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Belling IWM7KG User Manual

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Washing Machine
User's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Belling IWM7KG

  • Page 1 IWM7KG Washing Machine User’s Manual...
  • Page 2 Please read this user manual first! Dear Customer, We hope that you get the best results from the product which has been manufactured in state-of-the-art plants and passed through a strict quality control procedure. Therefore, please read the entire user manual carefully before using the product and keep it as a reference for future use.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Your washing machine Spin speed selection ... . . 21 Programme and consumption table. . 22 Overview ..... . . 4 Auxiliary function selection .
  • Page 4: Your Washing Machine

    Your washing machine Overview 1- Power cable 5- Adjustable feet 2- Top lid 6- Loading door 3- Control panel 7- Detergent drawer 4- Filter cap 8- Drain hose...
  • Page 5: Technical Specifications

    Technical specifications Models IWM7KG Maximum dry laundry capacity (kg) Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Net weight (±4 kg.) Electrical input (V/Hz) 230 V / 50Hz Total current (A) Total power (W) 2200 Spin speed (rpm max.) 1200 Stand-by mode power (W) 1.40...
  • Page 6: Warnings

    Warnings Please read the following information. First Use Otherwise, there may be the risk of • To prepare your machine for washing, personal injury or material damage. carry out your first washing process Moreover, any warranty and reliability without loading your machine and commitment will become void.
  • Page 7: Safety Instructions

    concerning use of the appliance by a it is operating. Do not let them tamper person responsible for their safety. with the machine. • Close the door when you leave the area where the machine is located. Safety instructions • Store all detergents in a safe place out •...
  • Page 8: Installation

    Installation Refer to the nearest Authorised Service Removing packaging Agent for installation of the product. To reinforcement make the product ready for use, review Tilt the machine backwards to remove the information in the user manual and the packaging reinforcement. Remove the make sure that the electricity, tap water packaging reinforcement by pulling the supply and water drainage systems are...
  • Page 9: Connecting Water Supply

    3. Attach the plastic covers supplied in the User Manual bag into the holes on the rear panel. (P) Keep the transportation safety bolts Ensure that the cold and hot water in a safe place to reuse when the connections are made correctly when washing machine needs to be moved installing the product.
  • Page 10: Adjusting The Feet

    • The hose should be attached to a height of at least 40 cm, and 100 cm at most. • In case the hose is elevated after laying it on the floor level or close to the ground (less than 40 cm above the ground), water discharge becomes more difficult and the laundry may come out excessively...
  • Page 11: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection need to be replaced an ASTA approved BS1362 fuse of the same rating must Connect the product to a grounded outlet be used. Do not forget to refit the fuse protected by a fuse complying with the cover. In the event of losing the fuse values in the "Technical specifications"...
  • Page 12: First Use

    First use Transportation of the product Before starting to use the product, make 1. Unplug the product before sure that all preparations are made in transporting it. accordance with the instructions in 2. Remove water drain and water sections "Important safety instructions" supply connections.
  • Page 13: Preparation

    Preparation Things to be done for energy saving Following information will help you use the product in an ecological and energy- Wash with sensitive, efficient manner. Washing water .short programmes temperature • Operate the product in the highest capacity allowed by the programme you have selected, but do not overload;...
  • Page 14: Correct Load Capacity

    Correct load capacity The maximum load capacity depends on the type of laundry, the degree of soiling and the washing programme desired. The machine automatically adjusts the amount of water according to the weight of the loaded laundry. Follow the information in the “Programme and consumption table”.
  • Page 15: Detergents And Softeners

    Detergents and softeners Detergent Drawer Detergent drawer of your washing machine consists of four different compartments for powder main wash detergent, liquid main wash detergent, liquid softener and powder pre-wash detergent. Each of these laundry additives are dispensed automatically in the relevant time during the washing Programme.
  • Page 16 Particularly the concentrated softeners detergent. Since the bleach may cause must be diluted with warm water; irritation on skin, little amounts must be otherwise, the siphon may get clogged in used and rinsed thoroughly. Do not pour time. bleach directly onto the laundry and do not use it with colour laundry.
  • Page 17: Tips For Efficient Washing

    Tips for efficient washing Clothes Light colours and Delicates/ Colors Dark colors whites Woolens/Silks (Recommended (Recommended (Recommended (Recommended temperature temperature temperature range temperature range range based range based based on soiling based on soiling level: on soiling level: on soiling level: level: 40-90C) cold-40C) cold-40C)
  • Page 18: Operating The Product

    Operating the product Control panel Spin Speed Adjustment button Display Temperature Adjustment button Programme Selection knob On / Off button Delayed Start buttons (+ / -) Auxiliary Function buttons Start / Pause / Cancel button Display symbols - Spin Speed indicator - Temperature indicator - Spin symbol - Temperature symbol...
  • Page 19: Preparing The Machine

    Preparing the machine • Synthetics Use this programme to wash your 1. Make sure that the hoses are synthetic clothes (shirts, blouses, connected tightly. synthetic/cotton blends, etc.). It washes 2. Plug in your machine. with a gentle action and has a shorter 3.
  • Page 20: Special Programmes

    action without any interim spin compared • Cotton 20 to the Synthetics programme. Use this programme, which is much • Hand Wash more sensitive to environment and natural Use this programme to wash your resources, to wash your lightly soiled and woolen/delicate clothes that bear “not unstained cotton laundry (max.
  • Page 21: Spin Speed Selection

    for the selected programme appears on the display. Press the Temperature Adjustment button again to decrease the temperature. Economy symbol Indicates the programmes and temperatures that provide energy savings. Economy symbol can not be selected in Intensive and Hygiene programmes since washing is performed in long times and at high temperatures in order to provide hygiene.
  • Page 22: Programme And Consumption Table

    Programme and consumption table Auxiliary functions Selectable Programme (°C) temperature range °C Cotton 2.30 1600 • • • • • • 90-Cold Cotton 1.50 1600 • • • • • • 90-Cold Cotton 0.85 1600 • • • • • •...
  • Page 23: Auxiliary Function Selection

    Auxiliary function selection washing times and also the number of Select the desired auxiliary functions rinsing steps for lightly soiled laundry. before starting the programme. F2 appears on the display when you Furthermore, you may also select or select this function (b). cancel auxiliary functions that are suitable When you select this function, to the running programme by pressing...
  • Page 24: Time Display

    Changing the delayed start period Time display If you want to change the time during Remaining time to complete the countdown: programme appears on the display 1. Press Start / Pause / Cancel button. while the programme is running. Tim is “:”...
  • Page 25: Loading Door Lock

    Changing the selections after symbols. Relevant symbol appears on the display programme has started at the beginning of each programme step Switching the machine to pause and all symbols remain lit at the end of mode the programme. The farthermost right Press the Start / Pause / Cancel button symbol indicates the current programme to switch the machine to pause mode.
  • Page 26: Canceling The Programme

    water level in the machine is above You can switch on and off the the loading door opening, then turn machine with On / Off button when the Programme Selection knob the Child Lock is active. When to Pump+Spin programme and you switch on the machine again, discharge the water in the machine.
  • Page 27: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning programme and select Additional Water Service life of the product extends and or Extra Rinse auxiliary functions as frequently faced problems decrease if well. Before starting the programme, cleaned at regular intervals. put max. 100 g of powder anti- Cleaning the detergent drawer limescale into the main wash detergent Remove any powder residue buildup in...
  • Page 28: Cleaning The Water Intake Filters

    Cleaning the water intake filters Foreign substances left in the pump There is a filter at the end of each water filter may damage your machine or intake valve at the rear of the machine may cause noise problem. and also at the end of each water In order to clean the dirty filter and intake hose where they are connected discharge the water:...
  • Page 29 while installing it into its housing. Seat the filter into its place completely. Otherwise, water may leak from the filter cap. 6. If the filter cap is composed of two pieces, close the filter cap by pressing on the tab. If it is one piece, seat the tabs in the lower part into their places first, and then press the upper part to close.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Programme cannot be started or selected. • Washing machine has switched to self protection mode due to a supply problem (line voltage, water pressure, etc.). >>> Press and hold Start / Pause / Cancel button for 3 seconds to reset the machine to factory settings. (See "Canceling the programme") Water in the machine.
  • Page 31 Loading door cannot be opened. • Door lock is activated because of the water level in the machine. >>> Drain the water by running the Pump or Spin programme. • Machine is heating up the water or it is at the spinning cycle. >>> Wait until the programme completes.
  • Page 32 Machine does not switch to spinning step. • There might be an imbalance of laundry in the machine. >>> Automatic unbalanced load detection system might be activated due to the unbalanced distribution of the laundry in the drum. Machine does not switch to spinning step when the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum to prevent any damage to the machine and to its surrounding environment.
  • Page 33 Colour of the clothes faded. • Excessive laundry was loaded in. >>> Do not load the machine in excess. • Detergent in use is damp. >>> Keep detergents closed in an environment free of humidity and do not expose them to excessive temperatures. •...
  • Page 34 Detergent residue in the detergent drawer. • Detergent is put in wet drawer. >>> Dry the detergent drawer before putting in detergent. • Detergent has gotten damp. >>> Keep detergents closed in an environment free of humidity and do not expose them to excessive temperatures. •...
  • Page 35 Laundry remains wet at the end of the programme • Excessive foam might have occurred and automatic foam absorption system might have been activated due to too much detergent usage. >>> Use recommended amount of detergent. Machine does not switch to spinning step when the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum to prevent any damage to the machine and to its surrounding environment.
  • Page 36: Built-In Installation

    BUILT-IN INSTALLATION BUILT-IN INSTALLATION GUIDE 820 mm 10,4 mm 150,3 mm 2807110175.indd/040211.1720...
  • Page 44 To increase height of product order optional part no: 1493...
  • Page 48 Belling Customer Care Please keep this handbook in a safe place. Please fill in the model number and serial number in the spaces provided below as they will assist us should you need to call. 0844 815 3746 When you dial this number you will hear a recorded message and be given a number of options.