can tap a field and change or delete the information, or you can add From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Contacts.
  • Page 69: Link Contacts

    Link Contacts Delete Contacts When you have contacts from various sources (Gmail, You can delete a single contact, or choose multiple Facebook, and so on), you may have multiple similar contacts to delete. entries for a single contact. Contacts lets you link From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 70: Remove Contacts From Favorites

    Favorites Create a Shortcut to a Favorite You can create a shortcut to a favorite on the home When you mark contacts as favorites, they are easily screen, to access their information directly from the accessible from other apps. Favorites display together home screen.
  • Page 71: Rename A Group

    Groups Rename a Group From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Contacts. You can use groups to organize your contacts. Your device comes with preloaded groups, and you can  Groups, and then tap a group. create your own. You might create a group for your family, for coworkers, or a team.
  • Page 72: Contact Settings

    Contact Settings Delete a Group Preset groups, such as Family, cannot be deleted. These settings allow you to modify settings associated with using the Contacts app. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Contacts. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Contacts.
  • Page 73: Email

    Email The device communicates with the appropriate server Use the Email app to view and to set up your account and synchronize your email. manage all your email accounts in When complete, your email appears in the Inbox for the account. one application.
  • Page 74: Manage Your Email Accounts

    Manage Your Email Accounts Delete Email Accounts You can view email you receive for all accounts on To delete an Email account: the Combined view screen or you can view email Apps > Email. From a Home screen, tap accounts individually. More options >...
  • Page 75: Emergency Alerts

    Emergency Alerts This device is designed to receive wireless emergency There are three types of Emergency Alerts: alerts from the Commercial Mobile Alerting System • Alerts issued by the President (CMAS) which may also be known as the Personal • Alerts involving imminent threats to safety of life Localized Alerting Network (PLAN).
  • Page 76: Gallery

    Gallery View, edit, and manage pictures and Zoom In and Out videos. Use one of the following methods to zoom in or out on an image: • Double-tap anywhere on the screen to zoom in or View Images and Videos zoom out.
  • Page 77: Edit Images

    Edit Images Delete Images Apps > Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Gallery. From a Home screen, tap  Gallery. While viewing an image, tap  More options: Tap a folder to open it. • Slideshow: Start a slideshow with the images In a folder, tap More options >...
  • Page 78: Share Images

    Share Images Use one of the following methods: Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Gallery. Tap a folder to open it. In a folder, tap  More options > Select item, select images, and then tap Share via to send them to others or share them via social network services.
  • Page 79: Memo

    Select, select a memo, and tap Share via. To change the category, tap the Category icon. To send the memo to a Google or Samsung More options > Select, select a To insert an image into the memo, tap the printer, tap memo, and tap More options >...
  • Page 80: Message

    Message+ Tap Type a message and enter your message. This section describes how to create Attach to attach an item, such as a and send a message using the postcard, picture, video, audio recording, Verizon Messages app. Glympse location, location, or contact card. You can also choose emoticons to insert into your message.
  • Page 81 Protect a Message from To access a new message: ► Drag your finger down from the Status Bar to Deletion display the Notification Panel, and then tap the message notification to open the message. You can lock a message so that it will not be deleted even if you delete the other messages in the –...
  • Page 82: Delete Messages

    Delete Messages Delete Conversations Apps > From a Home screen, tap You can delete all the messages you’ve exchanged  Message+. with another person. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Tap a conversation to display it.  Message+. Touch and hold the message you want to delete, Touch and hold a conversation you want to delete and then tap Delete messages on the pop-up and tap Delete Conversation >...
  • Page 83: Messages

    Messages The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) lets you Learn how to send and receive send and receive multimedia messages (such as different messages using the default picture, video, and audio messages) to and from other mobile phones or email addresses. To use this feature, messaging app on your phone.
  • Page 84: Create And Send Messages

    • Create and Send Messages Enter additional recipients by separating each entry with a semicolon (;) and then using the This section describes how to create a send a previous procedure. More recipients can be message using the Messaging app. added at any time before the message is sent.
  • Page 85: Message Search

    View New Messages Delete Messages When you receive a new message, a new message To delete messages, follow these steps: icon appears on the Status Bar. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Messages. To view the message: Open the Notification Panel and select the Tap  More options >...
  • Page 86: Message Settings

    Message Settings Configure the settings for text messages, multimedia messages, push messages, and so on. ► From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Messages >  More options > Settings. Applications...
  • Page 87: Music Player

    Music Player Volume More options Adjust volume Adjust the sound quality with SoundAlive Mark as favorite Playback position Repeat mode for the song Shuffle songs or playlist Length of song Elapsed playing time View playlist Add to playlist Rewind song or go to previous song Scan forward or go to next song Pause/Play Applications...
  • Page 88: Listen To Music

    Listen to your favorite songs with the Music player. Navigate through your music library, play songs, and create customized playlists. Listen to Music From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Music. Tap a library category at the top of the screen to view your music files.
  • Page 89: My Files

    My Files Videos: View video files. Access files stored on your device, Audio: View audio files. including images, videos, songs, and Documents: View document files. sound clips. Downloaded apps: View downloaded apps. • DOWNLOAD HISTORY: View all apps and files View Files that have been downloaded to the device.
  • Page 90: Additional Functions

    • My Files Options Zip: Create a zip folder containing the selected files. This option only appears in Local ► Tap More options > Select, select a file or Storage categories. A selected zip folder has folder, and then use one of these functions: the additional options of Extract and Extract to current folder.
  • Page 91: Video Player

    Video Player Volume Change screen ratio More options Video file name Playback Adjust Volume position Length of Elapsed video play time Rewind video or go to previous Scan forward or video go to next video Pause/Play Applications...
  • Page 92: Your Device

    Play and manage videos stored on your device. Watch Videos To access video: From a Home screen, tap Apps > Video. Scroll through the videos stored on your device. After a few seconds, each video thumbnail begins playing a preview of the clip. Tap a video to view it.
  • Page 93: Voice Recorder

    Voice Recorder Record voice memos and notes. View Recordings ► From a Home screen, tap  Apps >  Voice Recorder. Create a Voice Recording • List to display a list of recordings. ► From a Home screen, tap  Apps > • Tap  More options:  Voice Recorder.
  • Page 94: Settings

    Settings • Configure your device’s Some options have an ON/OFF button to turn the option on ( ) or off connections and settings, add accounts, and customize • For some options, you must tap a field, such as Email address, to display and set the home screen, apps, and options.
  • Page 95: How To Use Settings

    How to Use Settings Access Settings ► From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. – or – From a Home screen, drag down from the Status Bar to display the Notification Panel, and then tap  Settings. Settings...
  • Page 96: Airplane Mode

    Airplane Mode From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. Airplane mode disconnects your Tap Airplane mode to enable or disable the device from all networks and turns off option. connectivity features, such as phone Note: You can also control Airplane mode from the calls and Wi-Fi.
  • Page 97: Wi-Fi And Wi-Fi Direct

    Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct Wi-Fi is a term used for certain types Turn Wi-Fi On or Off of Wireless Local Area Networks Turning Wi-Fi on makes your device able to discover and connect to compatible in-range WAPs. (WLAN). Wi-Fi communication From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 98 Scan and Connect to a Wi-Fi Manually Connect to a Network Wi-Fi Network Apps > Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Settings. From a Home screen, tap  Settings. Tap Wi-Fi, and then tap ON/OFF to turn Wi-Fi on. Tap Wi-Fi, and then tap ON/OFF to turn Wi-Fi on. When Wi-Fi is first turned on, your device will Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap automatically scan for available networks and...
  • Page 99 Wi-Fi Settings Wi-Fi Status Indicators When Wi-Fi is connected, active, and communicating The Wi-Fi settings menu allows you to set up many of with a Wireless Access Point (WAP), displays in the your device’s advanced Wi-Fi services. Status Bar. From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 100 • • Advanced: WPS push button: Set up a connection to a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) router or other Wi-Fi notifications: Receive a notification equipment. when Wi-Fi is available or connected. • WPS PIN entry: View the PIN used by your Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Specify when device to set up a PIN-secured connection to disconnect from Wi-Fi.
  • Page 101 Wi-Fi Direct Wi-Fi Direct Status Indicator When your phone is connected to another device Wi-Fi Direct allows direct device-to-device connections using Wi-Fi Direct , displays in the Status Bar. via Wi-Fi, without having to connect to a Wi-Fi network. From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 102: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range Turn Bluetooth On and Off communications technology that From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. allows you to connect wirelessly Tap Bluetooth, and then tap ON/OFF to turn Bluetooth on or off. to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and hands-free Bluetooth Status Indicators car Bluetooth systems, and...
  • Page 103 Make Your Device Visible to Scan for Bluetooth Devices Other Bluetooth Devices When you want to pair with another Bluetooth device, you can scan for nearby devices that are visible. When you make your device visible, other Bluetooth From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 104: Pair Bluetooth Devices

    Pair Bluetooth Devices When you see the name of the target device displayed in the Bluetooth devices section, tap The Bluetooth pairing process allows you to establish the name. Your device then automatically tries to trusted connections between your device and another pair with the target device.
  • Page 105 Review Files Received via Disconnect a Paired Device Bluetooth Disconnecting a paired device breaks the connection between the device and your device, but retains the When you receive files from another device via knowledge of the pairing. At a later point when you Bluetooth, you can access them from Bluetooth wish to reconnect the device, there is no need to settings.
  • Page 106: Data Usage

    Data Usage More options: Monitor your mobile data usage. • Data roaming: Enable or restrict roaming. Note: Your service provider may account for data usage • Restrict background data: Restrict some differently. apps and services from working unless you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 107: Advanced Calling

    Advanced Calling You will be able to enjoy a High-Definition (HD) Voice and Video Calling experience that is as simple as making traditional voice calls. To upgrade to Advanced Calling: 1. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. 2. Tap Advanced Calling > Activate Advanced Calling >...
  • Page 108: Default Messaging App

    Default Messaging App If you have multiple messaging apps installed, you can select which app should be your default messaging app. Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Settings. Tap More networks > Default messaging app to select a default. Settings...
  • Page 109: Mobile Networks

    Mobile Networks • Roaming: (Not configurable) Current roaming Control your device’s access to status. networks and mobile data service. • Signal strength: (Not configurable) Current signal strength. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. • Network mode: (Not configurable) Current Tap More networks >...
  • Page 110: Mobile Hotspot

    Mobile Hotspot Use Mobile Hotspot to share your Turn Mobile Hotspot On or Off device’s Internet connection with Activate your device’s Mobile hotspot application to allow other devices to use your device’s Internet other devices using your device as a connection. Mobile Hotspot.
  • Page 111 Connect a Device to Allowed Device List Your Mobile Hotspot Control whether devices connect to your Portable Wi-Fi hotspot with the Allowed device list. After you Use the other device’s Wi-Fi control to connect to your add devices to the list, they can scan for your device device’s Mobile Hotspot.
  • Page 112 • Change the Mobile Hotspot Hide my device: Make your Portable Wi-Fi hotspot invisible to other Wi-Fi devices during Password a scan. Other devices can still connect to your Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, but will have to set up Apps > From a Home screen, tap the connection manually with your Network  Settings >...
  • Page 113 Turn Off Mobile Hotspot Automatically Set your device to automatically turn off Mobile Hotspot if there are no connected devices. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings > More networks > Mobile Hotspot. Tap ON/OFF to turn on Mobile Hotspot. More options >...
  • Page 114: Tethering

    Tethering Share your device’s Internet Connect Your Device to a connection with a computer that Computer Using Tethering connects to your device using a USB From a Home screen, tap Apps > cable or via Bluetooth.  Settings > More networks > Tethering. Choose a tethering method: •...
  • Page 115: Virtual Private Networks (Vpn)

    Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Set up and manage your Connect to a VPN Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings > More networks > VPN. Note: You must set a screen lock PIN or password Tap Basic VPN or Advanced IPsec VPN. before setting up a VPN.
  • Page 116: Screen Mirroring

    Screen Mirroring Share Your Device’s Screen with Another Device. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. Tap More networks > Screen Mirroring. Available devices are listed, tap Scan to find more devices. Tap a device and follow the prompts to connect. Settings...
  • Page 117: Sound Settings

    Sound Settings Configure the sounds and vibrations Select a Default Ringtone used to indicate notifications, screen Choose from preset ringtones or add your own. touches, and other activities. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. Tap Sound > Ringtones. Tap a ringtone to hear a preview, and then tap Adjust the Volume Done to set it as your default ringtone.
  • Page 118: Phone Number

    Change the Notification Sound Play Tones When Entering a Phone Number Choose a sound for notifications, such as for new messages and event reminders. Play tone when the dialing keypad is tapped. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. Apps >...
  • Page 119 Set the Screen Lock Sound Select an Emergency Tone Play a sound when you unlock the screen. Set an alert tone or vibration when receiving an emergency message. Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Settings. From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 120: Display Settings

    Display Settings Note: You can also control Brightness from the Configure the LED Indicator Notification Panel. Drag down the Status Bar at the top of the screen to find the Brightness slider. Select which functions (such as charging or low battery) the LED indicator on the front of the device will display.
  • Page 121 • Set the Screen Timeout Delay Google Photos: Display pictures from your Google Photos account. Tap Settings for Choose how long the display screen remains lit after options. you tap the screen or press any key. • Photo Frame: Display pictures in a photo From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 122: Wallpaper

    Wallpaper Customize the wallpaper on your Home screens and Lock screen. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings > Wallpaper. Tap Home screen, Lock screen, or Home and lock screen. Tap a image to preview it, and then tap Set as wallpaper. •...
  • Page 123: Set A Screen Lock

    Lock Screen • Pattern: A screen unlock pattern is a tap Choose a method for unlocking gesture you create and use to unlock your your screen. Different Screen Locks device. This option provides medium security. have different levels of security and •...
  • Page 124 Screen Lock Options All Screen Locks • Dual clock: Display a dual clock on your Lock Swipe Only screen when roaming. • Unlock effect: Set the visual effect used when • Show date: Display the date on the unlocking the screen. Lock screen.
  • Page 125: Notification Panel Settings

    Notification Panel Settings ► From a Home screen, tap Apps > Customize which Quick setting  Settings > Notification panel. buttons appear on the Notification • Customize the quick setting buttons that Panel. appear at the top of the Notification Panel as follows: You can also customize which apps appear on the Tap and drag buttons to reorder them.
  • Page 126: Storage

    Storage To increase available memory: View the device memory and usage, Tap Cached data to clear all cached data for all or mount, unmount, or format an apps. optional memory card (not included). Tap Miscellaneous files, select unnecessary files (or tap Select all), and then tap Delete.
  • Page 127 Memory Card (SD Card) Remove the back cover. For more information, see “Remove the Back Cover” on page Once an optional memory card (not included) has With the gold contacts facing down, carefully slide been installed in your device, the card memory the memory card into the slot.
  • Page 128: Remove A Memory Card

    Remove a Memory Card Format a Memory Card Warning: To prevent damage to information stored on Warning: When formatting an SD card, you should the memory card, unmount the card before removing it backup your music and photo files that are stored on from the device.
  • Page 129: Battery

    Battery View how battery power is used for Apps and OS Usage device activities. Battery usage displays in percentages per application. Tap Screen, Android System, Android OS, or an From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. app to view how they are affecting battery use. Tap Battery for options: Refresh to update the listing.
  • Page 130: Ultra Power Saving Mode

    Ultra Power Saving Mode From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. Conserve battery power by Tap Ultra power saving mode for options: automatically adjusting the screen brightness, limiting the performance Tap ON/OFF to turn the feature on. of the CPU, and other power Read the information on the page that appears and tap Turn on to activate Ultra power saving reduction activities.
  • Page 131: Application Manager

    Application Manager You can download and install new Memory Usage applications on your device. Use See how memory is being used by Downloaded or Running applications. Application manager settings to From a Home screen, tap Apps > manage your downloaded and  Settings >...
  • Page 132 • Downloaded To uninstall one or more apps, tap  More options > Uninstall multiple. Displays apps you have downloaded onto your device. • Tap an application to view and update Apps > From a Home screen, tap information about the application, including  Settings >...
  • Page 133 SD Card Move to SD card/Move to device storage: Move this app from device Displays apps you have downloaded onto your storage to your microSD card or from your memory card (not included). microSD card to device storage. From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 134: Running Services

    Tap an application to view and update information Tap one of the applications to view application about the application, including memory usage, information. default settings, and permissions. • Stop: Stops the application from running on the device. This is usually done prior to uninstalling the application.
  • Page 135: Default Applications

    Default Applications From a Home screen, tap Apps > If you have multiple applications of  Settings > Applications > the same type, such as email apps, Default Applications. you can select one app to be the Tap Home and select a Home screen mode: default.
  • Page 136: Application Setting Shortcuts

    Application Setting Shortcuts Shortcuts to the settings for various apps are available in one convenient location. To quickly access the settings for Call, Calendar, Contacts, Email, or Messages: From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings > Applications. Tap one of the following to display the settings for the selected app: •...
  • Page 137: Easy Mode

    Easy Mode To return to the default screen layout: Switch between the default screen  Easy settings > Easy mode. layout and a simpler layout. The Tap ON/OFF to turn the feature off. Easy Mode layout has larger text and icons, making for a more straightforward visual experience.
  • Page 138: Location Services

    Location Services Some apps, such as Google maps, Locating Method may require one or more location From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings > Location. services be turned on for full Tap ON/OFF to turn on Location services. functionality. Tap Mode to select how your location is Apps >...
  • Page 139 Recent Location Requests Location Reporting Apps that have requested your location are listed Google uses Location Reporting to store and use your under Recent location requests. device’s most recent location data. Google apps, such as Google Maps, can use this data to improve your From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 140: Security

    Security Secure your device and protect your Encrypt Your Data data with Security settings. Require a numeric PIN or password to decrypt your device each time you power it on or encrypt the data on a memory card (not included) each time it is connected.
  • Page 141 Set Up or Change Your View Passwords SIM Card Lock Display password characters briefly as you type them. Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Settings. Use this option to set up your password when one is first required or change your current password. Tap Security >...
  • Page 142: Credential Storage

    Credential Storage Manage your security certificates. If a certificate authority (CA) certificate gets compromised or for some other reason you do not trust it, you can disable or remove it. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. Tap Security for options: •...
  • Page 143: Language And Input Settings

    Language and Input Settings Configure your device’s language Select Your Default Keyboard and input settings. or Input Method From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. Set Your Default Language Tap Language and input > Default. Select a keyboard. From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 144: Samsung Keyboard Settings

    • Samsung Keyboard Settings Additional keyboard settings provide assistance with capitalization, punctuation, Configure options for using the Samsung keyboard. and much more. Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Settings. Swype Settings Tap Language and input. Settings next to Samsung keyboard for Configure options for using the Swype keyboard.
  • Page 145: Google Voice Typing Settings

    Google Voice Typing Settings Voice Search Speak rather than type your text entries using Google Use Google voice recognition to perform Google Voice Typing. searches using spoken commands. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. To perform a voice search, tap in the Google search bar or widget.
  • Page 146 Text-To-Speech Options Mouse/Trackpad Settings Configure your Text-To-Speech (TTS) options. TTS Configure settings for using an optional mouse or is used for various accessibility features, such as trackpad (not included). TalkBack. For more information, see “Accessibility” on From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 147: Backup And Reset

    Backup and Reset • Automatic restore: Enable automatic Back up your data to Google servers. restoration of settings from Google servers. You can also reset your device to its When enabled, backed-up settings are restored when you reinstall an application. factory defaults.
  • Page 148: Reset Settings

    Reset Settings To restore any system settings you have changed: Apps > From a Home screen, tap  Settings. Tap Backup and reset > Reset settings. Settings...
  • Page 149: Accounts

    Google Account, From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings > Accounts > Add account. Samsung account, email, and social Tap one of the account types. networking accounts. Follow the prompts to enter your credentials and set up the account.
  • Page 150: Account Settings

    Account Settings Delete an Account Apps > Each account has its own set of settings. In addition, From a Home screen, tap  Settings > Accounts > (account type). you can configure common settings for all accounts of the same type. Tap the account, and then tap More options >...
  • Page 151: Date And Time Settings

    Date and Time Settings By default, your device receives date and time information from the wireless network. When you are outside network coverage, you may want to set date and time information manually using the date and time settings. From a Home screen, tap Apps >...
  • Page 152: Accessibility

    Accessibility SERVICES Accessibility services are special Additional accessibility apps may be downloaded features that make using the device from the Google Play Store. Certain accessibility easier for those with certain physical services you install may be configured here. disabilities. VISION •...
  • Page 153 Magnification gestures: Use exaggerated Samsung subtitles (CC): Use Samsung gestures such as triple-tapping, double subtitles with multimedia files when available pinching, and dragging two fingers across the Tap Samsung subtitles (CC) for options. screen. • Mono audio: Switch audio from stereo to •...
  • Page 154: Printing

    Printing Print images and documents to Samsung printers and other compatible printers (not included). From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings > Printing. Add printer and follow the prompts to install a printer or printer plug-in. Settings...
  • Page 155: Help

    Help View tips and guidelines for using your device. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings. Tap Help for information about new features, applications, settings, and so on. Settings...
  • Page 156: About Phone

    About Phone • Legal information: View your device’s open View information about your phone, source licenses and Google legal information. including status, legal information, • Device name: View and change your device’s hardware and software versions, and name. a tutorial. •...
  • Page 157: System Updates

    System Updates Check for and install available software updates. From a Home screen, tap Apps >  Settings > System updates. Tap Check for new system update and follow the prompts to check for available software updates to download and install. Settings...

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