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Philips DVD-712 Instructions Manual

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DVD Video Player
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  • Page 1 DVD- DVD- DVD Video Player Toll Free Help Line Ligne d'assistance en service libre Linea de ayuda telefónica sin cargo 800-531-0039...
  • Page 2 EQUIPMENT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, All of this is our way of saying welcome–and thanks for investing in a Philips product. match wide blade of plug to wide slot, and fully insert.
  • Page 3 Index and General Information English -------------------------------------------------------- 5 The region code for this DVD Video Player is 1. Since DVD movies are released at different times in Français ------------------------------------------------------ 25 different regions of the world, all players have region codes and discs can have an optional region code. If you load a disc of a different region code into your player, you will see the region code notice on the screen.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read these instructions. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer. Keep these instructions. Use only with a cart, stand, tripod, bracket, Heed all warnings. or table specified by the manufacturer or sold Follow all instructions. with the apparatus.When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/apparatus Do not use this apparatus near water.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction Philips DVD Video Introduction ------------------------- 6 Unpacking ---------------------------------------------------- 6 Remote Control Battery Installation ------------------- 6 Environmental Information ------------------------------- 6 Safety Information ------------------------------------------ 6 Cleaning Discs ---------------------------------------------- 6 Functional Overview Front and Rear Panels ------------------------------------- 7 Remote Control -------------------------------------------- 8...
  • Page 6: Introduction Philips Dvd Video Introduction

    Remote Control Battery Introduction Installation ¶ Insert batteries as indicated inside the battery Your Philips DVD Video player will play digital video discs conforming to the universal DVD Video standard. The compartment. unique features on DVD Video, such as selection of sound Caution: Do not mix old and new batteries.
  • Page 7: Functional Overview

    Functional Overview Front and Rear Panels T NEXT – goes to next chapter or track POWER ON/OFF – switches the player to ON or OFF B PLAY – star ts playback DISPLAY – shows the current status of the player SOUND –...
  • Page 8: Remote Control

    Remote Control POWER B RETURN / RESUME – switches DVD ON or to – go back to previous menu / to standby-on mode continue playback after play was stopped 0-9 numerical key pad – select numbered items in a DISC MENU menu –...
  • Page 9: Preparation General Notes

    Preparation General Notes ¶ Depending on your TV and other equipment you wish to connect, there are various ways you could connect the player. Use only one of the connections described below. ¶ Please refer to the manuals of your TV, VCR, Stereo System or other devices as necessary to make the best connections.
  • Page 10: Ntsc/pal Settings

    Digital Multi-channel sound NTSC/PAL Settings The digital multi-channel connection provides the best You can switch the NTSC/PAL setting of the DVD player to sound quality. For this you need a multi-channel Audio/ match the video signal of your TV. This setting only affects Video receiver that supports one or more of the audio the television’s on-screen display that shows the stop and formats supported by your DVD player (MPEG 2, Dolby...
  • Page 11: General Explanation

    Menu bar 2 General Explanation Step by step playback About this manual Slow motion Fast motion This manual gives the basic instructions for operating the Angle DVD player. Some DVDs require specific operation or allow only limited operation during playback. When this Zoom occurs, the symbol Ä...
  • Page 12: Personal Preferences

    – Color settings Personal Preferences You can select one of five predefined sets of color settings You can set your own personal preferences on the player. and one set (Personal) which you can define yourself. General operation: ¶ Press SYSTEM MENU on the remote control. ¶...
  • Page 13 – Subwoofer cut-off – Status Window The frequency of the subwoofer output can be set to Displays the current status of the player and appears with HIGH (200Hz) or LOW (100Hz) to match your system’s the menu bar. When disc playback is stopped, it is displayed playback sound quality.
  • Page 14: Operation Loading Discs

    Operation Loading Discs General Features Note: Press OPEN/CLOSE on the front of the player to open the – Unless stated, all operations described are based on remote disc tray. control use. Some operations can be carried out using the Load your chosen disc in the tray, label side up. menu bar on the screen.
  • Page 15: Time Search

    Search Time search ¶ Select (FAST MOTION) in the menu The Time Search function allows you to start playing at any chosen time on the disc. bar. ¶ Select ¶ Use the 4 keys to enter the FAST (TIME SEARCH) in the menu bar. ¶...
  • Page 16: Special Dvd Features

    Special DVD Features FTS-Video ¶ The FTS-Video function allows you to store your favorite Checking the contents of DVD Video discs: titles and chapters (DVD) and favorite tracks and indexes Menus (VCD) for a particular disc in the player memory. ¶...
  • Page 17: Special Video Cd & Svcd Features

    Special Video CD & SVCD Moving to another track Features ¶ Press S or T briefly during playback to go to the next track or to return to the beginning of the current track. Playback Control (PBC) ¶ Press S twice briefly to step back to the previous track. ¶...
  • Page 18: Mp3 Disc Features

    Downloading MP3 files from the Internet or copying songs Storing an FTS Program from your own legal discs is a delicate process. Load a disc and stop playback. Approximate total Approximate Sound Comment Bit Rate MP3-CD time Reduction Ratio Use 4 to go to the list of available tracks. Quality Sound quality significantly affected AM radio...
  • Page 19: Access Control

    Access Control Access Control: Child Lock (DVD Video and Video CD) Activating/deactivating the Child Lock When disc playback is stopped, select ACCESS CONTROL in the features menu using the 3/4 keys. Enter a 4-digit code of your own choice. Enter the code a second time. Move to “CHILD LOCK”...
  • Page 20: Parental Control Disclaimer

    Country On this basis, Philips cannot guarantee the functioning of the PARENTAL CONTROL system and denies any When disc playback is stopped, select ACCESS liability associated with unintended watching of disc CONTROL in the features menu using the 3/4 keys.
  • Page 21: Before Requesting Service

    Before Requesting Service If it appears that the DVD Video player is faulty, first consult this checklist. Something may have been overlooked. Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the system yourself; this will invalidate the warranty. Look for the specific symptom(s). Then perform only the actions listed to remedy the specific symptom(s). Symptom Remedy No power...
  • Page 22: Specifications

    Specifications PLAYBACK SYSTEM CONNECTIONS DVD Video Y Output Cinch (green) Video CD & SVCD Output Cinch (blue) CD (CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable) Output Cinch (red) DVD+RW S-Video Output Mini DIN, 4 pins Video Output Cinch (yellow) Audio L+R output Cinch (white/red) OPTICAL READOUT SYSTEM Subwoofer output Cinch (black)
  • Page 23: Limited Warranty

    Philips. Either LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND REMEDY... exchange is made at no cost to you.
  • Page 24 El Paso,TX 79928 ATTENTION: DVD PLAYER EXCHANGE A replacement will be sent to you via UPS within 48 business hours of Philips’ receipt of the product. EXCHANGE FORM Your Address (street address to which replacement should be delivered, no P .O. boxes allowed):...

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