Lennox Hearth Products Winslow (PS40) Installation And Operation Manual

Free-standing pellet stove country collection.
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Pellet Stove
Save These Instructions
P/N 775,228M, Rev. C, 11/2008
Report No. 050-S-13-2
A French manual is available upon request. Order P/N 775,228CF.
Ce manuel d'installation est disponible en francais, simplement en faire la demande. Numéro de la pièce
These appliances must be properly installed and operated in order to prevent the possibility
of a house fire. Please read this entire manual before installation and use of this pellet
fuel-burning room heater. Failure to follow these instructions could result in property
damage, bodily injury or even death. Contact your local building or fire officials
Hot! Do not touch! The glass and surfaces of this appliance will be
hot during operation and will retain heat for a while after shutting off
the appliance. Severe burns may result.
Carefully supervise children in the same room as appliance.
Lennox™ pellet-burning appliances are designed for use as a supple-
mental heater. They are not intended for continuous use as a primary
heat source.
to obtain a permit and information on any installation requirements and
inspection requirements in your area.
Pellet Stoves
Model Winslow™ (PS40)

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   Summary of Contents for Lennox Hearth Products Winslow (PS40)

  • Page 1: For Future Reference

    Free-Standing Pellet Stove Save These Instructions For Future Reference P/N 775,228M, Rev. C, 11/2008 A French manual is available upon request. Order P/N 775,228CF. Portland Report No. 050-S-13-2 INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL Ce manuel d’installation est disponible en francais, simplement en faire la demande. Numéro de la pièce 775,228CF.

  • Page 2

    Since Lennox Hearth Products has no control over the installation of your stove, Lennox Hearth Products grants no warranty, implied or stated for the installation or maintenance of your stove and assumes no responsibility for any consequential damage(s).

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    It is our goal at Lennox Hearth Products to provide you, our valued customer, with an appliance that will ensure you years of trouble free warmth and pleasure.

  • Page 4: Planning Your Installation

    Outside air connected to the appliance probably will not resolve such a problem as the stove is not the source of negative pressure. Lennox Hearth Products accepts no liability for damages resulting from negative pressures described here.

  • Page 5: Features And Specifications

    The combustion air for this stove is drawn through a pipe at the lower rear of the stove. For mobile home installations a 3” ID flex line or pipe must be attached to the stove’s air intake to draw air from outside the house.

  • Page 6: Stove Dimensions, Clearances To Combustibles

    • Clearances to combustibles for the appliance INSTALL VENT AT CLEARANCES SPECIFIED BY THE VENT MANUFACTURER. The center of the flue is 8- 7/8” above the surface upon which the stove rests. NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. 4-1/8” (105mm) 1” (5mm) Exhaust...

  • Page 7

    Corner Installations Left Wall Horizontal Venting 8” (03mm) 3” Figure 3 (76mm) Right Wall Horizontal Venting 6-3/4” (17mm) 7” Figure 4 (178mm) 5-7/8” (149mm) Figure 5 3” (76mm) Corner Installations Figure 6 7” (178mm) Corner Installations Vertical Venting 5-7/8” (149mm) Figure 7 Parallel Installations Vertical Venting 17-1/4”...

  • Page 8: Hearth Protection, Vent Termination Requirements

    Non-combustible shielding or guards may be required. that at least five feet of vertical pipe be installed outside when the stove is vented directly through a wall. This will create a natural draft to prevent the possibility of smoke or odor during appliance shut down or power failure and avoid exposing people or shrubs to high temperatures.

  • Page 9: Vent Termination Locations

    VENT TERMINATION LOCATIONS Air Supply Inlet Vent Terminal Area Where Terminal Is Not Permitted Vertical Terminal (From Eave) 24” (610mm) Clearance above grade, veranda, porch, deck, or balcony (min. 12”/30cm) Clearance to window or door that may be opened (min. 12”/30cm above - 48”/1.2m below and to the side) Clearance to permanently closed window *(min.

  • Page 10: Installation, Venting

    UL 641 and ULC S609. We recommend the use of venting products manufactured by Security Chimneys International. Single wall pipe cannot be used with this pellet stove. The stove’s flue collar is 3” in diameter. An approved wall thimble or approved ceiling firestop must be used when the pellet pipe passes through a combustible wall or ceiling.

  • Page 11

    Masonry Chimney When venting into a masonry chimney, the pellet pipe can terminate just inside the chimney. However, it is recommended to run the pellet pipe to the top of the chimney. Figure 16 Figure 17 Fireplace When venting into a fireplace chimney, the pellet pipe can terminate just above the damper.

  • Page 12: Mobile Home Installation, Outside Air, Thermostat

    2. The stove must be fastened to the floor using lag screws. The screws can be inserted through the holes in the pedestal located behind the side doors.

  • Page 13: Door Trim Installation Instructions

    (1) 3/8” nut driver or socket wrench CAUTION: Always ensure that plated surfaces are clean and free of fingerprints before lighting stove. Fingerprints will leave permanent blemishes if left on plated surface when lit. When installation is complete, the trim should be gently cleaned with soft cloth and either alcohol or glass cleaner.

  • Page 14

    4. Place one washer on each stud. Using a 3/8” nut driver, snug up the nuts on each piece of trim. Do not finish tightening the nuts yet. See Figure 27. 5. There should be approximately a 7/8” (22 mm) gap between the top edge of the upper trim and the top edge of the door and a 1-1/2”...

  • Page 15: Door Grill Installation Instruction

    (4) Button Head Screws (already in place in stove) Tools Required: (1) 1/8” allen wrench To install the Grill: 1. Remove the four button head screws from body of the stove with a 1/8” allen wrench. See Figure 29. Button Head Screw Figure 29 2.

  • Page 16

    1. Remove the front door of the pellet stove. To remove the front door, open the two side panels, swing open the front door and lift it up and off of its hinges. Remove the optional log set, if present and the Burn-Pot.

  • Page 17

    5. Screw in the four tap tights, included with this kit, using a 5/32 allen wrench. Figure 37 6. Replace the Burn-Pot and check that it is firmly in place (if you can rotate the Burn-Pot it is not installed correctly). If present, install the optional log set according to the log set installation instructions (included with your log set).

  • Page 18: Log Set Installation Instructions, Installation

    Rotate the brackets so they are placed as shown in Figure 40. The bracket fits between the back of the firebox and the air wash at the front of the stove. 3. Remove the ceramic logs from the box and carefully unwrap them.

  • Page 19: Operation, Control Board, Filling The Hopper, Manual Operation, Thermostat Operation

    (and then back on), or if the stove runs out of pellets and therefore shuts off. After the initial ignition sequence, when the thermostat...

  • Page 20: Shut Down, Operation, Paint Curing, Convection Blower Operation, Operating Sounds, Pellet Fuel, Corn Fuel, Cautions

    Shut Down Normal - To turn the stove off, turn the heat selector knob to off. The fans will continue to operate until the control board completes the shut down cycle. Power Outage - If the stove loses electrical power for less than 10 seconds it will continue to operate.

  • Page 21: Cleaning And Maintenance, Burn-pot Cleaning, Cleaning Glass, Ash Drawer Removal And Cleaning

    Place the Burn-Pot in the hole from which it was removed. Make sure the high side of the pot is rotated toward the front of the stove (see Figure 43). Push the Burn-Pot down so surface A is tight against the steel supporting the pot.

  • Page 22

    CAUTION: Do not operate the heat exchange scraper when the stove is hot. Located at the center of the grill on the top front of the stove is a bent rod that is attached to a scraper on the heat exchange tubes.

  • Page 23

    Sweep the pipe as needed. A tee and clean-out in the vent system attached to the stove’s flue collar will facilitate this cleaning.

  • Page 24: Front Door Removal, Side Door Removal, Back Removal And Lower Cover Plate

    To remove the back: 1. Remove the left and right side panels (see the previous page). 2. If the stove is connected to the vent pipe, loosen the four 5/32” al- len head screws (see A in Figure 51) securing the lower cover plate beneath the flue outlet, lift the plate slightly and pull the plate off.

  • Page 25: Igniter, Vacuum Switch, Auger And Auger Motor, Proof Of Fire Snap Switch

    (Opens at 225° F) This switch is installed on the convection blower (see F in Figure 53) and shuts the stove down if it senses excessive temperatures. This snap switch has a reset button on it and will not allow the stove to start up until the reset button has been pushed.

  • Page 26: Draft Adjuster, Wiring Diagram

    Should this happen, the draft can be slowed down by the adjuster. The stove is shipped with the adjuster in the fully open position. To slow the draft down, loosen the 5/32” allen head screw (A in Figure 54) and move the adjuster handle toward the center of the stove.

  • Page 27: Diagnostic Codes, Troubleshooting

    DIAGNOSTIC CODES If the stove operates abnormally, the ready light on the control board will signal the nature of the abnormal operation. The following is a list of pos- sible signals or codes: Ready light is constant red Ready light flashes red 1 short and 1 long blink...

  • Page 28

    Over Temperature Snap Switch Shuts Stove Down - Code - Ready light flashes red  long blinks Possible Problem Convection blower not running Flue passageways or vent restricted Snap switch* defective * Note: The snap switch has a reset button that must be pushed before stove will function (see Page 25). Possible Problem Burn-Pot is dirty Vent pipe restricted...

  • Page 29: Accessories

    ACCESSORIES Door Trim (required - sold separately) Cat. No. Model Description 79038 P40DT-B Black 79034 P40DT-G Gold 79037 P40DT-N Nickel 79035 P40DT-BRN Brushed Nickel 79036 P40DT-BLN Black Nickel Grill Kits (required - sold separately) 79000 P40G-B Black 79001 P40G-G Gold 7900 P40G-N Nickel...

  • Page 30: Replacement Parts List, Product Reference Information

    Your Dealer's Name _________________________________________________ Your Dealer's Phone Number __________________________________________ Lennox Hearth Products reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in design, materials, specifications, prices and also to discontinue colors, styles and products. Consult your local distributor for fireplace code information.

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