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Sony ST-SA50ES Operating Instructions Manual

Fm stereo/ fm-am tuner
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FM Stereo
FM-AM Tuner
Operating instructions
© 1999 by Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Sony ST-SA50ES

  • Page 1 3-861-346-12(1) FM Stereo FM-AM Tuner Operating instructions ST-SA50ES © 1999 by Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Note to CATV system installer below. Refer to them whenever you call unit which might block the This reminder is provided to call the upon your Sony dealer regarding this ventilation holes and cause CATV system installer’s attention to product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome! Thank you for purchasing the Sony FM Basic Operations Stereo FM/AM Tuner. Before operating the unit, please read this manual Receiving Preset Stations 4 thoroughly and retain it for future reference. Getting Started Unpacking 5 Hooking up the System 5...
  • Page 4: Basic Operations

    Basic Operations Receiving Preset Stations Receiving Preset Stations This section shows you how to receive preset stations. TUNING / SELECT S A 5 0 E S ADVANCED RECEPTION CIRCUIT TUNE MODE ACTIVE SELECTION MODE MENU ENTRY OPERATION DISPLAY ANTENNA ANT ATT IF BAND FM MODE BAND...
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started Assemble the supplied antenna as shown below. Unpacking Check that you received the following items with the tuner: • Audio cord (1) • AM loop antenna (1) • FM wire antenna (1) • Antenna adapter (75 Ω/300 Ω F type) (1) Hooking up the System Connect the AM loop antenna to the AM Before you get started...
  • Page 6 Getting Started FM Antenna Hookups Connecting the supplied 300-ohm twin lead antenna Since the 300-ohm twin lead picks up external noise easily, With an FM outdoor antenna, you can obtain a higher position it carefully. FM broadcast sound quality. We recommend you to use the supplied FM wire antenna only temporarily Coil the ends of the antenna around the screws until you install an FM outdoor antenna.
  • Page 7: About The Menu Entry System

    Getting Started Amplifier hookups About the Menu Entry System Connect the tuner to an amplifier. Be sure to turn off the power to both components before connection. For the specific location of the terminals, see the illustration This tuner uses a menu entry system which allows you below.
  • Page 8: Presetting The Radio Stations

    Getting Started Getting Started Tuning stations (Automatic Tuning) Presetting the Radio Stations With automatic tuning you can quickly tune in a station without having to know its frequency. With “Auto Memory” you can automatically store up Press BAND to choose either FM or AM. to 40 stations in alphabetical order without redundancy.
  • Page 9 Getting Started Storing stations Erasing preset stations This section shows you how to store up to 40 of your You can erase preset stations one by one. favorite FM or AM stations manually onto two-character preset codes made up of a character (A, B, C, or D) and Press MENU.
  • Page 10: Advanced Tuner Operations

    Advanced Tuner Operations To set the ANT ATT manually Tips for Better FM Reception Press ANT ATT. The ANT ANN indicator lights in the display. Turn the antenna attenuator on to lower the level of the signal from FM stations with extremely high signal output This tuner has various functions designed for better levels (more than 70 dB).
  • Page 11: Naming Preset Stations

    Advanced Tuner Operations Naming Preset Stations Sorting Preset Stations You can assign a name up to 8 characters long to each This tuner's sorting feature lets you arrange your preset station. When the station is tuned in, the station station presets automatically according to alphabetical name will appear along with the frequency.
  • Page 12: Additional Information

    75 ohms, guide to help you remedy the unbalanced and hold MENU and the 5 problem. Should any problem button and press POWER persist, consult your nearest Sony Intermediate frequency 10.7 MHz to turn the power back on. dealer. Sensitivity...
  • Page 13: Index

    Additional Information AM tuner section P, Q Index Frequency range AM: 530 - 1,710 kHz Presetting (10 kHz step) AM stations 8 A, B FM stations 8 Intermediate frequency 450 kHz Preset tuning AM stations 4 Amplifier hookups 7 Usable sensitivity (with AM loop FM stations 4 ANT ATT 10...
  • Page 16 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan...