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family first FFP9VH Product Manual page 2

Photoelectric smoke alarm with 9 volt battery & test & hush button
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Mounting Slots
9V Battery
Smoke alarm installation must be in
accordance with the requirements of the national
electrical code and any local codes that may apply
and by a competent person.
1. From back of the smoke alarm, remove the
mounting plate by turning it counterclockwise. (To
later engage tamper-resist feature, twist out and
set aside one of the pins moulded into plate. Both
pins are exactly the same).
2. Secure plate to ceiling or wall with mounting
screws appropriate to the surface on which the
unit is to be mounted.
3. Lift open battery pocket door.
4. Connect new 9 volt battery to battery connector
inside battery pocket. Be sure battery is securely
connected. The red LED may blink briefly when
battery is installed.
5. Close battery pocket door, snapping it into
6. Position smoke alarm to mounting plate and
turn clockwise to lock into place. To engage
tamper-resist feature, insert pin into notch and
edge of smoke alarm after alarm is properly
positioned in base.
7. Push test button to test smoke alarm. See
Normal Operation When no smoke is present, a
red LED indicator will flash ONCE A MINUTE and
is an indication that the unit is operating properly.
The hush feature can mute the detector if it has
been inadvertently triggered by holding down the
test/hush button for a few seconds. The smoke
alarm will be muted for 10 minutes and then reset
into normal mode after this period.
NOTE: If the smoke density increases during the
hush period the smoke alarm will be triggered into
sounding again.
Alarm Condition
When the unit detects smoke, the red LED
indicator will flash rapidly and alarm will sound
loudly until the air is clear.
Testing the Smoke Alarm
Test the smoke alarm once a week. If the smoke
alarm ever fails to test correctly, have it replaced
immediately! If the smoke alarm is not working
properly, it cannot alert you to a problem.
1. Test each smoke alarm to be sure it is installed
correctly and operating properly.
2. The push-to-test button accurately tests
functions. DO NOT use an open flame to test this
smoke alarm. You may ignite and damage the
smoke alarm or your home.
3. Stand at arm’s length from the smoke alarm
when testing.
4. To test the smoke alarm firmly press the test
button, and the alarm will sound a loud beep. The
alarm will stop sounding after releasing the test
button. If the alarm does not sound please re-test
the alarm.
If the alarm sounds and the smoke
alarm is not being tested, the smoke alarm is
sensing smoke. The sound of the alarm requires
your immediate attention and action.
WARNING: DO NOT disconnect battery to silence
an unwanted alarm. This will remove your
protection. Ventilate the unit or open a window to
remove smoke or dust.
The smoke alarm is virtually maintenance free.
However, under dusty conditions, a vacuum hose
may be used to clear dust through the side
opening. It is recommended to clean the alarm
monthly to keep best performance. Normally, the
alarm can be operated up to 10 years without
replacement. See the replacing date on the bottom
of the alarm unit. DO NOT attempt to remove the
cover to clean inside the smoke alarm. This will
void your warranty.
This smoke alarm is equipped with a combined
test & hush button to help control nuisance alarms.
If there is a nuisance alarm simply press the
test/hush button to silence the unit for 10 minutes.
The unit will flash a red LED every 10 seconds
(instead of the normal 40 seconds) to indicate the
sensitivity has been reduced. The unit will reset to
normal sensitivity at the end of the hush period. If
additional hush time is required, simply push the
test/hush button again.
NOTE: If a nuisance alarm occurs and if there is no
sign of smoke, heat or noise to suggest a fire you
should get your family to a safe place before
investigating. Check the household carefully in
case there is a small fire smouldering out of sight,
or if there is another source of smoke or fumes
such as cooking fumes being drawn past a smoke
alarm by an extractor.
WARNING: If there are frequent nuisance alarms it
may be necessary to re-locate the device away
from the source of the fumes. If the alarm continues
sounding nuisance alarms without smoke or heat
being present it may require some maintenance or
The power of this smoke alarm is provided by one
9V DC battery. The battery should last for at least
1 year under normal operating conditions. The
smoke alarm has a low battery indicator, an
audible ‘chirp’. It will operate at 30-40 second
intervals for a minimum of 7 days. Replace the
battery when this indication occurs. Only the
following 9V DC batteries (which are available at
hardware or electronic parts stores) may be used
for replacement.
Carbon-Zinc Type: Eveready #216; Gold Peak
#1604P; Gold Peak #1604S; Gold Peak 1604G;
Premisafe G6F22.
Alkaline Type: Eveready Energizer #522; Gold
Lithium Type: Ultralife U9VL-J; FDK CP-V9J; Gold
Peak CR-V9.
CAUTION: Switch off smoke alarm before
removing smoke alarm for battery replacement.
WARNING: DO NOT use any other type of battery,
other than as specified in this manual. DO NOT use
rechargeable batteries.
CAUTION: If the battery is incorrectly replaced, the
smoke alarm will not operate and may cause
• If there is a fire in your home, the precautions
described will increase your chance of escaping
safely. The following rules should always be
highlighted during fire drills so that they are
remembered in the case of a real emergency.
• Stay calm and think clearly about the
pre-arranged escape plan.
• Leaving the house as soon as possible following
the planned escape route. Do not stop to collect
personal belongings.
• Check doors to see if they are hot. If the door is
hot, do not open it - use another escape route.
• Keep all doors and windows shut, only open as a
means of escaping.
• Smoke rises, so keep close to the floor - if
necessary crawl.
• Take short breaths and if possible, cover your
mouth and nose with a wet cloth.
• Make your way to the pre-arranged meeting point
and call the fire brigade. Give your full name and
• Never re-enter a burning house. For further
information on fire safety and prevention, contact
your local fire prevention officer.
WARNING: Do not try to disassemble this smoke
alarm, as it may damage or impede the operation.
No user serviceable parts inside. The warranty will
become void if misuse or abuse is apparent. This
10 year warranty is also conditional on this unit
being installed by a licensed electrical contractor in
accordance with local building codes.
The smoke alarm is warranted to be free from
defects in materials and workmanship for ten (10)
years from the date of purchase and is not
transferable under normal use. The warranty does
not cover natural disasters such as fire, flood,
hurricanes and tornados. Warranty is conditional
on the smoke alarm being used in the normal way
and not being modified or subject to attempted
repairs or contamination. The warranty excludes
the battery, incidental and consequential damages.
Your statutory rights as a consumer are in no way
compromised by this warranty. Master Distributors
Pty Ltd agrees to repair or replace, at its option, any
defective smoke alarm provided it is returned
personally or by prepaid delivery with a copy of
proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover
damages resulting from lack of reasonable care of
the product.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be
excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You
are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major
failure and for compensation for any other
reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are
also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced
if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the
failure does not amount to a major failure.
provisions and the above warranty, Master
Distributors Pty Ltd will not be liable for injury to
persons, damage to property, or for any direct or
indirect or consequential damage as a result of
negligence or fault on the part of Master
Distributors Pty Ltd or it’s servants, agents,
suppliers and contractors or otherwise arising out
of or resulting from, whether directly or indirectly,
the use, installation or maintenance of the heat
alarm and any warranties or representations are
excluded unless given by Master Distributors Pty
Ltd in writing. Please leave this document, or a
copy, for the end user.
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Ph 03 9538 9200 Fax 03 9538 9299



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