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Sony POP-FMPA1 Operation Instructions Manual Page 6

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On placement
• Place the player in a location with
adequate ventilation to prevent heat
build-up in the player.
• Do not place the player on a soft
surface such as a rug that might
block the ventilation holes.
• Do not place the player in a location
near heat sources, or in a place
subject to direct sunlight, excessive
dust, or mechanical shock.
• Do not place the player outdoors, in
vehicles, on ships, or on other
• If the player is brought directly from
a cold to a warm location, or is
placed in a very damp room,
moisture may form on the outer
surface and on interior of the player.
Should this occur, the player may
not operate properly. In this case,
leave the player turned on for about
half an hour until the moisture
• Do not install the player in an
inclined position. It is designed to be
operated in a horizontal position
On power sources
• Disconnect the player from the wall
outlet if you are not going to use the
player for a long time. To disconnect
the AC power cord, grasp the plug
itself; never pull the cord.
• Observe following points to prevent
the AC power cord being damaged.
Do not use the AC power cord if it is
damaged, as doing so may result in
an electric shock or fire.
– Do not pinch the AC power cord
between the player and wall, shelf,
– Do not put anything heavy on the
AC power cord or pull on the AC
power cord itself.
On AC adaptor
• Use the supplied AC adaptor for this
player, as other adaptors may cause
a malfunction.
• Do not disassemble or reverse-
• Do not confine the AC adaptor in a
closed place such as a bookshelf or
an AV cabinet.
• Do not connect the AC adaptor to a
traveler's electric transformer, which
may generate heat and cause a
• Do not drop or apply shock.
On replacement of parts
In the events that this player is
repaired, repaired parts may be
collected for reuse or recycling


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