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User Manual
SenseWear® Software
Version 8


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  • Page 1 User Manual SenseWear® Software Version 8...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Information on how to properly clean and disinfect can be found in the Care Instructions section of the SenseWear Armband & Display Manual. CAUTION: When giving an Armband to a user, the SenseWear Quick Start Guide must also be provided. Available from IMPORTANT: If you choose to use the export or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) functionality, you do so at your own risk.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Welcome to the BodyMedia SenseWear System. The SenseWear System, including the SenseWear Software, allows you to retrieve and save physiological and lifestyle data collected by the SenseWear Armband. Please read and follow these instructions before connecting the SenseWear Armband to your computer.
  • Page 4: Retrieving Data To Your Computer

    10. Detach the Armband from the USB cable. The Armband is now ready for data collection. Reference the SenseWear Armband and Display Manual for instructions on how to wear the Armband. Step 3 – Data Retrieval...
  • Page 5 The subject information MUST be entered to ensure that the software can accurately analyze the raw data collected by the Armband. See Step 2, Armband Configuration, in the SenseWear Software section above.
  • Page 6: Viewing And Analyzing The Data

    Figure 3 The software will display a message that you have successfully retrieved data in a pop up window (figure 4). The retrieved data will be displayed automatically. Figure 4 Viewing & Analyzing the Data Data from the Armband will immediately be displayed after it is retrieved. If you would like to view a previously saved data file, choose Open Data File or go to File on your menu bar and select Open Data File.
  • Page 7 Figure 5 IMPORTANT: SenseWear Software and SenseWear Professional Software are designed to work with MF (SenseWear WMS) armbands, MF-SW (BodyMedia) armbands, and their data files. The software does not support other Armbands. The software does support existing data files that were recorded with SenseWear Pro3 armbands.
  • Page 8 Figure 6...
  • Page 9: Viewing And Editing Health Indicators

    The date and time located to the left and right just above the selector indicate the total duration of the data file. Inside the rectangle itself, the beginning of each day (midnight) within this duration is marked by the date and a thin vertical light grey line. Solid-colored areas show periods when the Armband was on-body and when the Armband was collecting data.
  • Page 10 Figure 8 To add, edit, or delete a reading, click on the Update Health Indicators button. The Update Health Indicators (figure 9) window will pop-up with 3 tabs: Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure and Weight. Select the tab of the reading type you wish to update. Figure 9 To manually enter a new reading, click on the Add button.
  • Page 11: Advanced Graphing Of The Data

    The Graph button located on the bottom of the screen generates a detailed graph (figure 11) of all the data collected and derived for the selected time frame. Access to this feature requires a SenseWear Professional license key. The values shown in the graph are approximate.
  • Page 12 Figure 11 To edit the time period selected, use the time selector box at the top of your screen. Edit the data and lifestyle information you want to see in the graph with the Data Chooser window I (figure 12). If the Data Chooser window does not open automatically, click the Data Chooser button (figure 13) on the left side of the window.
  • Page 13 Figure 12 Figure 13...
  • Page 14 Figure 14 Positioning the mouse over a graph line displays the time, and positioning the mouse over an activity bar displays the duration and label of the activity at that time (figure 15). Figure 15...
  • Page 15: Annotating The Data

    (figure 15). Annotating the Data The SenseWear Software allows you to make annotations to a data file. For example, if the data shows a spike in physical activity you can add an annotation that describes what the wearer was doing for that specific time period.
  • Page 16 Figure 17 Typically, session start and end times are too broad for annotation purposes. For example, an Armband may be worn for three hours, but the wearer was only exercising for the last 40 minutes. You can refine annotation start and end times from the Add Annotation window (figure 17).
  • Page 17: Creating Reports

    Creating Reports The SenseWear Software and SenseWear Professional Software allows you to create a report of the data (figure 19a). To create a basic report, follow these simple steps: 1. Open the data file. 2. Go to the View & Annotate Data screen and select the time period you would like to see on the report.
  • Page 18: Exporting Data

    Application Preferences allow you to control the behavior of certain SenseWear Software and SenseWear Professional features. Go to the menu bar at the top of your screen. Click Settings and select Application Preferences from the drop down menu. A window will appear with the following five tabs.
  • Page 19 Figure 20 TIP: Accurate energy expenditure values can only be calculated for periods when the Armband is worn (on-body). The SenseWear Software includes an estimate of energy expenditure while the Armband is off-body. By default, the option to include off-body estimate is selected in the General tab.
  • Page 20 In this tab (figure 22), enter information specific to the clinician and organization that manages all data files. Figure 22 METs (SenseWear Software only) From the METs tab (figure 23a) you can set the threshold value used for determining physical activity.
  • Page 21 Figure 23a Activity Levels (SenseWear Professional only) You can specify from two to five Activity Levels and SenseWear Professional will determine the amount of time spent at each level . An Activity Level is simply a METs range, defined (figure 23b) by an upper and lower value.
  • Page 22 want to change the information in a currently open data file only, click the My Data Properties button at the bottom of your screen. Figure 24 Reports The Reports tab allows you to customize the generated reports (figure 25). Check or uncheck the boxes to control what data appears in the reports.
  • Page 23: Using The Software To Configure An Armband And Display

    Armband to a specific wearer, to configure the data to be collected, to configure the associated sampling rates, and also configure the targets if you have the optional SenseWear Display. To begin, click Configure Armband & Display (figure 26) and, after connecting the Armband via the USB cable, click Retrieve Configuration.
  • Page 24 The Display Settings tab (figure 28) will be editable if a compatible armband is connected such as model MF. This tab will allow you to set initial message, targets, average METs and time format for the optional SenseWear Display. Please refer to the SenseWear Armband and Display Manual for proper usage.
  • Page 25 Apply button. IMPORTANT: If using the optional SenseWear Display, be sure to have your PC clock set with the same time zone of the location you will be using the Display. Because data is displayed in 24 hour increments, this will ensure the accuracy of the data.
  • Page 26 Figure 30 If you are not familiar with the low-level physiological parameters the device collects, we strongly recommend not changing this section If you need to clear memory from an Armband, select Armband Maintenance (figure 31) from the menu bar at the top of your screen and select the appropriate command from the list.
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting Information

    Figure 31 IMPORTANT: Do not select Reboot Armband unless instructed to do so by a BodyMedia representative or your Technical Support Specialist. Unnecessary reboots of the device can result in data loss. Troubleshooting Information For troubleshooting information, please visit
  • Page 28 Suite 1900 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Asia-Pacific Authorized Representative Emergo Europe Emergo Asia-Pacific Level 20, Molenstraat 15 Tower II Darling Park 2513 BH, The Hague 201 Sussex Street The Netherlands Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia © Copyright 2014 BodyMedia, Inc. 2014-03-17-EN...

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