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Introduction; Construction And Design - Cornell Plexi 18/20 Owner's Manual

Cornell-plexi 18/20 head or combo owner's manual



Thank you for choosing a Cornell amplifier.
Your amplifier employs valve technology and is hand-built to H.M. Ministry of
Defence standards. Only top quality components are used so that you can enjoy
years of professional use.
Please take time to read this manual, to ensure that you get the best from
your amplifier.
Most guitarists of today will know some amplifier history and the name "Plexi" must
be one of the best known. Plexi is a nickname for an amplifier produced between
1963 to 1969, and consisted of a range of three amplifiers of 20,50 and 100 watts.
These amplifiers remain a legend which is reflected in their secondhand value.

Construction and Design

The Cornell-Plexi amplifiers are not one hundred percent copies of the old 1967
models, they are more like one hundred and ten percent copies!
Research has shown us that not all amplifiers made at this time were the same,
minor changes - not just in a visual sense, but also in the basic circuit design -
appear between batches made at the factory. We have taken the basic design to its
finest point, tailoring the components and adjusting the circuit to produce the
ultimate sound.
The Cornell-Plexi amplifier is not just a good-looking reproduction antique to be
admired, it is reproduces that classic sound and can be gigged and gigged and
Cornell-Plexi Sound
The Cornell-Plexi amplifier has a great tone that is instantly recognised and
emulated. Some boffins will tell you that its tone is due to its simplicity and this is a
result of the minimum number of components in the signal path. Amplifiers of today
offer a wide range of tones and sounds resulting in a mass of controls that can
confuse even the most enthusiastic fiddler. The result of this is that most modern
amplifiers sound the same, with a noticeable loss of natural tone that can only be
reproduced by simple design and point to point wiring.

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